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Jul 10 kitschnsync commented on How Old Is Too Old to Be a Bartender?.
Seattle had a few old (and awesome) bartenders. Marsha at the Smoke Shop has been tending bar there for decades, although I would guess she is only pushing 70.
Jul 7 kitschnsync commented on BBC Officially Has No Time for Science Skeptics.
Whatever happened to Slog's resident science nerd, Johnathan Golob? He was a credible voice.
Jul 2 kitschnsync commented on There Are Fewer Men's Rights Activists Than You Fear, but Those Few Activists Are Exactly as Terrible as You Think.
I read the article Paul linked, along with its comments.

Apparently the person Paul says told men to "beat the shit out of women" was writing a satirical response to an actual Jezebel post that encouraged women to discuss the times they have beaten up their significant others. And laugh about it.

I'm sure Paul will correct this post to reflect that. Right?
Jul 2 kitschnsync commented on Summer Is for Skinny People.
Some people, regardless of the shape of their bodies, simply don't give a fuck. These people are lucky, maybe even holy.

There is nothing lucky or mystical about it. Everybody can learn how to not give a fuck, after they give up vanity.
Jun 30 kitschnsync commented on What Mac S. McGregor Thinks.
Everyone is walking around trying to figure it out, and it takes some work.

I admire Mac McGregor's big heart and patience with the general public. As a trans man, I'm sure he has been subjected to all sorts of cruelty from cisgendered people, yet he has the magnanimity to refrain from tossing around "cisgendered" like an epithet.

I'm of the opinion that most people want to be good and kind to one another, but sometimes people lack the education to know right from wrong. Kudos to McGregor for maintaining his positive voice and making a good-faith effort to educate others.
Jun 25 kitschnsync commented on New Redskins Name Suggestions.
How about the Washington Senators? It is boring but apt, and MLB isn't using it anymore.
Jun 25 kitschnsync commented on Morning News: The Trans Issue Is Out! Also Stuff About $15, Sports News, Science News, and the Kind of Assholes Who Ban Cake.
"It's just that nobody told Lisa." You're goddamn right, and that's not okay.

Piffle. It's ridiculous to expect a notice from every camera that might be filming in your neighborhood. If that were the case, we'd all be getting notices daily, and they would quickly become meaningless.

I live on the upper floor of a building in Capitol Hill, and I have huge windows in every room. Neighboring buildings (and in the near future, passing drones) have views of my entire apartment. The privacy solution is obvious: CLOSE YOUR DRAPES.

Maybe after we get enough of these pearl-clutching luddite meets drone stories, people will start to wise up. We live in an era which requires proactive vigilance to ensure privacy.
Jun 24 kitschnsync commented on Tumblr of the Day....
#Killallmen: Funny or terrifying?

If you take the sandwich meme seriously, it involves making sandwiches.

If you take the #killallmen hashtag seriously, there are lots of women who actually want to murder all men.

Or maybe... All of the above demonstrate that idiots make jokes in bad taste on the internet.

What do you think?
Jun 23 kitschnsync commented on Let's Talk About Veruca Salt.
I always thought Veruca Salt was boring, middle-of-the-road crap. I just listened to "Seether" to see if the track would benefit from hindsight.

Nope. It's still boring, middle-of-the-road crap.


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