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Jan 13 kitschnsync commented on Elon Musk Says "Maybe a Thousand" Seattleites Will Help Him Colonize Mars.
Sydney, more Seattle or Seattle-connected commercial space endeavors, FYI:

Stratolaunch (not located in Seattle, but bankrolled by Paul Allen)

Virgin Galactic (vessel modeled on SpaceShipOne, also bankrolled by Allen)

Planetary Resources (asteroid mining company)

Space Angels Network (venture capital for commercial space entrepreneurs, located on Redmond)

Jan 13 kitschnsync commented on Mudede Admits He Made a Mistake about Dogs and Public Transportation: The Story of Citizen Canine.
More evidence that Charles was way off base: Russian dogs have mastered riding the Moscow subway.
Jan 8 kitschnsync commented on Dazzling Variations on the Traditional Hot Pot.
I found Boiling Point to be a pretty unpleasant dining experience.

Besides the fact that the seafood in the hot pot gets totally rubbery and overcooked almost immediately, the smell of Sterno(?) overwhelms the dish. I had to call over a waiter to extinguish the flame so I could eat.

Cooking as you go is definitely a better way to eat a hot pot.
Jan 7 kitschnsync commented on Take a Listen to Chastity Belt's New Single "Time to Go Home".
This song is awful. If this is the best track the band can release to promote their album, maybe they should stick to oboes...
Jan 6 kitschnsync commented on Meet The Stranger's Newest Staff Writer: Sydney Brownstone!.
It's about time you guys made this announcement. Sydney has been writing for the Stranger for over a month now!

Greetings, Sydney. I'm not sure how Tim Keck lured you here from FastCo and NYC, but you are very welcome.
Dec 22, 2014 kitschnsync commented on Lunchtime!.
IMHO, the best Reuben in Seattle can be found at Three Girls Bakery in Pike Place. I haven't had Market House's though... I will have to remedy that.

Also, fans of Goldberg's in Factoria should note that they now have a deli in the Convention Center. http://www.goldbergsdeli.com/
Dec 19, 2014 kitschnsync commented on Bumbershoot Will Go On, One Reel Announces Partnership with Showbox/AEG.
Maybe One Reel should go out of business altogether. They certainly can't get their shit together. They couldn't keep the Summer Nights concerts series going, and let's not forget the multi-year fuckups in obtaining sponsorship for the July 4th show. Every sign points towards incompetence.

Bumbershoot existed before One Reel, and it could continue without them. It might even be better, as we saw when Seafair took over the July 4th festivities.
Dec 17, 2014 kitschnsync commented on "Rape Exceptionalism" and Protecting Law Students from "Triggers".
@18, piffle. I'm sure we will see an internet mob of helicopter parents, not feminists, smearing Jeannie Suk's name because of this piece. Any minute now...


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