It's not very popular.

Feb 19 Chris B commented on Bertha Is Crowning. Next Stop, Rescue Pit..
Don't think of it as losing a tunnel, think of it as gaining a Hellmouth!
Feb 10 Chris B commented on What Happens if We Have to Close the Viaduct? SDOT Has the Beginnings of Answers.
"We'd heard that Seattle Tunnel Partners put on a great show, but it was so boring!" Thumbs down.
Feb 6 Chris B commented on Police Union President Tells Seattle Officers to "Be Mindful" on Social Media.
Poor guys, learning the hard way that there's no such thing as an "indoor voice" when it comes to the Internet. And it's not so much that their rights are curtailed as it's that other people are calling them on their bullshit.
Feb 2 Chris B commented on Chris Christie, Who Quarantined a Woman over Ebola Fears, Says Parents Should Have a "Measure of Choice” When It Comes to Vaccinating Their Kids.
If nothing else, I want to know that this guy will still be speaking out strongly in favor of choice when parents choose to not let their kids see anti-vax doctors or go to schools with other kids who haven't been vaccinated. Anything to nip these people in the bud if and when they go off on a tangent decrying discrimination.

"Hey, you chose to avoid this step, so we'll choose to avoid you."
Jan 31 Chris B commented on Is Anyone Else Excited NOT to Watch the Super Bowl Tomorrow?.
My local indy coffee shop will actually be closed tomorrow so I don't even have that option for non-Super Bowl activities. I'll probably read, maybe go see a movie...

I'm happy for the fans and the folks who are super into the sport but... meh.
Jan 30 Chris B commented on Metro Bus Driver Says She Was Also Bullied by Officer Cynthia Whitlatch, Warned SPD Years Ago.
"She did the right thing by filing the complaint." Beyond that, he had no comment.

Reminds me of when I was bullied in junior high. The only recourse was to tell the teachers/principal... and... then....? God I hope this is all part of a cultural shift against the abuses of power by the powerful.
Jan 23 Chris B commented on Rape Jokes Aren't Edgy, but W. Kamau Bell Is.
Oh man... I wonder if I can convince my girlfriend to go with this. We're both huge fans.
Jan 21 Chris B commented on What Do You Think of Microsoft's HoloLens Augmented Reality Goggles?.
Microsoft has stepped up to the void that AT&T left in the '90s.

You remember those ads, the ones that featured some mundane act made magical through the application of technology: "Have you ever bought your groceries... in Kazakhstan? You will! And AT&T will take you there..."

Same difference, really.
Oct 30, 2014 Chris B commented on Stephen Colbert's Interview with Anita Sarkeesian About #Gamergate Was a Big Deal.
I'm baffled by the responses to the work of Anita (and many many others), as if pointing out that they're horrible stupid lying bitches proves their point that there's no misogyny involved. "Nobody actually watches her videos 'cuz they're wrong!!!" Then why are you so angry?

This feels like watching Fox News trying to shout down Russell Brand's YouTube videos. The ones with more power crying out how they're victimized by quiet, rational, small(ish) voices. How does that even work?
Oct 20, 2014 Chris B commented on SL Letter of the Day: Another Polyproblema.
That was my first experience in an open relationship. She could flit around as she saw fit and when I complained, I was told that this was how it was going to be and there was nothing for it. At least, until I started dating someone else and oh my GOD didn't we discuss this? Didn't we agree? If I wanted to keep her, I'd have to break off this other relationship.

I was a moron then. I got better.

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