Mar 27, 2015 Chris B commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: He Wants What She Can't Stand.
@7 - Eh, I think it can be part of the human condition, especially if you're of the opinion that you will find that One And Only Twu Wuv and all the emotional baggage that goes with it.

That said, I did date a girl who saw my every interaction with other women to be a sign that I didn't love her. When she heard that a female friend of mine was coming out to Seattle to visit me (and a whole bunch of other friends out here), she flipped: "Well if you like her so much, why don't you MARRY her?!?!" Never mind that I wasn't attracted to her and she was more of a big sister in my life. Mind you, she had a lot of issues and that ultimately made me get out once I realized how abusive the relationship was.
Mar 12, 2015 Chris B commented on Meet the New Cinderella, Same as the Old Cinderella.
"Cinderella, in the cellar,
Didn't have to much as far as I can tell.
Her godmother was two-thirds fairy.
Suddenly her life was a lot less scary,
But what if you haven't got a fairy to fix it?
Sometimes you have to make a little bit of mischief."

--"Naughty" from the musical Matilda by Tim Minchin

Tim sums it all up so nicely, doesn't he?
Feb 27, 2015 Chris B commented on Do You Remember Where You Were When You First Heard the Phrase "What Color Is this Dress?"?.
I have never been so glad to utterly miss a meme as much as I am now.
Feb 23, 2015 Chris B commented on Is Secretary Just as Bad as Fifty Shades? Erika Moen On the Other Mr. Grey.
@1 There's also the fact that we're quick to jump on flaws in movies/literature we can't stand even as we can overlook glaring plot holes in movies we love.

That hypothetical movie I hated? How DARE they use a 1956 Cadillac in a scene OBVIOUSLY set in 1953! Stupid, lazy film-makers. But Indiana Jones apparently holding his breath while he clings to a Nazi U-Boat for days/weeks at a time? Oh come on, it's just a movie!
Feb 19, 2015 Chris B commented on That Steam Rising from the Pioneer Square Rescue Pit? That's Bertha Crowning..
Wait, we can't get a monorail, an NBA team OR a hellmouth? For fuck's sake, Seattle, get your shit together already!

Seriously, that is very very cool, Fnarf.
Feb 19, 2015 Chris B commented on Bertha Is Crowning. Next Stop, Rescue Pit..
Don't think of it as losing a tunnel, think of it as gaining a Hellmouth!
Feb 10, 2015 Chris B commented on What Happens if We Have to Close the Viaduct? SDOT Has the Beginnings of Answers.
"We'd heard that Seattle Tunnel Partners put on a great show, but it was so boring!" Thumbs down.
Feb 6, 2015 Chris B commented on Police Union President Tells Seattle Officers to "Be Mindful" on Social Media.
Poor guys, learning the hard way that there's no such thing as an "indoor voice" when it comes to the Internet. And it's not so much that their rights are curtailed as it's that other people are calling them on their bullshit.
Feb 2, 2015 Chris B commented on Chris Christie, Who Quarantined a Woman over Ebola Fears, Says Parents Should Have a "Measure of Choice” When It Comes to Vaccinating Their Kids.
If nothing else, I want to know that this guy will still be speaking out strongly in favor of choice when parents choose to not let their kids see anti-vax doctors or go to schools with other kids who haven't been vaccinated. Anything to nip these people in the bud if and when they go off on a tangent decrying discrimination.

"Hey, you chose to avoid this step, so we'll choose to avoid you."
Jan 31, 2015 Chris B commented on Is Anyone Else Excited NOT to Watch the Super Bowl Tomorrow?.
My local indy coffee shop will actually be closed tomorrow so I don't even have that option for non-Super Bowl activities. I'll probably read, maybe go see a movie...

I'm happy for the fans and the folks who are super into the sport but... meh.