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The CHZA is not trippin.
Aug 16 The CHZA commented on Let Us Welcome Our New Hillary Clinton Style Instagram Overlords.

please fucking stop it, the satire/real life divide with Clinton has folded over on itself four or five times now. I can't tell what is a joke any more.
Aug 16 The CHZA commented on The Atlantic Digs Deeper into Portland Gentrification.
Why does the gentrification cry always come up from areas that are doing badly? Is it either you "gentrify" or crappy areas stay crappy because that's how they've been for awhile? Traders Joe is where white people shop, oh no!

Maybe if people shop there after it's built they'll find that hey, you can be black and enjoy cheap multi packs of cucumbers and peppers too because it's *just a grocery store*
Aug 16 The CHZA commented on Watch The Stranger Race a Leather Daddy on a Solowheel.
I still want to know why he needed that wheel so bad. Is leather on wheels a sub-thing? Is every day leg day? Is it for unicycle enthusiasts with bad crotches?
Aug 15 The CHZA commented on Opponents of New North Seattle Police Station Shut Down City Council Meeting.
wtf does "end white supremacy" have to do with a new police station?

you may want to try and work amicably with people instead of chanting and throwing ultimatums.
Aug 15 The CHZA commented on Watch This: Why People Rioted in Milwaukee.
sounds terrible but the guy killed was still a real piece fleeing from police, so I don't understand the attempts at justifying this reaction
Aug 14 The CHZA commented on Unrest in Milwaukee After Officer-Involved Shooting.
a guy *running from the cops* while in possession of a *stolen gun* is so far beyond a kid in a park or a man laid out on the ground.
Aug 14 The CHZA commented on Unrest in Milwaukee After Officer-Involved Shooting.
If you take all of the "black" out of this story the original pursuit and shooting does not really sound outlandish at all.

>said earlier that he was carrying a gun that had been stolen in a March burglary in suburban Waukesha

A real fucking pillar of the community has been lost! Set shit on fire!
Aug 12 The CHZA commented on The Morning News: University of Washington Station Is The Epicenter of Seattle's Transportation Future, Turbulence on a Motherfucking Plane.
I "qualified" to buy a house but the associated insurance and fee tack-ons for FHA an other options made it impossible to afford. You still have to have a 5-figure down payment to get a "regular" mortgage and who the hell can save that kind of money?
Aug 12 The CHZA commented on EOD: Why Millennials Love Hillary Clinton*.
Whenever Trump says something dumb enough to remind you that most of the nation doesn't like him anyways, here comes the "OH NO YOU GOTTA BE ON TEAM HILL YESSSSS YOU ARE GOING TO DOOM US TO HELL IF YOU DON'T" brigade

Fuck yall, I'm not a Bernietard but I am done with this "you have to vote for the default establishment candidate" crap. I'm not helping Trump win because Trump isn't going to win. And I'm not going to help Hillary win because she's a different kind of terrible person and I'm not going to associate my name with either of them.