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Jun 21 Banna commented on After Desiree McCloud's Death, Bike Advocates Demand Changes Near Streetcar Tracks.
Seattle needs some sort of elevated streetcar system, maybe that runs on one rail for efficiency?
Jun 20 Banna commented on RIP, Cloud-Rap Progenitor Prince Be of P.M. Dawn.
Set Adrift on Memory Bliss > All other P.M. Dawn songs.
Jun 13 Banna commented on View-Obsessed Seattleites Have Been Illegally Cutting Trees for Decades.
The result is simple: any homeowner found guilty having trees illegally pruned or cut down is assessed 200% of the cost of restoring the damage that was done (at city employee pay rates). 100% specifically for the damage they caused, the rest goes to upkeep and/or restoring more green spaces within the city. Any contractor found guilty loses their license until the restoration is complete, forfeits any payment received for the illegal work to the city, and shares 50% responsibility for the homeowner's fine.
Jun 3 Banna commented on A Grown-Up Emo Kid Braces for the Coming Wave of Emo Nostalgia.
This just in: Emo looks for something to cry about.
Jun 3 Banna commented on A Train of Crude Oil Has Derailed in the Columbia River Gorge.
@1 Sure, because pipes never leak. And since they don't leak, we don't have to care that the average pipeline leak spills three times as much oil as a rail spill.
May 31 Banna commented on Tacoma Wants a Tech Boom of Its Own.
Tacoma's going to have to up it's public school game, first. A huge influx of tech millionaires can't just dump their kids in either Charles or Annie Wright Academy.
May 29 Banna commented on Your Weekly Roundup: Brewery Solves Gendered Bathroom Fiasco, Amazon Builds Balls, Spice King's Bread Reigns.
Slog's gone so far downhill the spam outnumbers the actual posts. Time to implement a CAPTCHA.
May 19 Banna commented on Memo to Women Who Don't Masturbate: You're Doing It Wrong.
Is...Is that teenage Lilo from Lilo and Stitch?
May 18 Banna commented on Second Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer a Charm?.
I'll watch just to see what kind of faces Kate McKinnon is going to make through the whole thing.