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doing my part to piss off the religious right

Dec 19, 2014 mr. herriman commented on Let's Say One Positive Thing About Bill Cosby.
Yeah, what @1 said, 100% -

I predict this comment thread is going to be a bloodbath.
Dec 18, 2014 mr. herriman commented on Eden Was a Scary Movie About Sex-Trafficking Based on a True Story—Or Was It?.
"By claiming to be based on truth, Eden causes itself to be compared to real-life footage. And if it is only a false alarm, then it causes problems while changing nothing: Society's existing bias toward doubting survivors of sexual violence is reinforced, as is the oversimplification of stories about sex work. Nothing is improved for anybody. The movie becomes meaningless in the same way as the video."

Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously? That's an awful lot to level at somebody who had your full support and that of your paper just a short time ago. If anybody lied and set back any causes, it wasn't Griffiths. The worst you could charge her with is working off of some bad information, and as a result the story ended up being more of a composite than a biography. So what? That, to you, is enough of a reason to totally throw her to the wolves and try and burden her with that kind of guilt? Jesus Christ, Jen, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

And Matisse - "It's a titillating sexploitation movie, purposely created for a neoconservative agenda of arresting more people and controlling sexual behavior." Oh my god, seriously?

I honestly can't believe what I've just read here, from either of you. Wow.
Dec 17, 2014 mr. herriman commented on Sony Is Not Releasing The Interview on Christmas; US Officials Say North Korea Was "Centrally Involved" with the Hack.
I'm thinking I'm with COMTE @6 on this one. I hadn't thought of it before but that makes a lot more sense than anything else so far.
Dec 16, 2014 mr. herriman commented on Bartender Crush: Karen at the Lookout.
i think it's safe to assume she isn't actually drinking it, @2. everybody involved is already aware of what you're pointing out, and they are smarter than that.
Dec 12, 2014 mr. herriman commented on The Morning News: Poll: Downtown Businesses Still Support the Tunnel Project.
Sale prices on booze at Walgreens right now are really excellent. Just FYI.
Dec 9, 2014 mr. herriman commented on SL Letter of the Day: Short and Long.
Yep. That would just be making him feel worse in order to make yourself feel better. Telling him would be a selfish act, and would possibly wreck the friendship as well as his fond memories of her. Don't do it.
Dec 4, 2014 mr. herriman commented on Jon Stewart on Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision: "If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more fucking time.".
Jesus fucking Christ, Ken. That is an absurd reach, even for you. Your galling lack of humanity has been obvious in many (most) of your posts, but this is a new low. Please, just shut up.
Nov 24, 2014 mr. herriman commented on Ferguson: Why Announce the Grand Jury's Decision at 9 PM?.
i see your point but there's a distinction. determining the validity of a charge vs an actual trial. i think @5's point is that he's conflating the two.
Nov 24, 2014 mr. herriman commented on Ferguson: Why Announce the Grand Jury's Decision at 9 PM?.
determines whether there's enough evidence to go to trial, @10