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Mar 23 ohthetrees commented on .
@7 ho ho ho, so clever. So witty.

I was so ridiculous to rhetorically round up the drowning of multiple Seattle neighborhoods to "downtown". Like everything would proceed just fine minus a bunch of our low-lying neighborhoods.

But it looks like we are all wrong. According to this Seattle Gov map sea level can go up 11 ft without drowning anything, and up to 14 ft would pretty much only put Harbor Island under water.

But thanks for being snarky and kinda a pedantic dick for no apparent reason!
Mar 23 ohthetrees commented on .
Nice find @1! And suck it self-rightous anon! Straight from her, you do pronounce the K:

"My name is from the Sanskrit language, which is a phonetic language, and sometimes the words don't transliterate clearly into a non-phonetic language. In my first name, the letters "ksh" are one letter in Sanskrit, and go together. So it's a sh sound with a soft k before it.

But since it is hard, I tell people not to worry and just call me "shama" - pretend the k is silent. Incidentally, "Kshama" means forgiveness in Sanskrit, and "shama" means light in Arabic, and both are female names, so either is fine with me."
Mar 23 ohthetrees commented on .
I've always been deeply opposed to the tunnel, and the rise in sea-levels is also disturbing, and cars contribute to that. But it won't lead to the flooding of the tunnel, at least not before all of downtown Seattle is inundated (in which case we have bigger fish to fry), and it's kind of a silly thing to say. Picking up a phone and calling an engineer would have been a good idea.

If it's not obvious why it's a silly idea, this is why: it's pretty darn easy to keep a space as small as the tunnel clear of water with nothing more than some pumps. There are plenty of tunnels that run under water, and they do just fine.
Mar 22 ohthetrees commented on SL Letter of the Day: With "Best Friends" Like These....
It never even occurred to me that going down on a woman was something only submissive guys like. Here I am a 39 year old man, and I thought enjoying eating pussy was for persons who enjoy pussy. How embarrassing.
Mar 8 ohthetrees commented on About Those Consent Is Simple PSAs....
Good idea, terrible execution. As Dan points out, this makes it look fine to make a grab, as long as you retreat in awkward confusion should you be rebuffed. I'm a fan of enthusiastic consent, which can be verbal or non-verbal. Explicit verbal consent isn't much good if it is reluctant.
Feb 9 ohthetrees commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: He Doesn't Wanna Be Her Next Cuckold.
What a pathetic bag of insecure immature slop the LW is.
Feb 5 ohthetrees commented on Why Americans Will No Longer Be Able to Afford to Live in American Cities.
10X property tax on homes that are unoccupied by their owners > 50% of the year. Boom. Done.

- Applies only to homes purchased after law passes
- Applies only to homes > 200% of median home value
Feb 5 ohthetrees commented on Police Reports Illustrated: A Man with a Badge Stops a Woman Leaving a Grocery Store and Accuses Her of Shoplifting.
It's amazing how strongly people feel compelled to listen to authority figures. Or maybe she's just very dumb. But I bet lots of surprisingly smart people would fall for the same thing when under stress and faced with an authority figure.
Feb 3 ohthetrees commented on Cheat Sheet.
Can someone who knows more about election law than I do explain why tiny little ballots like this can't be rolled into a bigger election? As far as I'm concerned, there should be no more than two votes a year... a primary and the general election in Nov. Having extra tiny little votes like this has got to be expensive, and reduce participation.
Jan 19 ohthetrees commented on When It Comes to Housing, San Francisco Is Doing It Wrong, Seattle Is Doing It Right, Cont..
I'm continuously amazed by how many people who choose to live in a big city then turn around and resist the city growing or changing.

In principal I'm all for rent control, but in practice (see NYC) it creates too many perverse incentives and opportunities to game the system by both landlords and tenants.

I think the real answer is in dramatically increasing housing stock. This means relaxing zoning rules, even when it (gasp) "changes the character of the neighborhood." It means forcing builders of luxury apartments to either subsidize rents to middle and low income renters for a few decades, or to build modest apartments in the same building.