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May 6 ohthetrees commented on Savage Love.
2nd or 3rd time with a girl, I have her bent face down over the arm of the couch. It's kinda dark, and I'm just starting to try to get my cock into her pussy.
She: "A little higher"
Me: "There?"
She: "higher"
Me, pushing in a bit: "Here"?
She: "I don't want to do butt stuff!"
Me: "Whaaa? I was aiming for your pussy! Why were you saying 'higher'?"
She: "I meant relative to me!"
Me: "???"

The evening ended up lovely from there, I aimed a bit lower, and found her pussy to the satisfaction of all. But I still maintain that toward the ceiling/sky is "higher" and blame our incident on the air traffic controller giving faulty direction.
May 3 ohthetrees commented on Low-Income, Disabled, and/or a Single Mom Trying to Rent? City Housing Discrimination Tests Turn Up Disturbing Trends.
I'm curious what sort of buildings these were. Big apartment buildings, or duplexes and mother-in-laws?
May 3 ohthetrees commented on Seattle Repertory Theatre Takes Action after Stagehand Gets Caught Saying the N-Word.
We have to be able to use language to discuss language. If it wasn't directed at someone, if it wasn't being used to describe or disparage someone, then there was nothing wrong with that kind of language. I don't want to live in a world where we can't use a word even in a completely legitimate discussion of that word!
Apr 6 ohthetrees commented on Woman Yells at Florida Governor in a Starbucks: "You're An Asshole".
Dang. You know when you think of what you should have said to someone 15 minutes later? This lady doesn't have that problem. She knew right away and she said it. Bravo.
Mar 25 ohthetrees commented on Rare Ferrari Enzo on Capitol Hill.
I'm all for taxing the rich more, even a lot more. But once a person's money makes it past the tax filter, they should be able to spend it however they want. No seizing property because it annoys Ansel. Plus luxury goods like this keep an enormous number of blue-collar, well salaried workers employed. Better than that million dollars going into a Swiss Bank account and earning 2%.
Mar 23 ohthetrees commented on Support the Real Progressive.
Ha ha. Well done. Got me all worked up! Also, if you guys ever pull shit like this again I'll burn your offices down. Kisses!
Mar 23 ohthetrees commented on Support the Real Progressive.
Booo. Not that I think Hillary is a bad choice, or a bad candidate, or even that you shouldn't have endorsed her. But why the divisive and dismissive portrayal of Bernie? I'll happily vote for Hillary in the general, but I'm supporting Bernie in the primary. But why trash Bernie on the way to endorsing Hillary?

I guess I'm just disappointed that once the Election Control Board gets through it's sausage making and settles on Hillary (which I'm sure was contentious and far from a consensus decision), that the anonymous author felt the need to frame the decision as clear-cut and obvious, vilify the "loser" and create an endorsement without very much nuance.

Instead, why couldn't you have talked about reality; this is a close call, Hillary is smart, a grinder, pragmatic, and willing to compromise, often to a fault. Bernie is the idealistic, more radical, more principled (for better AND worse) candidate. Hillary is more likely to achieve incremental gains, but unlikely to shake things up in a fundamental way. Sanders is more likely to massive change, but is a lot more likely to fail utterly and crash and bern (sorry!). She is the safe choice. He is the high-risk/high-reward choice.

Then the Election Control Board could tell us that in their view the Hillary approach is smarter, and more likely to pay off. See?! No trashing Bernie necessary! Yes, Bernie is compromised (particularly on guns), as all politicians are, but no honest assessment of the two could conclude that Bernie is more compromised that Hillary, who too often follows her constituents rather than leads them (see gay marriage), has proven not to be politically brave (see Iraq invasion) and has taken some downright sketchy positions such as the TPP trade deal, and OMG, Wall Street and her various secret paid speeches.

I like them both, and I'd support them both in the general. But I'll caucus for Bernie. Now, was that so hard Election Control Board?
Mar 23 ohthetrees commented on .
@7 ho ho ho, so clever. So witty.

I was so ridiculous to rhetorically round up the drowning of multiple Seattle neighborhoods to "downtown". Like everything would proceed just fine minus a bunch of our low-lying neighborhoods.

But it looks like we are all wrong. According to this Seattle Gov map sea level can go up 11 ft without drowning anything, and up to 14 ft would pretty much only put Harbor Island under water.

But thanks for being snarky and kinda a pedantic dick for no apparent reason!
Mar 23 ohthetrees commented on .
Nice find @1! And suck it self-rightous anon! Straight from her, you do pronounce the K:

"My name is from the Sanskrit language, which is a phonetic language, and sometimes the words don't transliterate clearly into a non-phonetic language. In my first name, the letters "ksh" are one letter in Sanskrit, and go together. So it's a sh sound with a soft k before it.

But since it is hard, I tell people not to worry and just call me "shama" - pretend the k is silent. Incidentally, "Kshama" means forgiveness in Sanskrit, and "shama" means light in Arabic, and both are female names, so either is fine with me."
Mar 23 ohthetrees commented on .
I've always been deeply opposed to the tunnel, and the rise in sea-levels is also disturbing, and cars contribute to that. But it won't lead to the flooding of the tunnel, at least not before all of downtown Seattle is inundated (in which case we have bigger fish to fry), and it's kind of a silly thing to say. Picking up a phone and calling an engineer would have been a good idea.

If it's not obvious why it's a silly idea, this is why: it's pretty darn easy to keep a space as small as the tunnel clear of water with nothing more than some pumps. There are plenty of tunnels that run under water, and they do just fine.