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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
10:00 AM COMTE commented on Trump Supporters Panic; File Lawsuit to Stop Recount.

Tactically, it still makes sense for Stein (acting as a surrogate for Clinton) to push for the recounts, even if PA is no longer in play, for the simple reason that if it uncovered evidence of any significant GOP vote tampering, whether by egregious miscounting or other means, it would serve to further de-legitimize Drumph's "landslide", and furthermore call into question the entire process. It's politics at it's dirtiest, to be sure, but politics has always been a dirty game.

Prior to the election Drumph kept harping on the notion that the votes were being "rigged", but it's starting to look more and more like what rigging there may have been was done to his benefit...
12:56 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Muslim UW Student Who Was Attacked Wonders: "Why? Was It Because of My Hijab?”.

Yeah, right up there with the attacks on whites by other whites...
12:03 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Jesus Saves....

Believers point out these "miracles" all the time, because - what more proof of divine intervention does one need than a lone religious statue magically spared from the rampant destruction all around it?
11:40 AM yesterday COMTE commented on Watch This CNN Interviewer Face-Palm Herself Listening to Ignorant Trump Supporters.

But, how can you accomplish that, particularly in this modern age of "democratized media"? Sure, in the good old pre-Internet days these cranks would mostly be limited to street corner soap boxes or AM talk radio. But now everybody has access to a world-wide platform to not only spew their nonsense, but to virtually congregate with other equally ignorant people. They're no longer isolated from each other, and furthermore have the ability to continuously reinforce their own ignorance, as well as spread it to others who might be slightly less unhinged, but just as susceptible to their messaging.

Granted, we shouldn't be encouraging them, but they already HAVE all the platform they need, and if nothing else, it behooves the rest of us to maintain awareness of their beliefs and how they're being managed, so that we can explore ways to counter and negate that messaging.
Nov 29 COMTE commented on The Morning News: Evacuation Order at Standing Rock, Matt Hickey in Court, Jon Grant Running for City Council.

Not to mention the fact that burning is actually the only PROPER method for disposing of a flag.
Nov 28 COMTE commented on Trump Is Also One of The Losers Benefitting from Fake News.
As the old saying goes, "a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on" - a very old saying indeed, going back in some variation more than 300 years. Lies, by their very nature, are easy to believe, because they reinforce opinions and positions the person already believes, and thus no thought is required to accept them; whereas truth requires research, verification, contemplation, and analysis - activities far too many lack the cognitive ability, let alone the desire, to pursue.
Nov 24 COMTE commented on Women's Colleges to Homophobic, Racist Trump Surrogates: Come At Us, Bros.

And the fact that the world's second most fucked-up religion (from a purely long-term historical perspective they're both running neck-and-neck, IMO) operating today is not only supported but encouraged by the shit-for-brains Right in this country says a lot as well.

I mean, if we're going to go down that proverbial "any egregious behavior committed by the few reflects negatively on the many" argument...
Nov 23 COMTE commented on Women's Colleges to Homophobic, Racist Trump Surrogates: Come At Us, Bros.

Conversion therapy may be thoroughly discredited, but it's also still widely practiced in this country (currently, there are only five states where it's outright banned). Plus, our Vice President-elect is, by his own account, a strong supporter of the practice.

So, far from being a "false equivalency", it is in fact a quite relevant one...
Nov 22 COMTE commented on Women's Colleges to Homophobic, Racist Trump Surrogates: Come At Us, Bros.

No, they just run an ice pick through their foreheads, or a few thousand volts through their genitals, and call it "conversion therapy"...
Nov 22 COMTE commented on Donald Trump Is Still Squeezing Out Pouty Tweets Between Cabinet Appointments.

So, I guess we need to add "theatre historian/critic" to your long list of "Things I Know All About"?