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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
May 13 COMTE commented on Dan Savage's ABC Sitcom Is a GO: Watch the Trailer!.
So, who exactly is Yahweh punishing this time for allowing teh homos to have another television show? I always get confused, because whenever Xtians claim their god will punish someone for these things, more often than not it's other Xtians who seem to take the brunt.
May 13 COMTE commented on Tonight Is the First Candidate Forum Featuring Kshama Sawant and Her Challengers.

They label themselves as Democrats because they are the agency of the National Democratic Party Organization in their respective legislative districts; they are the elected officers and card-carrying members of the Party, and participate in the operation of the Party Organization within those districts. The fact that they may hold more liberal socio-political views than the officers and members of other legislative district organizations elsewhere is irrelevant.
May 12 COMTE commented on Gee, I Wonder Who This Is About! Mayor Murray Proposes New Rule About Campaigning at City Hall..
The fact Murray and Rasmussen feel the need to beef up the policy language would seem to indicate they don't think they're going to get the ruling they want from SEEC; so basically, it's an acknowledgement Sawant didn't violate the existing policy. But dammit, they'll git 'er next time - her and those meddling signature-gathering kids!
May 12 COMTE commented on The Artist Responsible for that "Fuck Starbucks" Sign Describes How He Did It.

Free publicity is really only effective when the person seeking to receive it is identifiable. So long as "Kurt Cooper" maintains his anonymity, he can't really benefit from it, can he?
May 12 COMTE commented on Three Things Seattle Can Do Right Now to Help Renters.

That's seems to me to be something of a misreading of the market. New units are renting for more because the developers are building them with all sorts of high-end amenities that increase the overall cost, thus ensuring they will ONLY go to people who can afford $2000-plus a month: granite counter tops, in-house gyms & rec rooms, rooftop party decks, etc., etc. If the developers were simply interested in increasing supply, they could easily strip out all the extras and probably rent them for several hundred a month less, while still making a tidy profit. So in point of fact the owner DOES want a higher price, because they KNOW there's a huge influx of 20 & 30-something tech workers making six-figure salaries flooding into town and THEY are the demographic these new luxury towers are specifically targeting, NOT the people who were kicked out of older buildings torn down to make room for them.

If it were simply a function of supply and demand, well one just has to look at the sheer number of units coming on the market to see the flaw in that argument: between 2013 and 2017 it is estimated that more than 42,000 units will be built within the general metropolitan region - with some 12,000 of them coming onto the market just this year alone - the largest increase in supply since 1989! And a large percentage of them are being built within the Seattle City Limits. There is more availability right now than there's been in decades, but you don't see rents coming down to reflect that; quite the opposite in fact; rents at the lower end are being pushed up (although in many instances they're still fairly reasonable, depending on the location), not because there is scarcity, but because there is a gap being created between units that normally rent at the low-end and all the new high-end development, with actual shrinkage in the middle range. The developers of new units aren't going to be dropping prices any time soon because they can afford to hold their investments in an environment where interest rates continue to be low and so long as the return on their investment is sufficient to at least cover their nut, even in a glutted market; meanwhile owners of older units see an opportunity to generate additional revenue by bringing otherwise low-rent units "up to market rate", none of which is being predicated on laws of "traditional market forces", but simply because there's an opportunity to do so.
May 11 COMTE commented on Three Things Seattle Can Do Right Now to Help Renters.

But the supply is totally skewed to the high-end of the market; developers aren't building massive numbers of new units to rent for the median or slightly below, they're building as fast as they can for people willing and able to pay way above the average, and the older units are being pulled up right along with it. Sure, some of that is due to the large influx of new tenants, so it's not a closed loop my any means, but that's the difference between here and Detroit, to take your example: as the population goes down there, there's simply no way to support maintaining a steady-state and landowners ARE in point of fact bulldozing their money-losing properties at a prodigious rate: as of last July the city was slated to lose roughly 22% of the available building infrastructure, most of it dilapidated, vacated, abandoned and uninhabitable.
May 11 COMTE commented on Three Things Seattle Can Do Right Now to Help Renters.

But that's not what what's happening here right now. We're not seeing average rents go down with the sudden increase in supply, because the new units coming on the market are already priced well above that average, which simply makes the remaining available units renting for less than-the-average INCREASE in price, because the increase on the higher-end of the market is trending the entire rental supply upward. In order to achieve the scenario you describe, you need to have either some new units come on-the-market at below the average or more existing units fall below it, and neither of these is occurring.
May 11 COMTE commented on I, Anonymous.

Yeah, some pedestrians at crosswalks these days seem to be a completely different breed of stupid: they'll stand there staring forlornly out across the intersection as if the very idea of crossing has actually put them into some sort of existentially-driven fugue-state, and when you stop to let them across half the time they will stare at you with a look of openly hostile incomprehension that leads one to believe they are either mentally-challenged or else come from some remote foreign land where the entire concept of intersections, cross walks, and the like must be completely unknown.
May 8 COMTE commented on Portland Also Fears Becoming Another San Francisco.

On the other hand, Portland's broad-based small-to-medium scale economic diversity could be viewed as something of an advantage: not putting all your eggs in one or maybe two baskets (e.g. tech, aerospace) means you don't suffer as much from the roller-coaster effects of periodic economic downturns. Granted, they got hit pretty hard by the 2008 recession, but the effects, though severe (Portland's unemployment rate spiked from 4.6% in October 2007 to 11.9% in June of 2009, which sounds bad on the surface until you consider Los Angeles' UR by comparison went from 5.8% to 12.9% during the same period in time and continued to climb for a another full year to a high of 14.5% in July 2010) also tended to bounce back just as quickly, and is now at a comfortable 5.3%, slightly better than the national average.
May 8 COMTE commented on Staff Shuffle at Seattle Repertory Theatre: Seven Jobs Eliminated (To Be Replaced by Three or Four New Ones).
It's a tough call: on the one hand some of the staff positions being eliminated are resulting in the loss of several long-time employees, so that's a lot of institutional knowledge being tossed aside, not to mention people with a great deal of history in the community itself. It's going to be very challenging for them to find new employment in an increasingly shrinking field. And one has to wonder about the long-term goal of development, since youth and educational programs have traditionally been considered an essential element to creating a sustainable audience base. On the other hand, periodic shakeups are healthy for an organization: creating a bit of churn by implementing structural reconfigurations can lead to greater efficiencies and a refocus on core practices.

While I, like @1, bemoan the loss of ANY jobs in our industry, one also has to adopt the realistic position that the long-term health and vitality of the organization must take precedence - the needs of the many and so-forth. If this change serves to make the Rep more relevant and more responsive to the larger community it serves, then it's a positive step, regardless of the loss both of otherwise worthy individuals and programs.

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