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Jul 19 Urgutha Forka commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
Basically the same thing I tell my third party voting friends. They always reply the same, "yeah, yeah, those are great ideas." And then no action.

They're all talk and no action. Too lazy to do the ass-busting work it takes to help get local third-party politicians elected. They only like to complain about shit they do nothing about.
Jul 19 Urgutha Forka commented on What Rambo Might Tell Us About the Recent Cop Killings.
Technically, Rambo only killed one police officer in First Blood.
Jul 19 Urgutha Forka commented on Our Editors Made Us Tinder at the RNC, So We Spent 10 Minutes Talking to a Libertarian Torso.
As a follow up, you guys should go to a debate or town hall meeting and try to get dates.
Jul 18 Urgutha Forka commented on Meet the Guy Who Says He Can Make $1,000 a Day Selling Trump Merch.
[The government is] taking care of people here illegally before taking care of us.
So is he upset that the gov't is taking care of other people before him? Or upset that the gov't is taking care of anyone at all?

I'm assuming he's a "get government off our backs" kind of guy.
Jul 15 Urgutha Forka commented on I, Anonymous.
Anything you do in public is public domain.

If you wanna fight fire with fire then just film the guy filming the girl and post that. That way everyone can be a creep.

/Also, no one truly gives a shit.
Jul 15 Urgutha Forka commented on Here are but a few of the Reasons Why You Hate Mike Pence.


TP... For your bunghole!
Jul 15 Urgutha Forka commented on Oh Cool, Donald Trump's Running Mate Is the Original "Defund Planned Parenthood!" Guy.
Pence voted in favor of the Iraq war, so that kinda nullifies any potential attacks against Clinton voting for that war that the Trump campaign might dig up.
Jul 15 Urgutha Forka commented on Liberty Might Be the Country's First Co-op Bar.
CSB: I once went to a so-called "cafe" on the Santa Monica pier in California. The name of the place was, I think, just called "Cafe." Real original. Anyway, I wanted some coffee because I was feeling sleepy, so I figured that'd be the best place to get some. I go in and ask for a coffee and the server/waitress/whatever says "we don't have any coffee here." I was feeling kinda grouchy and said, "how can a place named "cafe" not serve coffee? Cafe literally translates to "coffeehouse." Coffee should technically be the very first item on your menu." She gave me a disinterested look and asked if I wanted an iced tea. I said no and left.
Jul 15 Urgutha Forka commented on The Morning News: Death Toll Rises in France, Seattle Police Arrest 204 "Johns," Equitably Paid Employees Buy CEO a Tesla.
I wish there was a "shout you're a sex worker, or client of sex worker" just like the "shout your abortion" thing.

If anything needs to be de-stigmatized immediately, it's sex workers and their clients.

As it is now, printing a list of "suspected" clients only serves to titillate.