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Nov 11, 2016 Akbar Fazil commented on The Close Encounters of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival.
I haven't seen the film yet, but I have read it. From the trailer, I feel the tone shift is acceptable to the greater narrative. There are many things in the story that just don't work off of a page imo as they are presented.
Oct 28, 2016 Akbar Fazil commented on The Morning News: Militarized Police Crack Down on Native American "Water Protectors" in North Dakota.
@10, the word you are looking for is prerogative
Oct 6, 2016 Akbar Fazil commented on Elections Are Being Rigged, but Not to Supresss Trump's White Flock.
@9 as our president has proven, a black man will get the job before they give it to a white woman. Our country may still be very racist but were always a touch more misogynistic first.
Sep 26, 2016 Akbar Fazil commented on Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too).
"global warming in the long term, because one day in the distant future, "the sun will engulf the Earth."

Well, that is factually correct. A few billion years from now. So, loooooooong term plans indeed.
Sep 22, 2016 Akbar Fazil commented on Mr. Robot Recap: Confusing Finale.
So glad you know all of where Esmail is taking this story and you can bow out now.

"There is a good chance I will not watch season three"

If this continued drivel is what you are going to spew out about this amazing show its best that you don't continue.
Sep 19, 2016 Akbar Fazil commented on Suspected Chelsea Bomber Arrested; Family Runs a Fried-Chicken Restaurant.
@13 the clash was over the restaurant staying open late. The city was not happy with them doing so (regardless that others were allowed to stay open late) and the family fought in court over it.
Aug 16, 2016 Akbar Fazil commented on Clinton's Leadership Team Is Majority Women (Yes!) and House Republicans Want Her Indicted for Perjury (LOL).
@1 Ive got 20 bucks on day one. As in they will run from the swearing in ceremony and start the process.
Aug 10, 2016 Akbar Fazil commented on The Morning News: Judge Throws Out Uber Lawsuit, Tony Ventrella Gets Back in the Race for Congress.
@3 are you missing the fact that the point they are making is that as a legal product we should be able to purchase it with any legal method. By forcing these places to be cash only, no matter how many times a day you have an armored truck show up a day they are still high targets for robbery.