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Sep 11, 2013 freshnycman commented on Savage Love.
Put me in the camp of asking the bf to wear a dick sheath could put the relationship on life support as well. Whether you would want it to or not, it definitely conveys the message that 'you're just not big enough to satisfy me'. I'd recommend going w cock ring (perhaps w vibrating element at base) and see if that helps you at all. It may not get to the ideal size that you would like but should go toward that direction, and be less emasculating than the sheath route.
Sep 4, 2013 freshnycman commented on Weiner Explodes on Voter.
Hell has no wrath like Carlos Danger dissed!
Sep 4, 2013 freshnycman commented on Putin Questioned by the AP About Russia's Treatment of LGBT People.
It's really amazing that these brave LGBT and ally Russians are putting their pictures out there like this-- given that it makes them much more likely targets of discrimination, violence, etc.. wow!
Aug 28, 2013 freshnycman commented on Starbucks Responds to Sandwichgate.
I think you're losing your argument sticking by Loptmann Anna. It certainly seems that he has been sufficiently discredited with missing a shift, being late a few times, getting written up for not getting along w a coworker, and another slogger posted yesterday that he didn't get along well w coworkers, customers, etc.. Yes, he could be a complete victim but there's at least enough evidence (by Slog debate standards) that I don't think he's the best poster boy we can come up with on evil corporate empires. And btw I definitely think there's a huge argument on how many huge companies completely take advantage, treat ppl like shit, pay them sub-povertly level wages, etc,-- I just think we can definitely find a better posted boy for it than Loptmann
Aug 21, 2013 freshnycman commented on HuffPo Is Ending Anonymous Comments.
@25 completely agreed. I often think even with the troll posters that slog is infinitely more civilized than any comparable site I could think of based in NYC (where I live, duh). I also actually like anonymity in some forums for some of the reasons people have referenced here (know thy enemy) but also due to the fact that it allows those who reason best to triumph over those who do not. Everyone, to varying degrees, filters what they hear from other people based upon their perception of them (in person, fb, youtube, tv, whatever) and anonymous blog posts provides a different perspective than is possible to gain through other forums
Aug 20, 2013 freshnycman commented on SL Letter of the Day: That Dick Has Sailed.
To me she sounds rather bossy given she notes that "I tell a partner what I like and how to do it" with a first-time hook up. If I were the guy and were being directed by someone I just met like that I'd have sailed as well. I think it's one thing to give directional guidance but more than anything your body language, moans, breathing, etc., should suffice for the first time hook up. The Betty Crocker cookbook step-by-step instruction that she seems to do makes more sense a few more dates/hookups into it for me..
Aug 14, 2013 freshnycman commented on The Northeast Blackout of 2003 Was 10 Years Ago Today.
Had just moved to NYC 5 months prior and was working from home at the time. Thought it was just an issue with my apartment that would be resolved momentarily and took a nap on my couch. Was awakened by my friend who called to tell me she was on the subway when it stopped in the middle of a tunnel, where there were stuck for 20 minutes til they forced the doors open and had to stumble through the dark tunnel with the rats to the next station where she was able to get outside and call me. Walked outside and noticed the parade of people on 8th avenue in Chelsea and it was clearly fiesta time for them but I definitely thought it could last for days and didn't want to blow my cash on booze with no water. Had just broken up with my bf the night before but given the blackout and fact that we were just 4 ave blocks apart he came over. It was beyond surreal looking up 7th ave toward times sq, just 20 blocks away, at night and everything being pitch black. The next day was hot and of course no AC was working and wandering out on the streets was wild seeing just how many people there were on doorsteps, sidewalks, parks-- felt kinda like you imagine NYC to be in the 1880s perhaps before folks had fancy things like computers, phones, or electricity and everyone just hung out outside. Met a friend at Madison Sq park and then got word that one of my friends had power in hk so headed up that way and enjoyed the nice AC til I heard power was finally restored in Chelsea later that night.

So overall was a fun, positive experience. The post-Sandy blackout, however, was a very different experience for everyone in SoPo (South of Power) land...
Aug 13, 2013 freshnycman commented on Sticking It To Putin.
@SeattleBlues, I don't think anyone is saying that Russia today = Germany 1941. People are saying that Russia today = Germany mid-1930s. Germany was very progressive in the late 20s, jews for the first time were treated as equal citizens, 'Cabaret', etc.. It was then a systematic, deliberate, scapegoating of jews for the German plight, so that Aryan Germans perceived jews less and less as germans, as people, and increasing as animals, as things. This progressive dehumanization of the jews is what ultimately enabled the society en masse to, at best, turn a blind eye to the horrors that befell the jews. If you're unable to see any parallels between that period in Germany, to what is going on in Russia now- the laws, the boasting on social media with video of gay mugging and killings, the violence in the streets with the russian cops nearby doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g, then you're the one in desperate need of a reality check. And, what is going on today is horrific enough, but those of us with a sense of history are terrified of how this will progress/devolve as well.
Aug 8, 2013 freshnycman commented on What Do You Think of the New Trailer for Spike Jonze's Her?.
Siri inspired movie = meh/barf
Reminds of that movie w justin timerlake and whatherface where the rich stay young forever and the poor get old and die- v much struck me that that was inspired by the observation that rich celebs get tons of plastic surgery to look young for a long long time and the non-rich don't-- I don't know-- something about seeing the obvious blah-inspiration behind a movie that doesn't inspire me personally..
Jul 31, 2013 freshnycman commented on The Worst Jobs We’ve Ever Had.
It's a toss up between the telemarketing gig I got the summer after graduating high school-- trying to sell $400+ vitamin sets, shampoo crap, etc., with the big selling point that the customer may have won some great vacation or jewelry or something. One time I showed up at work and they passed out all the lead cards we were to call, only to collect all of them 5 minutes later. They then announce that we're changing locations- NOW - and they do roll call. One of the other telemarketers wasn't there and the bosses told the guy's friends to tell him he didn't need to bother coming to work anymore. Then they give us the new address and we had to switch to that location immediately. Nothing shady there. A couple years later article came out that they were affiliated with the mafia and had been shut down.

Wish I could say that was it but the most recent job I had was sales for a crappy startup software company. Talked to one retailer who asked me in earnest if the product would hold up, because if not, she would lose her job. A part of me died as I told her that the software was great which I knew was a lie. Alas, selling my soul so I could have a paycheck and survive vs being virtuous. I'll never take for granted having a decent product to sell again..