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May 24 Gurldoggie commented on Courtney Sheehan Is Now Running Northwest Film Forum.
@5 Yes. And using puppets made from materials scavenged from Goodwill donation bins as your main characters is always a dicey concept.
May 24 Gurldoggie commented on Courtney Sheehan Is Now Running Northwest Film Forum.
Glad to see this fantastic local institution getting back on its feet.

Welcome Courtney, and please pay no attention to the failed filmmaker @1. He's still sore because his 5-hour biography of Tesla was rejected for the Local Sightings festival.
May 23 Gurldoggie commented on Your Donald Trump Reader.
We're doomed.
May 18 Gurldoggie commented on How the Continuation of the Bernie Sanders Campaign Hurts the Chances of a Democrat-Controlled Senate.
This whole scenario sucks. The Democrats have been given an opportunity to win the Presidency, change the composition of the Supreme Court and switch control of at least one House of Congress. And they're throwing it away with infighting and name calling. I do blame Sanders' supporters for this, but to be fair I also blame the genetic deficiencies of progressive voters generally. We're fucking blowing it. Welcome President Trump.
May 16 Gurldoggie commented on THEESatisfaction Are No More.
A great moment in Seattle music, and in the hip hop universe. Stay gold Thee Satisfaction. Stay gold.
May 13 Gurldoggie commented on Punk Rock Flea Market to Relocate to Old Value Village Space on June 25-26.
Oh very nice. On Pride weekend no less. Any word about who the bands will be?
May 11 Gurldoggie commented on Shabazz Palaces Supporting Radiohead in Upcoming LA Shows.
Wow. This is so cool.
Why the HELL isn't this double bill coming to Bumbershoot?!?!?
May 10 Gurldoggie commented on The United States' New National Mammal Is....
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.…
May 2 Gurldoggie commented on Fuck Everything About May Day in Seattle.
Can we also fuck the many morons - including dozens of Slog commenters - who love to talk about "revolution" when it means voting by mail for a harmless old man who can't possibly win the Presidency, but get desperately uncomfortable at the slightest hint of genuine violence in the streets. You can debate the effectiveness of the whole May Day spectacle, but you can't advocate for revolution while holding on to the status quo for dear life!
Apr 28 Gurldoggie commented on Reminder: The Alaskan Way Viaduct Will Be Closed For Two Weeks Beginning Tomorrow.
People still drive cars to get around Seattle? How absurd.