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Aug 12 kk in seattle commented on Does Media Coverage of School Shootings Lead to More School Shootings?.
It's insane to think that just because a private video becomes the subject of a police investigation, it is a "public" document. This is most definitely NOT a sovereignty issue. The public did not pay for this video, nor were public servants involved in its creation. The fact that it's in a police department filing cabinet due to a tragedy does NOT make it public property.

Shame on the media for getting on their high horse over their supposed "right" to a snuff film. If the teevee stations do obtain this film and broadcast it, then SPU should sue the holy living crap out of all of them for copyright infringement.
Aug 12 kk in seattle commented on What Seattle Should Really Do to Make Public Transportation Work.
I think if the city were really serious it would confiscate and expel residents of single-family housing and force them into apartments, which I understand you to believe to be the natural environment for humans.
Aug 12 kk in seattle commented on Postal Service Loses Two Billion Dollars This Spring.
Why do Republicans hate the Constitution? You'd think they could read at least the first article. "The Congress shall have power . . . To establish post offices and post roads . . . ." art. I, sec. 8. But the Republicans are all about slavers like George Washington and not so hot on Quakers like Benjamin Franklin.
Aug 12 kk in seattle commented on Brian Brown Slams Ronald Reagan's Definition of Marriage.
Also had to edit references in the Wikipedia article on Ken Hutcherson referring to "sexual choice" and "sexual behavior" when the law expressly references "sexual orientation." Can't these creeps stick to Conservopedia?
Aug 12 kk in seattle commented on Brian Brown Slams Ronald Reagan's Definition of Marriage.
Still waiting to see the right-wing condemnation of Ken Hutcherson (may the hateful bigot burn in Hell for all eternity) for presiding over the FOURTH wedding of obese drug-criminal sex-tourist Rush Limbaugh. Waiting, waiting . . . .
Aug 12 kk in seattle commented on Central District Apartments Buyer Agrees to Maintain Affordability Levels Until 2064.
Income restrictions on apartments, if they are truly enforceable, are recorded in the King County records and easily accessible by any prospective purchaser. None of this should be a surprise or subject to any misunderstanding regarding what Councilmember X or Y says. Regardless of how quickly we're all going to hell in a handbasket, this is America and not China, after all. Who are these chuckleheads?
Aug 12 kk in seattle commented on Slog Poll: What the Hell Is Sarah Palin Saying?.
Gah, if only I could unsee that. Never again.
Aug 12 kk in seattle commented on In Culture News: Three Cheers for Jennifer Jasper, New Video with Macklemore In It, and Judging a Cover By Its Book.
What @10 said. Definitely Lolita. And, uh, @4? Lolita was 12. So pretty much spot on.
Aug 8 kk in seattle commented on Could This Help Seattle Understand How Traffic on an Escalator Works?.
What I see more often are four beefy people abreast on the bike path when there is a dedicated walking path ten feet away, and they get all pissy when THEY ALMOST GET HIT by a bicycle trying to get home.
Aug 8 kk in seattle commented on Who Can Afford to Rent a Place in San Francisco?.
Trains lower rents? And yet, San Francisco, Washington, Boston and New York have the highest rents. Just sayin'.

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