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Jul 18 kk in seattle commented on Could You Get Blown Up by an Oil Train Crash in Seattle? Check This Map.
Gee, how did I know this was an Anzel Herz post?
Jul 17 kk in seattle commented on Full Text of Microsoft CEO's Letter About Cutting 18,000 Jobs.
Half the layoffs from Nokia, which was failing on its own.
Jul 17 kk in seattle commented on Seattle City Council Members Reject Progressive Metro Funding Proposal, Send Sales Tax Package to Fall Ballot Instead.
@9: It's hardly worth the pixels explaining to you that counties and cities can only do what the Legislature lets them do.
Jul 14 kk in seattle commented on Guns Kill Alaskans Like Nobody's Business.
Very warm Hawaii has the lowest gun death rate per 100,000 people, and very cold Alaska has the highest.

Coincidence? I think not. After all, both states have lengthy coastlines.
Jul 14 kk in seattle commented on President Obama Jokes with Gay Cashier, Conservatives Lose Their Minds.
In other words, "What happened to a president that represents the interests of only straight white Christian property-owning men?"
Jul 14 kk in seattle commented on How Will You Be Voting on City of Seattle Proposition No. 1 (the "Parks District" Measure)?.
Who is pushing for this? The lawyers who also want to form a nonprofit corporation to control the new downtown waterfront (google Gerald Johnson). That's where this money will go. At least a parks levy requires that the money be spread around so the voters will renew the levy. This is a sham.

From Linked In: Gerry currently serves on the boards of the Seattle Parks Foundation, the Downtown Seattle Association and the Friends of Waterfront Seattle. He also serves on the Seattle Central Waterfront Committee advising the Mayor and City Council. The proposed central waterfront project, designed by renowned architect James Corner, will transform the relationship of the Seattle Central Business District with its historic waterfront following demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct in 2016. On the Central Waterfront Committee, he co‑chairs its Finance and Partnerships Subcommittee.
Jul 11 kk in seattle commented on Drinking in Eden.
Best Mudede post ever.
Jul 11 kk in seattle commented on Help Senator Murray Push Back Against Hobby Lobby.
I clicked on this story and now Hobby Lobby ads appear when I surf over to the Seattle Times web site.
Jul 8 kk in seattle commented on Patty Murray and Senate Democrats Draft Bill to Override Hobby Lobby's Anti-Birth-Control Bullshit.
This is the correct response. The body responsible for Hobby Lobby is Congress (although the Supreme Court did not have to go as far as it did). It was Congress, by passing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, that invited practitioners of religion to demand all kinds of special treatment. And it is Congress that is responsible for repealing that ill-considered statute.

The best way to help Congress do that is for a host of religious minorities to start filing lawsuits and demanding special treatment. We need to shame the Republicans into realizing that this legislation (as interpreted by the Supremes) is a complete disaster.

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