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Jun 16 kk in seattle commented on Did We Learn Anything From Seeing Footage of the SPU Shooting?.
We learned that the government will turn over private intellectual property (the University owns the video) to the media without compensation in violation of the federal and state constitutions, and that the media will steal the confiscated property and put it on their own websites to profit from its content, all in violation of federal copyright law. And that the media will spend a fortune on lawyers to perpetrate this theft, and then sanctimoniously justify it all in the name of the public's right to know. What a moral sewer.
Jun 10 kk in seattle commented on Obama Endorses Clinton, Sanders Isn't Quitting.
@ Spinecrusher: "Privileged white liberal" pretty much defines Bernie's base. Take a look at the states he's won and you won't see anything but. It's the people of color, the queers, the pink-collar workers who can't literally won't be able to afford to feed their families after eight years of Trump who are actually backing Hillary.
Jun 10 kk in seattle commented on Obama Endorses Clinton, Sanders Isn't Quitting.
Original Andrew must be the last left-winger (the rest are Rush Limbaugh types) who refer to Hillary's prospective nomination as a "coronation." Which tells you a lot about stupidity in general.
Jun 10 kk in seattle commented on Listen to Sydney Brownstone Talk to KUOW about "The Audition".
Didn't Bill Radke move away to strike it rich in the big city? Why is he back? We don't want him. Possibly the most annoying radio personality on the NPR air. Derek Wang, Patricia Murphy, anyone who can just deliver the news without trying to impress us with their fabulous wit would be far, far preferable.
Jun 10 kk in seattle commented on Bernie Sanders Should Have Called It Quits While the Going Was Good.
"If Sanders wants to really effect American Politics. . . " Lol. The problem we've had in America for the past eight years is not Obama (who is indistinguishable from Hillary). The problem we've had is that the folks who support Sanders are too f*ing lazy to vote in midterms or in local elections. They show up to worship a rock star once every eight years, expect miracles, and then drop out when life doesn't hand them a 20 hour workweek at a meaningful, creative, organic job with a terrific, affordable pre-war apartment. And The Bern has done exactly nothing in his entire career to change this.
Jun 10 kk in seattle commented on Mayor Announces Plans for 24-Hour Homeless Shelter.
The 1981 levy created 1,297 units of housing. The 1986 levy created 1,818 units. The 1995 levy created 2,632 units. The 2002 levy created 2,459 units. The 2009 levy created 1,850 units. We've actually housed these 2,800 homeless folks several times over, but they keep coming and coming. We keep passing more levies, and we're doubling the next levy, but all anyone does is complain that we're not doing enough. Maybe look back on some of the successes every once in awhile? Some of us spend an enormous amount of time and energy on this problem and we sure do get tired of listening to a bunch of whiners complaining that Seattle does nothing for the homeless. (Ditto transit, by the way. If we pass a $50 billion package this fall you can guarantee that within weeks the Stranger will be bitching about how Seattle doesn't do anything for transit.)
Jun 3 kk in seattle commented on Tim Eyman Gives Up on Anti-Light Rail Initiative.
@2: ST3 is not a property tax. It's a sales tax (75%) and motor vehicle tax (25%). The Legislature has never given Sound Transit an effective means of taxing employers. But taxing motor vehicles (despite Tim Eyman) makes sense, because those who don't have cars don't pay it, and those who do benefit from transit freeing up the roads.
May 25 kk in seattle commented on Hillary Says Hell No to Yet Another Debate with Bernie.
@37 Some Democrats are worried about the prospective nominee because half the country is Republican but so many Progressives refuse to acknowledge that fact and believe that they deserve to run the country even though they are a minority within their own pray because, you know, they are smarter and better and Right and Pure. Oh, and voting in midterms is hard. Which is why Republicans control the country.
May 23 kk in seattle commented on Bernie Sanders Supporter Robert Reich: "Work Like Hell" for Hillary Clinton if She Gets the Nomination.
Seattlebcc @39: The Republicans' ideal progressive: one who refuses to vote. Which is why reactionary lunatics run our government. But as millions suffer, at least you, yourself, are pure. Well done!