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michael strangeways is writing at Seattle Gay Scene.
Mar 7, 2014 michael strangeways commented on Stranger Sales Rep Taunts Editorial Employee with Terrifying Face Wear.
His directorial debut at Washington Ensemble Theatre opens on March 28...THE EDGE OF OUR BODIES.


(Devin's debut...not sure when/where Mr. Frizzelle has his opening)
Mar 3, 2014 michael strangeways commented on Elliott Bay Books Owner Says $15 Minimum Wage Could Be "Possibly Fatal".
Ah, SLOG....so many assholes with so many stupid opinions.

We have idiots criticizing a beloved indy bookstore owner...for speaking his mind.

We have idiots blathering the standard party line that the $15 min wage increase is magically going to free the workers and make our lives full of sunshine and raindrops.

We have a Stranger employee criticizing the opinions of an interview subject in an article written by his boss.

We have idiots comparing an indie business to McDonalds...despite the fact one is a local business barely getting by while another is a multi billion dollar corporation. Yet, somehow, the local business MUST be sitting on millions of dollars raped from the sweat of his workers.

Mainly, we have lots of middle of the road, middle class people of privilege talking a lot of shit about stuff they know very little about...about par for the course on SLOG.
Feb 28, 2014 michael strangeways commented on "We Only Do Second Productions".
I like #8's idea of small groups collaborating/unifying but it probably won't happen. Everyone wants to be a chef and no one wants to be the bottle washer. I call it "Fuck You, I'll Start My Own Blog!" Syndrome...I think it's a condition peculiar to Seattle. No one wants to collaborate for fear they'll lose power or be exposed as a lighter weight artist in comparison to those with more talent.
Feb 28, 2014 michael strangeways commented on "We Only Do Second Productions".
Of course about 90% of "world premieres" don't deserve a second production because they're awful to begin with and didn't actually deserve a first production...

And, theater's new lust for premieres is equivalent to film festivals lusting/insisting on the same.
Feb 26, 2014 michael strangeways commented on The Homosexual Agenda.
Gin-Dora...did you drink too many Mimosas?

Robbie Turner was in Dreamgirls and is NOT in Mimosas' current show, "Wicked Wiz of Oz". The cast is Mama Tits as Elphaba, Tipsy as Glinda, Isabella Extynn St James as Dorothy and Disco Vinnie as all of the men. Tickets are $15/20 presale and available at StrangerTickets.

Jan 16, 2014 michael strangeways commented on Divinely Profane.
It's not that shocking. South Park has done similar material and it was funnier, more shocking and better written.

Also: the male cast is not up to the singing. The women are great, though. And, the chorus is fantastic.

Sean Nelson needs to stick to rock.
Jan 6, 2014 michael strangeways commented on Seattle Police Still Need Your Help Tracking Down Neighbours Nightclub Arsonist.
Hmmmm....how the fuck do you smuggle in a fucking gas can into a nightclub with a bouncer at the door? On NYE yet with heightened security concerns. And, how do you pour gasoline and light a fire without anyone noticing in a crowded nightclub on NYE?

So. Very. Odd.
Sep 17, 2013 michael strangeways commented on Only Rich White Gay Men Care About Marriage Equality.
Don't be silly.

But, marriage equality jumped to the head of the gay rights queue and got money & attention because middle class/upper middle class gay men and women wanted it enough to fight for it.

Sep 17, 2013 michael strangeways commented on Caucasian Seattle Model Paints Herself Black for Local Fashion Shoot.
And, that being said, I think the look is more "inanimate Deco statue" than deliberate "let's paint her up to look like a black woman".

Of course, it would probably have behooved them to HIRE an actual Model of Color to do this shoot and they would have avoided any issues.

And, I'm also assuming someone has checked to make sure Amanda herself isn't a person of color...right?
Sep 17, 2013 michael strangeways commented on Caucasian Seattle Model Paints Herself Black for Local Fashion Shoot.
Why are you accusatory towards the MODEL??!? The photographer and photo editor at the magazine created the shot/look of the photos!