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May 29 schmacky commented on Value Village Flower Bed Death Watch.
I'm with @4. Did any of you assholes maybe try to give the poor things some water, or did you just assume your neighborhood was too full of urban grotesqueries to even bother? You do realize it's almost summer and plants need water to stay alive, right? Also, that looks like clay soil...not everything grows well in that, as I assume at least somebody in your office knows. Maybe you could have suggested she either amend that soil a bit with some fertilizer, etc, or plant stuff that responds well to it? This isn't fucking rocket science, people.
May 27 schmacky commented on New Restaurants in Madrona and Columbia City, Mama's Mexican Kitchen to Close, and Beer News.
I think there's also a new place opening next to Queen City Grill, I believe in the old Frontier Room space. Suggest investigatin'.
May 22 schmacky commented on The Morning News: Hundreds Protest Olympia Shooting, Shell Loses Oil Train Appeal, Council Incumbents Lose Endorsements.
So wait...Atlanta got the public transit and turned into a sprawl-laden shithole, and we're supposed to lament not having that same public transit because...why? Maybe the kind of transit they wanted to build was more flawed than the reasoning of the voters? Just a thought.

In my view, the worst mistake this town ever made was turning down the Seattle Commons. Now instead of a huge, city-defining park on the edge of Lake Union, we have a drab, Amazon-occupied field of numbingly boring glass towers. Well done, 1995 Seattleites.
May 20 schmacky commented on Good Morning—Oh Hey Look, It's the Most Beautiful Stranger Cover of All Time.
I've always thought this is the prettiest (and saddest) cover you guys have ever done: http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Cover…
May 6 schmacky commented on Bernie Sanders: The Republican Budget Is So Bad, No One Will Believe What's in It.
@1: Sadly, that will probably only make him more electable. But in the devil's bargain that is modern politics, Bernie is still heads and shoulders above Hell-ary.
May 2 schmacky commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: This Old Cock.
Hilariously squicky, yet sweet. And that's gotta be an all-time top 10 acronym.
Apr 27 schmacky commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Photo Play.
Just to add to my comment @25: I do think Dan's perspective as a gay man is almost always a tremendous asset in his advice, in so many ways. But every now and then, it works against him. If you date women with regularity, you know in your bones the dildo thing is an absolute no-go. Forget it. Inexcusable. AIO's partner really, really should of known this wasn't going to fly. At all.

He's either inexcusably clueless or a complete bastard.
Apr 27 schmacky commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Photo Play.
Seems to me that the big (so to speak) piece Dan missed here is the whole taking-my-dildo-for-another-woman's-use thing. Total dealbreaker. Any experienced straight man would know that a specially made toy which was once inside your partner is absolutely her property. Letting another woman use it--and photographing the event! After promising not to!--is beyond the pale. The guy is either clueless, or a total asshole. Either way, DTMFA.

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