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Jun 21 schmacky commented on On That Bettie Page Mural.
Whoever did this is dumber than a Trump voter.
Jun 10 schmacky commented on A Non-Political Hearing on the Human Rights Commission’s Transgender Rulemaking Yielded “Nastiest” Testimony Yet, Trans Advocate Says.
Sometimes I feel bad for ignorant rubes. They just lack the brain capacity to believe there might be something to gender identity beyond the genitals you were born with. It's amazing and sad how such a simple, proven concept scrambles their ability to think. All that's left is fear, and the desperate, transparently incorrect belief that the whole world has gone mad, while they magically retain the last, true grasp on sanity.
Jun 8 schmacky commented on Hillary Clinton Wins Big In New Jersey and New Mexico, Is Now Officially Presumptive Democratic Nominee.
Bernie Bozos better put on their big boy panties and get with the whole "lesser of two evils" concept, or it'll be their fault when the whole world economy goes in the President Trump shitter.
Jun 3 schmacky commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Little Big Man.
Does this qualify as a humblebrag? "I'm tall and handsome, with a hot, muscular body, and my girlfriend loves fucking me, and she even lets me fuck other girls now and then, but all I have is this slightly above average-sized penis to work with. Woe is me!"
Jun 3 schmacky commented on Hillary's Foreign Policy Speech was an ad for President Trump.
Step back from the ledge, man. True, Hillary's speech will fall flat with Trump's base. They are who they are, but that's not who Hillary's trying to convince. Why bother? There's no reasoning with those fucking troglodytes. She's claiming the center, which Trump's followers are nowhere near, and which he's left completely undefended. As long as she inspires decent turnout on the left, it's a sound strategy.

I think, anyway. Maybe. Fuck, who it time to drink yet??
Jun 1 schmacky commented on Harambe the Dead Gorilla and the Stupidity of Human Children.
@7: Go read the post again, rethink your attitude about signing stupid petitions, then come back and comment.
May 31 schmacky commented on The Morning News: Hep C Drugs for All, Nazi Graffiti on an Elementary School, and the Possible Return of "The Real World" to Seattle.
We need a pic of the woman in her shorts to truly assess the validity of the pilot's judgement.
May 28 schmacky commented on I, Anonymous.
@12, @15: The distinction is "continue reading" is for posts that exist only on the blog, "read article" is for blog entries which are just snippets of an actual Stranger article.
May 23 schmacky commented on Glass Arriving at Amazon's Biospheres.
Christ am I tired of people bitching about "how Seattle USED TO BE"'s a boring, lazy cliche. The city is changing, OK? Cities do that. Fucking deal with it, and refocus your energy on making where we are going as cool as it can be. If you don't want to contribute, then get the fuck out.