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Jul 27 schmacky commented on The Seattle Times Gives the Democratic Nomination to Bill Clinton.
@10: You're right, that was poor word choice. Main point stands, tho.
Jul 27 schmacky commented on The Seattle Times Gives the Democratic Nomination to Bill Clinton.
@1, @4, and @6 are correct. This kind of misplaced outrage makes the left look like a bunch of scornful harpies.
Jul 26 schmacky commented on A Conversation With a #BernieOrBuster About Dinner.
The problem, @13, is that (just to torture this metaphor even more) the folks voting for strychnine are passionate and starting to convince people that they'll not only survive eating it, but will be made more healthy as a result. That's patently ridiculous, but here we are. Meanwhile, you sit there struggling with your hurt widdle feewings about having to eat beets, making the strychnine seem even more palatable.

So say you're going to eat your fucking beets already, and say it like you mean it. Or you--and the rest of us--get a squirt of rat poison instead.
Jul 20 schmacky commented on "Platforms Don't Matter," Says 21-Year-Old Pro-Trump Delegate at "Twinks for Trump" Party.
To be fair, Islamic countries in a general way, and terrorist extremists in particular, are far more stridently anti-gay than the GOP could ever hope to be. Say what you will about Trump, but he's not going to be beheading homos any time soon (well, probably not, anyway). So if you believe Trump will be more vicious toward those groups, and you find Clinton's internationalism to be ineffective while you watch gay people getting thrown off buildings and stoned in the streets, does it matter if some bogus "platform" that isn't actionable or binding, and which thusly nobody pays attention to, is anti-gay?

It's really not that hard to understand. Enemy's enemy = friend.
Jul 18 schmacky commented on "Hillary's Gonna Kill Us All".
@11, literal LOL
Jul 11 schmacky commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: South Bi South West.
@1 is correct. As a straight man (and I don't know if you're a straight man, @1, but I appreciate your perspective all the more if you aren't), it's amusing to watch a woman suddenly have to deal with what most guys spend large chunks of their lives figuring out. I wish you fortitude and patience, and every man's best friend--luck.
Jul 6 schmacky commented on Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson is Married Which Means He Can Have Sex Again.
I don't mean to go all hetero on y'all, but goddamn Ciara looks insanely hot in that dress. I predict consummating the marriage will be a very short process for Russell, like, maybe a couple seconds. Maybe.
Jul 5 schmacky commented on Bill Bryant Doesn't Know What's In Sound Transit 3, but He Doesn't Think He Likes It.
God, I can hear Dori's grating, brain-dead voice when I read those quotes...the way he chews his words when he speaks is almost as bad as the words themselves.
Jul 2 schmacky commented on Your Weekly Roundup: Can Pot Solve Homelessness? Plus, a Guide to the Perfect July 4th.
I don't know, the review of Swiss Army Man actually made me want to see it... I didn't get the impression the reviewer was trying to dissuade me.
Jun 30 schmacky commented on Will Samuel L. Jackson Lick the Gorilla’s Balls? And Other Questions Raised by The Legend of Tarzan.
This is the best Tarzan-related review I've ever read or, I suspect, will ever read.