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Feb 28 schmacky commented on The Most Unforgettable Oscars in the History of the Human Race.
Interesting reading, thanks @8.
Feb 28 schmacky commented on The Most Unforgettable Oscars in the History of the Human Race.
It could just be my whiteness speaking (OK, I’m sure of it, actually), but I found Moonlight to very much be about blackness. (spoiler warning, I guess, although this isn’t really a film that can be ruined by knowing the machinations of the plot)

The movie initially confused me with narrative leaps that didn’t appear to make sense. Why is this person, who watched his mother be nearly destroyed by drugs, now a drug dealer? What is the path he took from the violent incident at the school to now? We infer he’s been in prison…for what? Just that one incident? And apparently Kevin was also in prison for some period during the interim. What happened there?

Also, the sexuality of Chiron, or more particularly “Black,” as he comes to be called, seemed odd. After an awkward childhood and fairly traumatic adolescence, he transforms himself, becoming super muscular and model-attractive. And yet we learn that the one encounter he had on the beach with Kevin back when he was a teenager remains his only sexual experience. How is that possible? The guy could have anybody of either gender, and he’s still a virgin?

But then I thought…oh. That’s right. One in three black men go to prison at some point in their lives, the majority of which are from the kind of rough neighborhoods and broken homes that form the background of Chiron’s (and Kevin’s) experience. In that world, I would imagine, it’s commonplace to have a record. The film doesn’t bother to tell us that, or to explain how recidivism happens, or patterns of drug dependency in black communities. We are left to infer all of that as simply part of the black experience in America. It’s a given.

And we’re also left to our own devices in understanding the realities of being black and gay. Cultural norms around hyper-masculinity, particularly in disadvantaged areas, would, I imagine, contribute to more closeted gay black men. Chiron puts up a good front, with the muscles and the grill and the rest, but it’s just his armor, a way to navigate the customs of the world he inhabits.

The way that Kevin and Chiron are challenged by the distance between their mutual desire and what’s expected—and allowed—in their particular world was Brokeback Mountain-esque, which one might say was an extremely *white* movie. So I guess in that way, maybe it’s not even so much about race as it is about class and culture, although those things interact in ways that can be hard to untangle.

Maybe this is all obvious, or maybe I'm an insensitive dope and all the above would be immediately apparent to all but the squarest moviegoers. But it does seem safe to say, from my massively Caucasian standpoint, that the film does indeed say quite a lot about blackness—or at least the experience of being black in America—it just has a particularly subtle and poetic way of doing so.
Feb 28 schmacky commented on Dan Savage Went To Austria to Escape the U.S., But It Was Still Trump Time, All the Time.
Great writing, and I am extremely glad you'll be here to help. We need every bit of passion and get-shit-doneness we can muster, and you have ample reserves of both.
Feb 22 schmacky commented on The Morning News: Another Hot Scoop about Milo Yiannopoulos (Just Kidding, We're Gonna Talk about Zoning).
What @7 said. Unless he (I assume it was a he) was epileptic and/or in the middle of some kind of medical emergency, his license should be shredded and put into his food.
Feb 22 schmacky commented on The Morning News: Another Hot Scoop about Milo Yiannopoulos (Just Kidding, We're Gonna Talk about Zoning).
A deep tech recession, a catastrophic earthquake, and/or a terrorist blowing up the Space Needle are just about the only things that could discourage development in Seattle at this point. Devoting another percentage point toward affordable housing wouldn't cause even the slightest hesitation.
Feb 7 schmacky commented on Under Armour Supports Trump, So Stop Buying Their Shit.
Another dumbfuck who thinks the world is just another business to run. "Publish and iterate" is all fine and dandy if you're building a new web tool or a monetization plan or some shit. It's a little different when you crap out an immigration order that breaks up families and throws airports into chaos, or hire a massively unqualified party donor to make policy for public schools, or take notes from a nihilistic racist when making foreign policy decisions, or....ah, fuck it. We're doomed.
Feb 6 schmacky commented on RETRACTION: Milo Yiannopoulos Is Not a White Nationalist.
I don't know if this helps or hurts the article's point, but Milo is on record saying he pretty much exclusively has sex with black men. Just putting that out there.
Feb 3 schmacky commented on The Morning News: Nordstrom Drops Ivanka Trump Like a Hot Potato, Why Tacoma Is Not the Solution to Seattle's Housing Crisis.
Many people skip the Seattle-Tacoma car commute via the Sounder train. Is there a reason you, of all people, failed to mention this?
Feb 2 schmacky commented on Beware the Slenderman—and a Lot of Other Things.
You should mention that the doc is also creepy as shit...which may or may not be appropriate, given that it only serves to further marginalize mental illness for the sake of a cheap thrill.

And yet creepy has its own merits, and I shan't undervalue them just cause my bleeding heart is trying to bring down the price.