Jan 26 Jaymz commented on My Neighbor Is a News Junkie So I Thought He'd Love Getting a Print Copy of Seattle Times and New York Times.
I have a weekend subscription to The Seattle Times and read the actual "paper" then, but during the week I read that paper online - the actual paper online, meaning the print replica with all of the ads and the articles in the same format as the dead tree edition. More convenient on the iPad or computer, but with the same "look". I want to support the concept of a newspaper, hence the subscription.
Jan 15 Jaymz commented on Saying Good-Bye to Mama's.
I worked in three different buildings close by in the '80s and went to Mama's frequently but trailed off; took a long time client there just a few months ago knowing it would close - same place, exactly. Oh well, time and so forth...
Jan 5 Jaymz commented on Majority of Americans Want Gun Control; Majority of Republicans Want Checks from the NRA.
It's actually quite simple: Anything President Obama wants, the Republicans are against. If President Obama asked for a second piece of pie after dinner, they would scream "over-reaching!"
Nov 25, 2015 Jaymz commented on How Do You Tell a Joke in Portland, Oregon?.
If the preacher makes a point, then pounds on the pulpit and turns to the choir and shouts "can I get an Amen!?" and gets silence (and the hook) instead, he's in the wrong church....

Yeah, maybe the crowd was on board, and the proprietors were quick on the trigger, but we'll never really know, so this smacks of "poor me" a year later. I like the comments above about looking in the mirror when crafting comedy.
Nov 20, 2015 Jaymz commented on The "Seattle Speedball" Is Now Actually a Thing.
Have to agree that the term "speedball" is a total turnoff for me - since I enjoy my coffee buzz, maybe something like "weedbuzz" or "buzzweed" would be better, or even "javaganga". Can't really see co-opting a term that has killed so many....
Nov 18, 2015 Jaymz commented on Can We Maybe Start Talking Seriously About Atheism Again Now?.
Please consider the concept of pathological dualism, wherein the world is divided between those who are unimpeachably good and those who are irredeemably bad as a justification for the former to eliminate the latter, and the ability of religion itself to confront and overturn that outlook. See the opinion by David Brooks in today's NYT on religion, respect and justice:

Nov 6, 2015 Jaymz commented on Mormon Church to Kids With Gay Parents: No Magic Underpants For You!.
I was stunned by the final sentence that SLC apparently has elected a lesbian mayor (subject to some final counts) - wow! Congrats to the deep blue Democrats in Happy Valley.

Also, agree on the kids dodging a bullet here. As a non-Mormon who attended elementary school in SLC decades ago, I know what it means to be on the outside, and it was wonderful not be be caught up in all of that....
Oct 21, 2015 Jaymz commented on We Saw You Painting a Crosswalk, Being Hit with a Pumpkin, and Balancing a Tall Boy on Your Head.
My "chime in" comment - this is a laudable new feature, but it has been uneven. I prefer the thoughtful "frozen soap bubble" efforts (thanks Lissa) instead of the "tossed-off-on-the-bus-on-the-way-to-junior high" missives. Some are prose worthy, and paint small slice of life canvases - more of those, please.
Sep 23, 2015 Jaymz commented on We Saw You Have Sex on the Beach, Text About Drugs, and Eat Pizza While Cycling.
Perched on the shoulder of an observer - I like it.
Sep 10, 2015 Jaymz commented on SL Letter of the Day: That's So GAY..
I see what you did there, Dan - touche'