Not enough like Twitter.

Nov 17 Jaymz commented on Youth Pastor Watch: ChurchSnaps—What Could Go Wrong?.
Looks like our favorite anonymous troll has had a spasm attack on this one! To address just the attempt to portray a larger percentage of same sex perpetrators:

Obviously this is a tiny sample size that cannot be extrapolated, but even a careful examination of available data would not take into account unreported and/or unprosecuted sex crimes against minors. There is a huge "squeeee" factor when people in power see a same sex crime, and I strongly suspect that a man accused of abusing a young boy will get much more attention than a man abusing a young girl, plus a girl can more easily be victimized as a "flirt" and "mature for her age".

Finally, it seems that the vast majority of reported teacher-student contact is opposite sex; is your position that homosexuals abusers are more likely to hide in religious institutions than school districts? Your arguments lack logic.
Nov 17 Jaymz commented on Ordained Minister Who Works as Professional Wedding Planner in Phoenix, AZ, Turns Away Lesbian Couple.
I really like Dan's idea that everyone should just be above board about their beliefs - if you reside in a jurisdiction that permits LGBT discrimination, then just post a sign and advertise that position. If you reside in a jurisdiction that prohibits LGBT discrimination (along with age/gender/race/ethnicity/etc.), don't be in the business of providing services to the public if you disagree. Let the market decide - be proud of your ridiculous, outdated and hateful bias!
Nov 17 Jaymz commented on The Seahawks Lost? So What? They're Just a Week Away from Winning Again.
I have grieved the loss of the fabulous Superbowl team of last year and I'm now ready to revert to the mildly distracting amusement of following a decent middle-of-the-pack team as I wander around my place on Sundays with the TV on but the sound off.... good for them if they win a few more, but now I won't be crushed if/when they miss the playoffs. I have my memories.
Nov 6 Jaymz commented on The New and Improved Cinerama Opens on November 20.
@4 - I can't wait for reserved seating, particularly at The Cinerama. A special location should respect and encourage patrons who make an effort to plan for a special evening. I will take my daughter to the next great anime film at Cinerama (English subtitles only, please) and look forward to selecting just the right seats.
Oct 28 Jaymz commented on America Is Fighting a Class War, and Hillary Clinton Needs to Recognize That Fact.
@19 - While you seem to value those workers close to you, the monikers "Labor" and "Resource" rather than "People" reveal a truth: You see everyone beyond your little circle as less than human; merely takers and not contributors. Large companies and "one per-centers" devalue those at the bottom and middle as much as possible, to maximize profits for the shareholders. With enough power, they would make everyone else a minimum wager earner all creating high end products that only those at the top can sell amongst each other. There is no humanity in that, and it devalues human life.

@24 - The "failures" of the very rich rarely result in a cardboard box living room. I'm glad you recognize that without the minimum "advantages" you mention there would be no business at all. BTW, without the "regulation" you seem to abhor, those at the very top would eat everything below them, including you.
Oct 14 Jaymz commented on New Estimate for the Amount of Dark Matter in the Milky Way.
While there is some contentment in pure contemplation, Charles, you can miss the here and now by overthinking the there and then; yes, there are mysteries in the universe, but there also is joy in the mundane and the satisfaction of a successful bowel movement. I sense you spreading your satisfaction with us regularly....
Oct 13 Jaymz commented on A Review of the Weekend: Mystery Penis Appears in Condo Window, and King Khan Shows His Nipples.
Can't overlook the math fail @3: For the least expensive unit, it's $3.85 per square foot per month, or $46.25 per square foot per year. Are utilities included? I suspect not....
Oct 13 Jaymz commented on A Review of the Weekend: Mystery Penis Appears Condo Window, and King Khan Shows His Nipples.
Since you, Kelly O, have both the before and after photos, you seem the likely penis-applying culprit..... good work.
Oct 13 Jaymz commented on Seahawks Get Weird, Lose Football Game.
No - not reading anything about the 'Hawks for a few days.....
Oct 6 Jaymz commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sarcasm Uptake Inhibitors.
Missed this SLOTD last week, but just had to chime in: LOVE Dan's use of the verb "to gaslight" someone! Fits perfectly....

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