Not enough like Twitter.

Jun 24 tiktok commented on The Morning News: Drone Concerns, a New Police Chief for Seattle, and Lots of Pre-K Drama.
Someone's going to start selling a drone jammer if this keeps up, and those things are going to start falling from the sky.
Jun 18 tiktok commented on Take Your "Pipeline" and Shove It.
How many plays in the pipeline are written by men?
Jun 10 tiktok commented on Get Ready for Another Shooting.
Lower taxes and more guns should solve this, and all other problems, amiright?
Jun 7 tiktok commented on The Saturday Morning News.
Apparently our militia needs more regulating?
Jun 5 tiktok commented on The Antidote to Mansplaining.
@1: "Sometimes identifying a phenomenon brings it right out."
May 30 tiktok commented on It’s Time to Turn Your Back on Amazon.
@25: Well, the book publishing industry made the same mistake the music industry did in waiting for a third-party to build a digital distribution system.
May 30 tiktok commented on It’s Time to Turn Your Back on Amazon.
I thought I read that Amazon pays above minimum wage at its central warehouse, around $12/hour?
May 28 tiktok commented on Did Mars Hill Fire a Pastor Because He Wouldn't Sign a Noncompete Clause?.
They'll all be piled up in Driscolltown when it's all done.
May 27 tiktok commented on Former Volunteer Says Mars Hill Church "Is In Emergency Mode".
I always wondered if it would be a money scandal or a sex scandal that brought down MH. Still time for it to be both.
May 27 tiktok commented on WSJ: The Greatest Inequality Is Between Those With College Degrees and Those Without.
@24: Sure, but still, you keep insulting the people who make your food, they will shit in it. I'm sure you don't keep those opinions on the QT when you're out and about.

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