May 9, 2016 rob! commented on Army Corps Sides with Lummi Nation: North America's Largest Coal Terminal Will Not Be Built on Sacred Site.
@5: feeble rejoinder. Anything listed @3 that might have tenuous associations with ~transport~ of coal alone is solidly linked to mining, or burning, or both. Removing transport options raises prices, reduces use.
May 3, 2016 rob! commented on Ted Cruz Had a Terrible Monday And He's About to Have a Worse Tuesday.
Then there was this weird battle for manual superiority between Cruz and Fiorina:…
Apr 25, 2016 rob! commented on The Morning News: Racists Vandalize A Seattle Church, Another Racist Plans To Campaign In Washington.
@16: Yes. May have been a misapplied style ("photo caption" or something). There was also a gray box covering almost all the page content that I had to use AdBlock to kill.
Apr 4, 2016 rob! commented on Krugman On Development, Construction, Housing, and Cities.
The two biggest problems are 1) keeping city councils and planning commissions from trading away all the offsets prescribed in law, and 2) figuring out a way to stop "the great inversion"—people of color are heading for the suburbs as young white millennials pack themselves into urban cores. Suburban sprawl is a bad thing, especially as it destroys ecosystems and arable land, but for those that are already established, requiring them to build upward as well would be a good thing (after beefing up rail transit).

Here's an over-the-top idea for New York: excavate Central Park down to bedrock; line the sides with a horizontal skyscraper. A few potential problems come to mind…
Apr 1, 2016 rob! commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Allegedly Gets Shot (Down There) Outside Pioneer Square Club.
Lucky. He could have gone off half-cocked.
Mar 31, 2016 rob! commented on Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Speaks in Seattle: "Lives Are at Stake In This Election".
I fully expect things to get even worse at the state level this election, no matter how the presidency and congress go. It's precisely the drama and passion in the presidential race that will keep the average person (and perhaps especially the average young voter) from paying much attention to state and local contests.
Mar 30, 2016 rob! commented on Jupiter Hit Hard By an Object.
Cool animation of Jupiter shepherding asteroids:…
For the most part it actually keeps most of them at a distance (well, the interaction between its gravity and [mainly] the Sun's does), but every now and then one strays from the herds and blunders directly into Jupiter's path.