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brandon That's a real QR code, takes you to my Tumblr (NSFW).
Mar 26 brandon commented on Copilot Deliberately Crashed German Plane with 150 On Board.
Even if we had advanced auto-pilot that could fly from here to europe, take off, land and everything, there would still be a person needed to monitor it in case of emergency with the ability to take over. As long as a human is involved this stuff can happen.

A computer system that can be 100 percent trusted to fly the plane in any condition would be needed. It's pretty much the same thing going on with driverless cars right now.
Mar 17 brandon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fake Fur.
Seriously though, Vegan Boyfriend needs to chill the fuck out. Yeah, it's weird, but he's your boyfriend and it doesn't define him, even if he does get off sometimes on fucking taxidermy.
Mar 13 brandon commented on A Boring Show About Gay Men Finds Its Reason for Being in a Brilliant Female Performer.
She single handedly made the whole season tolerable. The other characters are either going nowhere or becoming insufferable.
Mar 12 brandon commented on More Tunnel Workers Were Hurt While Bertha Was Stuck Than in the Previous Two Years Put Together.
Tear down the viaduct, pour dirt over bertha and walk away.
Mar 10 brandon commented on Glory Hole Rededicated in Alaska.
The Soup already had a feild day with a similar situation on Gold Rush Alaska reality show on Discovery or what ever channel it was on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_fSc3uu…
Mar 9 brandon commented on Watch: President Obama's Speech in Selma.
Preach Father Dan, PREACH!

Go on Tumblr if you haven't heard any lefties who think no progress has been made. They love Tumblr.

Mar 5 brandon commented on The Bachelor Heats Up on Sex Island + the Group Argument Episode!.
Why is this showing up in my RSS feed?! Gah you hets and your weird dating rituals.
Feb 26 brandon commented on I Hope There Are More Threeways in Season Three of House of Cards; I Bet Kevin Spacey Does, Too.
Nope. Sorry, I reject your hipster "the original is better" pretensions. And I reject your idea that the central question is whether Frank is really a good or bad guy. The central qustion is "Is the evil bastard going to get away with this shit?!"
Feb 24 brandon commented on Twink: The Other T-Slur.
If I can handle getting slapped with "bear" your ass can deal with "twink". When I was 18 I would have killed to be called a "twink". If someone didn't like your twinky ass, tough shit. I've had plenty of pretentious arrogant twinks look at me with disgust just because I wasn't a clone of them. They were assholes and just wrote them off and moved on with my life.

And never mind the twinks who like "old geezers who look like the penquin" and vice versa. They apparently don't exist in this dicks world.
Feb 17 brandon commented on Have You Seen Fifty Shades of Grey Yet?.
I won't watch this movie, too many girl parts. I know, stereotypical of me, but at this point in my life if I don't want to see lady parts i don't have to.

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