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Mar 14 watchout5 commented on Go to the $15 Minimum Wage Rally Saturday!.
You don't have to earn money. The wealth holders are the most prime example of that.
Mar 11 watchout5 commented on Surprise! The Rightwing Hates Obama's Between Two Ferns Appearance.
You could have just written "The Rightwing Hates Obama" and the post would be the same.
Mar 7 watchout5 commented on Officers Cleared in Columbia City SWAT Shooting Inquest.
Step 1 be a cop.

Step 2 put yourself behind a vehicle that's backing out

Step 3 open fire

Your buddies will have your back. That's why it's not murder.
Mar 7 watchout5 commented on A Restaurant Owner and a Socialist: An Exercise in Having a Good Conversation.
If people are making $15 an hour minimum I'll likely never tip again. Like they do in Europe...
Mar 6 watchout5 commented on Kshama Sawant Doesn't Support Phasing In $15-an-Hour Minimum Wage.
"I don't see how $15 is possible without a phase-in. " - Thankfully due to our terrible and fucked up initiative process you don't have to, the voters do. Apparently business people don't see how it's possible either, which is why they have such a hard time working towards such a goal, how fast can you move closer to something you don't even want?

"Her answer to whether she'd accept a phase-in is currently a "no."" - You asked a direct question and got a complicated response. You decided to dumb it down for no apparent reason. Is there any counter proposal? Is there anything to comment on? What exactly were you expecting? Theoretically anything is possible. If you could have said "what do you think about this 2, 4, 6 year plan" she could have commented on them. This is just lazy.

"she needs to identify the specific policy that she, and other folks, can get behind." - 15 dollars an hour minimum wage. What's your major malfunction here? She's got plenty of people behind her. Even people who think 20-30 dollars for a minimum wage would be better. You don't listen to us because much like with the 15 an hour you think the number is crazy. It would still leave much of the city in poverty. How is that not a compromise? The goal is to completely irradiate the most extreme of the poverty conditions, people who work 40 hours a week and can't take care of themselves, if you think 15 an hour will magically solve such a problem, FOR WORKING PEOPLE, you're sorely mistaken.

"Seattle get past the overheated fight about $15-an-hour boogiemen that folks are against and into a constructive discussion about what we're for." - Which you can do by reading Sawant's reply. Just in case you missed it...
Mar 5 watchout5 commented on Drag Performer Ade Connere Attacked.
@6 nothing in this post assumes we need to stop the entire world for these transgressions. Justice is about bearing witness first, it's not an easy or short process.
Mar 4 watchout5 commented on $15 Minimum Wage: The Question Everyone Is Ducking.
Should people who take dick pics for cash be paid $15 an hour? Just asking the hard questions.
Feb 28 watchout5 commented on Imploring Bi People to Come Out is Biphobic.
I don't understand. Who are you expecting me to tell that sometimes I don't really care what genitals I play with? When is this supposed to come up in conversation?
Feb 28 watchout5 commented on Dreadful Medical Cannabis Bill Clears Senate Committee.
"Ahhh but they have a D next to their name that doesn't mean they're corrupt, har har I'm so smart for pointing that out" - Most of these comments.

I voted for I-502 because the status quo was bad. I'm really sorry that legislators now see medical marijuana as an easy target, but before the easy target was young black men whose entire life used to be ruined by the idea of having a few grams of pot on them. You expect me to bend over backwards and cry about how the people who were mostly lying to get pot are now going to have a harder time getting it while paying less taxes? Tens of thousands of people aren't getting criminal records because of that vote. Fuck anyone who thinks medical marijuana patients are automatically more worthy of tax free access to weed than people who were caught possession marijuana worthy of their fucking freedom.

It's always bothered me about Washington's Medical Marijuana laws that you go to a not doctor, they put none of their reputation on the line and then you get accepted into an elite club of people who used the law to their advantage. The state will not make very much profit from you. The state will never give a fuck about you. Unless you take the Tim Eyeman strategy of submitting the bill over and over again legislators aren't going to stop trying to squeeze the profit from you. If I were to craft a better law I would use real doctors, who put their license on the line for specific people who actually need the drug. That's what medical marijuana would mean to me. What we have now is lie to get marijuana for less taxes laws. The idea that the legislature would continue to protect such a childish definition of medical is pretty fucking funny. Maybe I'm just bitter that I can't join the club without lying. I'll be one of the first in line at the retail stores. Money where my mouth is.
Feb 27 watchout5 commented on Kurt Cobain or Steve Jobs: Whose Statue Is Uglier?.
Why a guitar? The shotgun made him more famous.

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