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Nov 6, 2014 laterite commented on Angela Garbes to Join the Staff of The Stranger as a Full-Time Food Writer.
Congratulations! I can't think of anyone better to pick up Bethany's mantle.
Nov 5, 2014 laterite commented on A Thought on the Pedestrian Crossing Button.
The nuttin' button!
Oct 30, 2014 laterite commented on Totally True Horror Story.
Holy shit!
Oct 6, 2014 laterite commented on David Lynch Will Take Us Back to Twin Peaks.
Uh...yeah...Lynch had nothing to do with the bulk of Season 2, until the finale, which was amazeballs. Fire Walk With Me was a disjointed, misunderstood, beautiful mess.
Oct 6, 2014 laterite commented on We Asked 12 People at the Twiztid Concert: What's Your Definition of Shangri-La?.
@9, being that Kelly O is a Yooper, aka basically Ground Zero for the Jugga-verse, her love for the weird, queer, and Other is genuine, loving, and without pretense.
Oct 1, 2014 laterite commented on Internal Memo About Mars Hill's "Global Fund" Shows the Church Intended to Use Some of the Money to "Deflect Criticism" and Quietly Keep the Rest.
Dear Brooklyn Reader, The Stranger has been covering Mars Hill's rise to prominence for quite some time, going back to Erica Barnett and the early days of Slog. I believe this may have been the first feature written on the Mars Hill phenomenon, well, anywhere. Tracking the rise and fall of a retrograde evangelical religious movement which makes co-option of Seattle's casual, nontraditional, and largely agnostic, lifestyle a cornerstone of its strategy is exactly in most Slog reader's interests.
Sep 22, 2014 laterite commented on Guest Editorial: Toward a New Story on Climate Change.
I wonder how many people, from out of town, showed up via car or airplane.
Sep 3, 2014 laterite commented on Our Long National Nightmare Is Over.
@5, how could you tell it was Clarkson punching Morgan and not the other way 'round? Both are insufferable, windy, middle-aged puffy douchebags.
Sep 3, 2014 laterite commented on How Many of Y'all Tried to Game Free Records From Columbia House Record Club?.
Oh Fnarf, never be ashamed of the 'Dan!
Sep 3, 2014 laterite commented on US Attorney Jenny Durkan Stepping Down—to Work for Hillary?.
And thus leaving SPD effectively unreformed. Amazing. Rename them to Teflon PD.