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Apr 8 laterite commented on Joe Mande Hates "Same Love".
It should be noted that Hatesong is the single worst feature at the AV Club, to the point where its awfulness must be deliberate. 9 times out of 10 the interviewee comes out looking far more vapid and contemptible than whatever song it is they are supposed to be "hating".
Apr 2 laterite commented on Piecora's Pizza to Close Forever on April 15.
They should relocate to Northgate or Shoreline. For serious.
Apr 1 laterite commented on SL Letter of the Day: Leaving Monogamy Behind.
Honest question to Secret: I'm not trying to sound overly judgy here, but why are you married in the first place? No kids, all these chinese walls full of indiscretions and secrets. What's the point? What's the ultimate goal? You both sound deeply unhappy.
Mar 28 laterite commented on Microhouse for the Future of the Family and a Word on Thomas Piketty.
It's fine for a country that's increasingly destined to be populated solely by single, childless, aging shut-ins.
Mar 7 laterite commented on 300: Rise of an Empire: Only a Vacuum Could Suck Like This.
Didn't the Spartans mock the Athenians as "boy-lovers" in the first movie? What?
Feb 25 laterite commented on Today in Typographically and Spiritually Inexact Sandwiches.
LL is overrated anyway. There, I said it.
Feb 25 laterite commented on Morning News.
This is the best Morning News ever. I love that the 18th cent. London scene has a wider street and narrower sidewalk than the current incarnation.

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