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Jun 7 TVDinner commented on Steve Scher Abruptly Parts Ways With KUOW After Nearly Three Decades.
Meh, you want scuttlebutt, cover the firing of the KPLU general manager a little while ago. There was shouting, histrionics, the whole nine. He wanted to end the jazz programming (which would be fine with me, but the whole identity of the station is based on it) and go head-to-head with KUOW.

Unfortunately, they fired him after he fired the engineering staff in favor of contractors they could pay lower wages and no healthcare on.
Jun 3 TVDinner commented on How an SPD Diaperbaby Threw a Giant Baby Tantrum When Asked to Give Doritos to Stoners.
I'd like to go on record as saying that babies in diapers are charming and cute, at least to their parents. That is all.
Jun 2 TVDinner commented on Sakuma Brothers Farms Drops Application For Guest Workers.
Wow, that picture speaks a thousand words.
Jun 2 TVDinner commented on In Culture News: Nobody Likes the Giant Fetus, Jesus Fails, and Wessel & Lieberman Closing.
I wonder if the reason John Waters stopped making movies is close to the same reason I quit watching them. It's like movies ceased to interest me completely maybe seven-ish years ago. I thought I was just getting old. Turns out maybe it's true that they don't make 'em like they used to...?

And, also, I am getting old.
May 30 TVDinner commented on "Can You Give Me Head Later?".
@18: Oh, venomlash, don't ever quit. *smooch*
May 30 TVDinner commented on "Can You Give Me Head Later?".
I often wonder why Slog hasn't disabled comments by now. There is nothing of value to be found here anymore.
May 29 TVDinner commented on Slut-Shaming via Photoshop at Utah High School?.
@18: Is there anything at all to recommend Utah? I mean, it just sounds like such a total shit sandwich of a place.
May 27 TVDinner commented on Meet Ryan: Superhero Who Saved My Camera.
Ryan! You're awesome! High five!

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