Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Mar 4 saxfanatic commented on My Earlier Post About Ben Carson Inspired an Email Exchange With an Incensed Reader of a Different Website.
@12: I'm pretty sure I watched "Black Santorum" in a double bill with "Cleopatra Jones" in 1974. It was cool!
Mar 4 saxfanatic commented on Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice and Prison Proves It.
If being gay is a choice, prove it. Choose it. Choose to be gay yourself. Show America how that's done, Ben, show us how a man can choose to be gay. Suck my dick.

I do believe, Dan, that you've thrown down this particular gauntlet before. What I'd really like to know is, uh, any takers yet?
Mar 3 saxfanatic commented on Jokey Tweet Outrages Right-Wing Christians Because Of Course It Does.
Irreverent, or puerile, or even obscene? Sure! It's the very reason I read SLOG. However calling Dan "far left" is just ridiculous. He's too well groomed. Try imagining him with Karl Marx's beard.
Feb 27 saxfanatic commented on Leonard Nimoy.
@15: I was feeling all sad and then your first line made me laugh out loud.
Feb 27 saxfanatic commented on Leonard Nimoy.
@2: Well, I'm thinking HAL 9000 came close but then again HAL never released any records. Yeah, Spock was number 1.
Feb 27 saxfanatic commented on SL Letter of the Day: Hand-Sniffing Girlfriend.
Another possibility: she may be so conflicted about sex that she'll renounce it outright - both for herself and the rest of the world, including you, BOMBAST - whenever she is not personally aroused. Perhaps one solution here is to pretend that you're not excited or enjoying the prospect of sex while you work valiantly towards it. Yes, it's fucked up, but what isn't in this situation.
Otherwise, I'm in the chorus screaming "Flee!"
Feb 26 saxfanatic commented on It's Net Neutrality, Bitches.
I'm shocked. Pleased and shocked. Yay democracy!
Feb 26 saxfanatic commented on Coming Soon: Space-Based Reality Snuff TV!.
What the Hell. Do those idiots a favour and just send them to live in northern Ontario (or further north) between November and April. That should cure them of their scientific curiosity about isolation, harsh environments, the general indifference of the rest of society, the critical importance of social cohesion, et cetera.
Feb 25 saxfanatic commented on Cops Raid Maraschino Cherry Plant in Brooklyn.
I would totally freak if some asshole were leaking red dye #40 all over my neighbourhood.

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