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Jun 3 mkyorai commented on Stop Demonizing "Burger-Flippers" and Start Thinking About Solutions.
@27 "Consumers demand increasingly lower prices for the products they want, and businesses demand increasingly higher profit, with the workers caught in between."

I would venture that there is a link between the consumers demanding lower prices and the workers getting squeezed: if you're not making much, you need to buy the cheapest things available to you. It's a vicious circle, the opposite of what we saw in the post WW2 years, when workers used their relatively larger disposable income to afford more, and better, stuff..
May 29 mkyorai commented on Yep, Google Is Mostly White Men.
@24 Yeah, but they're GAY white dudes...
May 16 mkyorai commented on 10,000,000 Tea Party Patriots Descend on DC Today, Arrest President, Nobody Notices.
@16 It's not the real Raku. But it's sufficiently convincing that it tricked Dan, so don't feel bad. It's a pretty impressive troll.
May 16 mkyorai commented on 10,000,000 Tea Party Patriots Descend on DC Today, Arrest President, Nobody Notices.
As I sit in my cubby at , a block from the mall, I think the most interesting thing about this story is simply this: the Federal government tends to transmit information about anything... ANYTHING... that might be a disruption to normal work activities. Any kind of event, whatever, usually couched with phrases like "awareness" and "security". And there's been nary a peep about anything, not even a "be aware of your surroundings" type note. I'm think even Homeland Security is laughing these nutballs off.

Of course, it was also a torrential downpour this morning, which I'm guessing cuts way down on how interested a lot of these folks are in standing around, blocking traffic or whatever.
May 14 mkyorai commented on Seattle Times Tries to Make Obamacare Look Bad....
Just stopping by to echo @17: more Goldy, less Hesher.
May 7 mkyorai commented on If You Believe Abortion Is a Right, You Need to Stop Telling Women How and When They Should Get Abortions.
I don't see why it would work any other way

That's because you're a small minded, men's right's spouting dufus. It's HER body. The fact that you (theoretically, as I can't imagine it's ever happened in real life) supplied some sperm doesn't give you the right to demand what someone else does with their body.
Apr 30 mkyorai commented on Fictional, Obvious, and Unaware of History: Questions to Guide Your Reading of The Stranger.
The shitting-all-over-the-paper's-writers thing was a lot funnier when it was A. Birch Steen. I don't know why. It just seems mean-spirited now.
Apr 21 mkyorai commented on Teen Gets to Hawaii in the Wheel Well of a Jet.
@7 He tried to stow away in a wheel well for a flight to Hawii. He was arguably brain-damaged before.
Apr 18 mkyorai commented on Montana Politician Shoots Down Drone in Political Ad.
@1 agree. But that was a really good ad.

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