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Mar 19 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.
@ #9

I don't think the Dad was encouraging the Teen to start a relationship with the hot beardy clerk. Just encouraging him to walk up and have the confidence to talk to someone he found attractive. Half the whining of the PUA/MRA/ForeverAlone straight male crowd is that they can't even hold a conversation with an attractive woman (and ignore the ones they don't want to fuck). I think encouraging the kid walk up to an attractive person and hold a civil, appropriate convo with them, perhaps flirt a little, would built their confidence so they're not a stammering, inarticulate moron when they're actually trying to ask someone out.
Feb 2 yucca flower commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Crying Game.
Add me to the DTMFA crowd. What an abusive shit weasel! Threatens suicide if he doesn't get his own way and then threatens divorce when that's not enough? What a prick! MOMMY, it's time for an abortion and alimony and childsupport. Call a lawyer and change the locks. Staying with this loser another second is taking GGG waaaaaay to far!
Jan 15 yucca flower commented on Rick Santorum Urged Viewers to Google Him.
Rick Santorum, still a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.
Jan 15 yucca flower commented on Here Are All the Seattle Catholic Priests Who Have Been Accused of Sexually Assaulting Children.
These guys will never go to prison. The Catholic Church simply moves them to another parish where the rest of the world will never hear of their crimes. Like Father John Feit who spent a few years at Assumption Abbey for the murder of Irene Garza or all the pedophiles that got shipped out to St. Michael and Stebbins, Alaska by the Jesuits.



Dec 19, 2015 yucca flower commented on I Can't Believe People Tell Sex Workers to "Go to the Police" If They've Been Raped.
Pfft! I don't know anyone would think reporting rape or any crime to the police was a good idea. They treat women and minorities like shit.

Dec 19, 2015 yucca flower commented on Why Vashon Island Is Not the Most Liberal Place in the US.
The Oregon Territories (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, parts of Wyoming and Montana) were founded on racism and racial exclusion.


Oct 6, 2015 yucca flower commented on Eleven-Year-Old Boy Shoots and Kills Eight-Year-Old Girl Because She Wouldn't Let Him See Her Puppy.

This boy had a history of bullying this girl. So he wasn't a "reasonable responsible kid". Everything else I agree with. Morons need to lock up their fucking guns or go to jail.
Oct 6, 2015 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.
Seattle is all about STFU and mind your own bidness. Keep your "compliments" to yourself.
Oct 6, 2015 yucca flower commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Can't Unread That.
@12, You also don't "accidentally" write down hurtful things about people and "accidentally" leave them out for them to find. Sounds like Betrayer/Betrayed just wanted to break up with GF and didn't have the balls to tell her to her face he really didn't find her that attractive.
Oct 2, 2015 yucca flower commented on Republican Who Blocked Revenge-Porn Protections Is Victim of Revenge Porn.
Rowan Atkinson and Dwayne Johnson are lovely people. Please don't compare their imaginary hybrid clone baby to this foul little wank stain.