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Apr 5 yucca flower commented on US Politicians Can Ignore American Billionaires No Longer!.
I breathlessly await the day lobbyists can straight out buy the public's votes. Right now the presidency can be had for a mere $16-20 per vote.…
Mar 9 yucca flower commented on Issaquah Students Go On Racist Rant Against Garfield Students.
Just expel the brats and let them be their parents problem. Volunteering and black history classes are wasted on them. The only thing these brats would do is snicker at the fools trying to teach them empathy. Teenagers are too self-absorbed for any real personal growth.
Feb 18 yucca flower commented on Guess What, Same-Sex Domestic Partners in Washington? You're Gonna Be Married, Like It or Not.
It's called "Common Law Marriage". It happens to straight couples too. Usually after living together for 7 years.
Feb 15 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.
@ 15,

For me it was morbid obesity and hair loss and alcoholism. I've seen guys age into looking older than their dads practically overnight. Ironically the guys worst affected by this phenomenon are the ones who are super shallow and judgmental about other people's looks.
Feb 15 yucca flower commented on Like Father, Like Son: Switched at Birth.
Disney channel has 'Switched At Birth'. Not a bad show.…

There was a pair of real life South African couples who went through this when the children were toddlers. They decided to slowly switch them back by starting with shared custody so the boys would grow up like brothers and then have the biological child start spending more time with the biological parents.
Feb 12 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.
What are the odds are Anon's ex didn't actually recognize them and just thought Anon was some rando creeper hitting on them on the bus? Has anyone else been hit on by an ex they didn't recognize because they aged really poorly? Because that kind of happened to me.
Feb 12 yucca flower commented on SL Letter of the Day: All Caps Advice.
I hope the dumped boyfriend marries the kind of woman he respects and she's either a "saddle back virgin" that lied about saving it for marriage or a "sex hating, never having it ever virgin" because that's what the jerk deserves. I wish a lifetime of boring vanilla baby-breeding-only sex on this jerk.
Feb 6 yucca flower commented on Sleepwalking Man in Underwear Sculpture Is Unpopular at a Women's College.
I wouldn't want it crapping up my college campus either. Can you imagine driving down the road and that creepy POS looming out of the fog at you? It looks like the shock troop of the zombie apocalypse. I don't know about it giving off a rapist vibe but it sure does give off a brain-eater vibe.
Feb 1 yucca flower commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fucking the Boss, Take 2.
Document everything including any hate-fucking. Get new job. Re-sign from old company and present them copies of evidence and file harassment complaint with your state FEPA.…
Feb 1 yucca flower commented on The International Response to the Knox Verdict.
The only iron clad evidence in the Kercher case is that Rudy Guede is guilty.…

Even the Italians admit there's no evidence against Knox and Sollecito!…


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