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skidmark is basking in the reflection of his own strager face.
Mar 20 skidmark commented on What U Link Launch Day Sounded Like.
Hi Jordon!
Mar 17 skidmark commented on Bernie or Hillary: The SECB Meets at 3 PM Today.
I'd like to see Bernie go the distance, just so every will know what it came down to in the end. But if he suspends his campaign, I'd like to see him do so with some very public concessions from Hillary, so she will owe the left.
Mar 14 skidmark commented on This Will Be On The Test.
What about the Squares, man? Why are they excluded?
Mar 11 skidmark commented on Kedai Makan Brings the Flavors of Malaysia to Capitol Hill.
I was disappointed that they didn't have the Dal and Roti on the menu at the new place. They had some kind of Keralian water buffalo liver on the menu which I thought was a ballsy menu selection. Not that I'd eat liver these days the last dead mammal I intentionally ate was water buffalo.
The Mackerel sounds good, I'll have to try that sometime.
I used to love the smells coming from the old place around the corner. And sometimes there was a pot of what could have been lawn clipping and twigs for all I knew, slowly boiling away with no one in site, which I enjoyed the idea of for some reason.

For a bunch of cultural drifters, they are doing a bang up job. CC next time your back in town you should give them a try.

I'm glad they seem to be doing well for themselves.
Feb 16 skidmark commented on Why Vancouver Played Marco Rubio's Imaginary American City.
Vancouver, it's the sock in America's pants.
Feb 1 skidmark commented on The Morning News: The Iowa Caucus Is Today! Plus, What Jeff Bezos Thinks About in the Shower!!.
@24 It's Sean "Trend Setter" Nelson's doing, he started it.
Jan 29 skidmark commented on A Note on the iPad Waiters at JFK.
I encountered the iPads menu system at the Newark airport last fall. I still had interaction with the waitstaff. I had to be trained how to use them, I had questions about menu items and I still tipped. All the iPads did was to make me put the order into the kitchen or bar myself and then cash out. The system as it is currently isn't enough to eliminate waitstaff. Until the food and drink gets printed out at the table, I think humans will still have restaurant work.
Jan 16 skidmark commented on Here Are All the Seattle Catholic Priests Who Have Been Accused of Sexually Assaulting Children.
"Has anyone pried into that can of worms, or is this mainly a Catholic thing? "…
As i recall most weren't Catholic.
Jan 14 skidmark commented on Homeland Security Asks Hotel Workers to Spy On Guests.
Nineteen Eighty Foreplay
Jan 7 skidmark commented on Last Night in Magnolia, Mike O'Brien Got Shouted at for Suggesting It's Wrong to Punish People for Being Homeless.
"Seattle is no longer the "magical place" it was when he moved here eight years ago" said the assclown channeling the spirit of Mark Sidran