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I'm just a cute raccoon from WA state with a lot of opinions and stuff.

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Nov 25, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail.
Actually I think it's crazy that someone can have a warrant out for your arrest for missing an arraignment for something as petty as a minor car accident, and then end up in such a jail or worse. Bad shit can happen to people in jail like sexual assault and some of it just sounds mentally jarring. Much worse than a little dent on a car sometimes. It can cause someone to lose their job and damage to reputation etc. And for what, something you wouldn't be getting away with whether or not you are in jail?
Nov 10, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on The Best of Slog: Let's Recall How Terrible the Midterm Elections Were, Shall We?.
I too have been so frustrated with Occupy discouraging voting. What. The. FUCK. What Occupy should be doing is working to hijack the democratic party in the same way the tea party did with the republican party. They proved it could be done too!

They've chosen to stop heading into the streets and tell people they're suckers for trying to change things with the system we have. What a wet dream for the corporatists
Sep 16, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Central Link's Success Reveals Seattle's Poor Crowd Skills.
People here suck in people traffic, car traffic, supermarket traffic in the isles, on and on. It's bizarre and annoying to anyone who wants everything to just flow better. Many people here always getting in the way, not making space on the sidewalks, acting oblivious /inconsiderate to those around themselves, and needing a big bubble around themselves. Maybe without knowing it though.

But in a city with a serious traffic problem and public transit problems, it just makes it more frustrating
Jul 31, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on I Love the Blue Angels, and I Hate the Blue Angels.
Once in summer of 2002 I was new to Seattle, couch surfing in capitol hill until I found a solid place here and I heard these planes screaming through the sky and I totally thought it was a terrorist attack, I had been freaked out from 9/11 even though I hadn't experienced 9/11 first hand. Totally thought planes were flying into downtown or something, I was just like, what other explanation could there be? jumped into the street from couch, in pajamas, to look around and see what the hell was going on
Jun 23, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Seattle Is Growing Fast but Not Growing Up.
We need to incentivize employers to get their employees to telecommute. My last jobs are jobs that didn't really have to be at work for, except a couple days a month, and that's only for meetings. People like me who can do work from home / cafe / bar should be encouraged to! Then we wouldn't have to drive to work and be part of the problem 9-5.
Employers like mine in the meantime want everyone to work on site, just for the hell of it, just so they can know that they can interrupt us and our work in person, whenever they want. Something that can be done over phone, skype, or email. And perhaps some bosses just have a sick fixation on WATCHING their employees work.
And sure, I can leave this job, for one I won't have to drive to, but once I do someone else will fill my place and be part of the same problem with our traffic jams. More incentives for bosses to allow more telecommuting!
To A) contribute less to climate change, B) ease the traffic, thereby making this city more bearable, and C) make work happier and more comfortable for more of us. Boosts morale in many ways.
May 16, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Why Do I Suck at American Small Talk?.
I like making small talk, and making it into 'big talk', but I think the whole idea of trying to impress people with clever small talk, 'being good at small talk', is dumb and stuck up and shallow. That's what I think in reaction to someone saying to Charles that he (supposedly) makes bad small talk which I doubt. If someone's starting to talk to you out of the blue and is not being annoying or rude about it, and is sincere, don't take that for granted
Apr 29, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Today in Tunnel News: Our State Transportation Secretary Admits the Tunnel Might Never Get Finished At All.
Dori Monson is a bastard. Anna should get a bonus for having to listen to him.

If the tunnel doesn't get finished, what do we do with all of that huge cylindrical empty space? Could we make it a giant doomsday shelter or something? Throw underground (get it?) parties in it? Make it a skatepark? A critter sanctuary? Affordable housing? What to do, oh what to do
Apr 8, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on The Percentage of Americans Who Worry "A Great Deal" About Climate Change.
It's simply all the propaganda that's been out there coming from the fossil fuel industry. Along with Fox News, they're made this idea very popular, that man made climate change is a 'hoax'.

A hoax to benefit what or who exactly (oh, right, all these scientists who are such greedy liars, har har), doesn't matter to them I don't think but I've met lots of MFs including 'liberal' idiot friends of mine in Spokane who believe it's not really happening.

It's a pretty stunning propaganda effort and it's worked. There isn't really money behind the other side, just concern. Our government, certain branches not fully bought anyway, should speak up more. Recently NASA and even the freakin' Pentagon have spoken up, raising alarm about this threat. They consider it as bad as or worse than any other threat, a 'threat multiplier'


According to many climatologists, many of whom are afraid to tell it like it really is, we're too late on this issue and it's going to doom most life on this planet

Of course most of us choose to ignore this warning which, duh, is a huge risk. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by switching gears from fossil fuels even if it breaks down this whole system that's wretched, wicked and needs a serious overhaul anyways
Mar 25, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Is Seattle Dying? Is Seattle Dead?.
Well, I notice the U district hasn't changed much at all in the last 10 or maybe even 20yrs. Although the cool little home I lived in 10 years ago in the U, which was a totally fine and perfectly functional house, has been wiped out for a big ugly condo. Eventually the whole damn city is just going to be the same old, same cold characterless condo. And I find it hard to imagine any bar, restaurant, etc developing its own little soul, and rich community as, say, the dead and dying dive bars of this city.
Mar 21, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Seattle Needs to Start Behaving Like a Big City.
Siiigh.. you fucking trolls. Really? Get bent.

I agree with Charles, I can't stand how people are always obstructing or slowing down foot traffic, car traffic in this city. It can be frustrating because it just doesn't make sense, how people are this inconsiderate. I think it's totally fine to go at a slow or still pace but not when you're obstructing other people. I've honked, said 'excuse me', said 'HEY!!!', 'I'm trying to get by here..' so many goddamn times. But it doesn't matter, it doesn't change anything when being blunt, these pokey people often react like you've got a problem of impatience when calling them out.

Move, bitch, get out the way