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Apr 12, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on Yes, Liberals, We Should Sue That Anti-Gay Florist.
I couldn't disagree more but your quoted dissenters made the point better than I could.

Also you do have a right to hold bigoted views. Because this woman runs a business that is open to "the public" she is indeed in violation (tactical issues of the lawsuit aside, I think it's a bad visual and does feed the Christian martyr complex...but these guys think a lawsuit is the way to go I guess....). However, there is a strain I detect among those of us who are for civil equality that the goal is to make everyone think JUST! LIKE! US! Too much clutching the pearls and screaming BIGOT as opposed to sane, rational discussions on civil rights! In America you have a right to bigoted views--even racist ones--you just don't have a right to discriminate. Why don't we get the equal rights under the law (which does indeed mean winning the support of those who are ambivalent toward gay issues but have a basic sense of fair play and live and let live) before we try to play the mind police and punish someone over flowers.
Apr 5, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on Fox News Defends President Obama By Announcing That Uppity Feminists Should Just Relax a Little.
Obama didn't say "the prettiest little lady in California" or anything, he light-heartedly said the "she also happens to be the best looking attorney general" after extolling his friend's intelligence and accomplishments.

Would there be this brouhaha if Obama had joshed that NM Senator Martin Heinrich is "the best looking Democrat in the Senate"?

Seriously, the negative response to him comments seems misplaced: like a knee-jerk Liberal PC reaction to dust off an old copy of a Naomi Wolf's book. Not really applicable given this situation and these two individuals. Personally, it makes Obama seem more human and less Vulcan to me.
Mar 22, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on No Longer Alive: Chinua Achebe Dead at 82.
RIP Achebe.
I think I read "Things Fall Apart" and Doris Lessing's "The Grass Is Singing" within weeks of each other when I was 21 and they both really stuck with me.
Mar 13, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on Bigotry in Bloom.
Honestly if I was part of the couple in question I'd take my business elsewhere and donate money to get civil rights marriage equality in other states and overturn DOMA. In fact, I'd do a newspaper interview and publicly call her out for not serving them and hope it hurts her business.

However--I know this won't be popular--but I think going after a private small mom & pop business is bad PR when many states don't recognize legal marriage yet and DOMA stands. There is a "live and let live" straight semi-Libertarian crowd we need on the legal marriage equality legal side of things.

When liberals look petty, thin-skinned and histrionic they lose public opinion.
Mar 1, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on "Pistorius shooting Steenkamp dead was a logical conclusion of South Africa’s segregated past".
I was reading that the "holed up in a farmhouse while the world goes crazy" Night of the Living Dead was eerily popular in late 60s/early 70s white South Africa. It his a little too close to home that one day the powder keg would go and the embattled white minority would be left fending for themselves (load up on the guns!) against a roving majority bent on violence.

Interestingly in the book World War Z they kind of play on that: Mandela authorizes the current South African government to find the retired, reclusive military strategist from the Apartheid era who designed the "rescue the whites in a race war" contingency plan. They employ it during the zombie apocalypse, and soon other nation's governments begin using it as "the South African plan".
Feb 20, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on A Theory of White Native Americans.
I don't think white Americans think "you weren't supposed to survive" even subconsciously, Charles. Most really don't think about it that hard, at most they might admit the nation was built on slaves' backs but then if their (white) ancestors came here after slavery they might even pooh-pooh that as "not their problem".

I do think, though, that a lot of white South Africans--Afrikaaners moreso than the British--felt like "weren't we supposed to be just another USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand?", A land where immigrants and settlers and farmers came and worked the land and eventually became the majority so much so that when you think "Canadian" or "Australian" you think WHITE. They (Afrikaaners) didn't necessarily view themselves as Colonial overlords like, say, the Belgians in the Congo but as great-grandchildren of pioneers who did the exact same thing as Australia, Canada, etc.
Feb 20, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on A Theory of White Native Americans.
Actually, I think Louis Gates Jr was saying that it (at least used to be) just as much of a cliche for African-Americans to claim "Cherokee heritage" etc in that same quasi-nostalgic way to explain away high cheek bones, tawnier skin, etc back when it was more taboo to talk about slavery, rape, and miscegenation in your not-so-distant ancestors. IN 2013 people seem more curious and interested in slave history and the complicated reasons why African-Americans usually possess Caucasian ancestry. However circa 1930 it was a lot easier to answer a child's question about "why does Grandma have straight hair and grey eyes" with "we have Cherokee blood" than "Grandma's mother was raped by the white man who owned her". I think the "Cherokee blood" trope is just really American.
Nov 8, 2012 SpecialBrew commented on Obama's Problems With White Voters Are Mostly in the South.
Yeah, its about 8 states of the former confederacy "white vote" that skews the national numbers and makes it seem more out-of-whack than it is.
Oct 18, 2012 SpecialBrew commented on Billy Graham Throws God Under the Bus: Mormonism Is No Longer a Cult.
Not surprising he would alter his supposedly-eternal theological views in order to synch with the US conservative-politics of the moment!

In the 1950s and 1960s he was an anti-Semitic bigot, but he changed that around once the US Fundamentalist Conservatives entered the whole Israel-Fetish phase in the 1980s.
Oct 11, 2012 SpecialBrew commented on Drinking Game for Tonight's Debate!.
Any bars going to be showing it on screen?