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Jan 20, 2015 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Guest Editorial: Perhaps Seattle Should Find a Plan B for the Downtown Tunnel Project.
Funny that people think that once Bertha is finally repaired, it will move seamlessly through the other 88% of the dig. Remember how a metal pipe fucked the cutting head to the point of repair? From THIS POST a year ago:

And that pipe may be only the beginning: Crews have since sampled the soil ahead of the stalled machine and discovered more likely metal obstructions in tunnel digger's path, which all must be somehow removed before Betha can move again.

"We have probed 12 holes and encountered other obstructions in six of those holes," said Chris Dixon, the program manager for Seattle Tunneling Partners, which has a billion-dollar contract with the state to dig the tunnel (his company is not the same contractor the state worked with in 2002 that installed the pipe). Those obstructions are not believed to be boulders or timber, he said, leading him to believe they are "metal objects." (WSDOT's website claims that out of 17 soil samples, officials found four obstructions.) The tunneling machine, which is designed to churn though soils and break boulders, cannot chew through metal.

Yeah... there isn't a snowballs chance in hell this thing is ever getting finished in a timely manner or with acceptable cost overruns. It will most likely break down under a historical building, and that will be the end of this whole sad affair.
Jan 9, 2015 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Inslee Says He Doesn't Think a Surface-Transit Alternative for the Viaduct Is "Viable".
8 & 11 are excellent examples of people falling for the sunk cost fallacy. If the money is already as good as spent, then they'll work on it until the original money runs outand then it's full stop, right..? Nope, because people who fall into this trap won't stop there... it's always, "well, we spent X dollars already, so we might as well keep going" indefinitely.
Nov 7, 2014 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on I, Anonymous.
A few months ago I came upon a hipster who had passed out across from the Viva apartments on Union, fallen forward into an alcove and smashed his head against a brick wall. he was laying face down with his head and neck wedged between the wall and his shoulder. He was completely unresponsive (to the point that I thought he might be dead) and I was afraid to roll him if he had a neck injury. I called 911 and stayed until the paramedics got there; Seeing the constant stream of indifferent & cruel drunks who made fun of him as they walked past was a fucking disgusting... I don't know what happened to him, but even if he was completely unharmed and just drunk as hell, I don't regret getting him help.
Nov 3, 2014 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Comic.
When I was in elementary school, a girl in my class was riding in a local mall elevator when a woman got caught in the doors and was cut in half between floors. For years afterwards, I thought about her every time I got in an elevator, imagining how traumatic that would be to witness firsthand... to the point that I developed a phobia of getting chopped in half myself. To this day, I can't get in an elevator without quickly hopping past the threshold.

(So I guess what I'm trying to say is, can I do a traumatic childhood cartoon next?)
Nov 3, 2014 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on McDonald's Tries to Prove McRibs Aren't Disgusting By Showing the Disgusting Process of How McRibs Are Made.
I'm more baffled by the ad in which countless people ask a McDonalds bus advertisement what itheir meat is made of, in a variety of ways (is it horse? cardboard?) and then, at the end of the ad THEY AVOID ANSWERING THE QUESTION!

Way to associate your food with horse meat and then avoid dispelling the rumor, McDonalds- Top notch advertising right there.
Sep 17, 2014 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Philadelphia Police Release Video of Drunken Mob That Allegedly Attacked a Gay Couple.
I'm pissed that La Viola tried their damnedest to obstruct any investigation into their patrons- destroying the evening's guest list? Denying the picture was taken that night? Seriously, fuck them. They deserve to be forever remembered by Google as abetting a hate crime.
Sep 17, 2014 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Murray Will Consider Veto of Council's Push to Drive Up Cost of Affordable Apartments.
If you believe that these glorified dorm rooms are affordable and desirable, then you've never had to honestly consider living in one in order to stay in the neighborhood you've loved and lived in for a decade.

And if you can't empathize with that? GO. FUCK. YOURSELF.
Sep 17, 2014 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Murray Will Consider Veto of Council's Push to Drive Up Cost of Affordable Apartments.
$1000 for an apodment (aka micro housing, or whatever bullshit marketing term you want to use) on Capitol Hill is absolutely abysmal. If you don't see that, and you don't see the simple truth that this has always been a cash grab by developers, you're a moron. There ABSOLUTELY HAS to be a happy medium between single occupancy housing, and these slums. There has to be.
Sep 2, 2014 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Another Plane Forced to Land After a Fight Breaks Out Over Reclining Seats.
And all of you recliners realize you're justifying *actual* pain and suffering with *perceived* injustice, right..? I don't see any of you changing your stance when confronted by a 6'5" janitor sitting behind you.