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Aug 28 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Can You Spot the Historical Inaccuracy In the Preview for Ridley Scott's New Biblical Epic?.
Hollywood operates on the principle of trying to make as much money as possible, they know damn well the target audience for this movie is bible thumping racist middle America, and they've whitewashed the movie so as to not alienate this demographic. That's the same reason most every blockbuster is whitewashed- The hillbillies in the bible belt wouldn't see it otherwise, and those who know better only roll their eyes before seeing it anyway. This formula only becomes glaringly obvious when it's a film that should undoubtedly be cast with middle-eastern or Asian actors, like The Last Airbender or Prince of Persia.
Aug 28 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on The Morning News: Invasions, Infections, Intrusions.
I don't understand the backlashagainst the anti-rape nail polish. I mean, I get that we really should be focusing more towards keeping men from committing rape; But even then, there will always be men who try to drug women's drinks, and this is just one more weapon in the effort to thwart those attempts.

(And no, you do not have to dunk your finger in your drink to test it, because gross. Use your straw to place a small drop on your fingernail. It's really not that difficult.)
Aug 6 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks GMOs.
I really think people who say all GMOs are safe are just as bad as the people who say all GMOs are evil. 'GMO' is a blanket term that encompasses a VERY wide range of applications, and an untold number of future applications. All GMOs need to be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine whether they're dangerous or not, and we need to make sure we have independent organizations and agencies in place to evaluate those risks... because you know damn well Monsanto scientists will say they're safe regardless.
Aug 1 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on I, Anonymous.
@13- Seriously. If you have to, cop to your friend that you forgot their name and ask friend to go ahead and introduce themselves. Or, barring that, say hello to forgettable person, and then say, "So, have you met my friend so-and-so?". Then you basically force them to introduce themselves.
Jul 31 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Another Way Capitol Hill Is Changing: It's Less Gay.
@26 in theory that's what would happen, but in reality that's not the case... the recolonization part, I mean. Capitol Hill has been the gayberhood forever, and even with skyrocketing rents, the poorer gays aren't recolonizing a new neighborhood- rather, they're living on the fringes of Capitol Hill in Beacon Hill, First Hill, CD, and ID. Really until a concentrated gay nightlife area pops up elsewhere, that will always be the case.

My gripe with the overall dissolution of the gayberhood isn't that we're gaining acceptance and moving away; it's that Capitol Hill is perceived to be a trendy neighborhood overall, and with that reputation has come an influx of Amazon tech bros with money that have jacked up rents and turned Capitol Hill into the new Belltown... as anyone who has walked down Pike/Pine on a weekend night at midnight can attest.
Jul 24 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Paul Ryan Has a New Plan to Fine Poor People for Being Poor.
This essay really sheds light on the mindset of poor people who vote Republican; If it's too long or you don't have the time, it basically amounts to people feeling a sort of self-hatred for being poor when they've been told their entire lives that working hard equals success. It's the financial equivalent of a closeted homo voting to take away their own rights out of a deep seated sense of self loathing.


Jul 17 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Performing Race and a Dangerously White Production of The Mikado.
@64- when have you seen a non-white woman portraying a waspy white woman in a negative manner? No no, I'm serious- I would love to know, because I honestly can't think of any. The closest I can get is The Wayan's White Chicks... and if you want to shriek about how terribly oppressed white people were by that movie, you go right on ahead.
Jul 17 UNPAID COMMENTER commented on Performing Race and a Dangerously White Production of The Mikado.
@61 Your case for why they aren't is because that blackface is far worse than yellowface..? Because that's really the only rational reason why all mention of the n-word and blackface were scrubbed from the Mikado (without any sort of backlash) while the inaccurate yellowface depictions are somehow still acceptable.

@62 Horseshit. Did you really just compare Asian people and drug dealers? Because that's a pretty piss poor comparison on a myriad of levels, the least of which being that Breaking Bad did a great job of portraying well-rounded characters, while The Mikado uses yellow face caricatures (that aren't even remotely honest to Japanese people) in order to cash in on a 19th century British fad.

NEWSFLASH: Just because something is a 100+ year old 'classic' doesn't excuse it from current social norms. I can appreciate Breakfast at Tiffany's, but that doesn't mean I automatically accept and excuse the horrible Japanese impersonation by Micky Rooney just because it was acceptable at the time.

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