Jan 12 Sir Vic commented on In Case You Were Wondering How Cold It Is This Morning....
Is Seattle now going to need a fleet of Zambonis?
Jan 5 Sir Vic commented on Fox News Replaces Megyn Kelly with Bow-Tie Wearing Pile of Moldy Laundry.
After paying out millions in settlements for sexual harassment already, FoxNews may just avoid hiring women in prominent roles altogether for a while. Broads bring nothin' but trouble, you know.
Dec 20, 2016 Sir Vic commented on One Way to Protect Washington State's Legal Weed Market from Trump: Burn It to the Ground.
Instead of offering the feds some of the tax money, why not just cut to the chase and bribe Trump directly? Have all the legalization groups host their conferences at Trump properties, and/or make donations to his "charitable foundation". It's very clear that he's operating a pay-to-play racket, so spend your money effectively.
Dec 13, 2016 Sir Vic commented on I, Anonymous.
Rule #1 of bus riding: Never, ever talk to anyone.
Rule #2 of bus riding: Know where the fuck you are going.
Rule #3 of bus riding: Do not break Rule #1 while breaking Rule #2.

There is no Rule that requires anyone to give a shit about you, or where you are going. We are all someone going somewhere.
Dec 7, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Two: The Doors.
@4 Good catch. There is a story in that song that Kathleen is missing. It's not a groundbreaking observation, but, then again, Jim Morrison was "the stupidest motherfucker I have ever met" according to David Crosby. Amazing voice, little clue how to live life. Listen to the Doors for the music - ignore the lyrics.
Dec 7, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Dan Savage's Open Letter to Paul Allen on Lidding I-5, Righting a Wrong, and Leaving a Legacy.
The most ridiculous thing about the defeat of the Seattle Commons initiative was that the Seattle Center was already too small for things like Folk Life, Bite of Seattle and Bumbershoot in the mid 1990's. If the weather was nice, you could count on being shoulder-to-shoulder every minute you were there. Forget about trying to use a restroom. Unfortunately, the people who attend those events just don't vote in the same numbers as the NIMBY's who have long dominated Seattle politics. The last time we actually voted sensibly for the future was Forward Thrust, and that led to the WPPSS scam. Things like Sound Transit have faced a major uphill battle ever since.
Nov 29, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Seattle Police Steadily Increasing Diversity of Force With New Hires.
None of this is going to matter once Attorney General Sessions removes federal oversight on the SPD. They will then be free to trample civil & constitutional rights as never before.
Nov 20, 2016 Sir Vic commented on WA Congressman Adam Smith Calls Out Trump for Nominating "Documented Racist" to His Cabinet.
@7 Actually, he'll come after both. Sucks to be a "patient" who got their MMJ card in the past decade. Those lists will be leaked, and you can bet there will be harassment & intimidation similar to what is seen with Planned Parenthood. Sessions will be more than happy to lead a Green Scare on behalf of the pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol industries.
Oct 12, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Scott Baio: What Men Say In Locker Rooms Is What Women Say During Brunch.
@23 The most important thing you need to know about Scott Baio is that he is always featured in those listicles titled "You Won't Believe How Many Women This Man Has Slept With!". He is generally 'credited' with around 3k, sometimes more. The famous story around Hollywood is that Hef had someone tell him to "take a break" from the Playboy Mansion, at least until they got some new girls. Regardless of your opinion of this kind of behavior, there is no question that Scott Baio's experience with women is an extreme outlier and can be disregarded.