Jun 29 Sir Vic commented on No, Saudi Arabia Isn't Paying Hillary Clinton To Kill Gays.
@5 Don't forget how the Great Influenza Epidemic of 1918 was actually caused by tainted aspirin, and Bayer paid off all the world governments to lie about it. That one I find especially hilarious.
Jun 27 Sir Vic commented on Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions.
@1 Alito usually does the whining, and he did so in this case. Scalia did more of an off-topic rant.
Jun 21 Sir Vic commented on Sound Transit Doesn't Need to Cut Down on Marketing Costs: It Needs to Spend More.
I agree with the premise, if unable to follow Charles' rambling reasoning. The western United States does not have a mass transit culture like Chicago and eastern cities. We are strongly encouraged to have cars and drive them several miles daily to do normal things. The "Car Culture" is deeply entrenched here, so an aggressive campaign to popularize mass transit is rational and responsible. With the growth of Seattle fueled in part by transplants from cities that do have mass transit cultures, this is a moment to seize.
Jun 17 Sir Vic commented on You Have No Excuse for Missing ESPN's O.J.: Made in America Documentary.
@5 Right with you. However, I think we're older than the target demographic here.
Jun 8 Sir Vic commented on Uber Will Stop Operating in Bremerton.
So Uber's response to not being about to break the law is to throw a tantrum. Sounds consistent with their business model of undercutting an established industry that is well-regulated for a century's worth of reasons.
Jun 7 Sir Vic commented on Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk Withdraws His Endorsement of Trump.
Can they stop calling it "the party of Lincoln" already? It's the "party of Nixon", in all sorts of ways. The asshole won 4 national elections, damn near 5. The past two Republican administrations have been littered with Nixonistas. They can talk about Reagan all they want, but Tricky Dick is the real hero they worship.
Jun 6 Sir Vic commented on Guest Editorial: Washington’s Presidential Primary Did Matter—And Here's How We Can Make it Better.
@6 I can understand, as I didn't explain my "strategy". I want a multi-party system in this state and the country. That's not easy to do, and I'm not really interested in starting a campaign or party of my own. Getting one of the existing parties to split is probably the best chance, and Trump has a good chance to split the GOP. I despise pretty much everything he stands for, and that doesn't differ much from my opinion of the GOP overall. Giving him some political capital to fuck things up in that party is no real skin off my nose in this non-binding election.
Furthermore, my only monetary contribution to a political cause was to a anti-war candidate in 2008. My name and address ended up on liberal mailing lists for several years, and I haven't moved. I know the GOP is sleazy enough to "cage" voters, with the purpose of disenfranchising them. With my name on a list of known liberals, I figured I might offset that by ticking a GOP box.
I admit it's a silly strategy in some ways, but a "strategy" nonetheless. It seemed appropriate after I drew horns on the candidate pictures in the voter's guide.
Jun 6 Sir Vic commented on Guest Editorial: Washington’s Presidential Primary Did Matter—And Here's How We Can Make it Better.
I voted, even though I knew it was meaningless. I voted for Trump, but would never do so in a general election, and I don't believe I've voted for any Republican this century. This vote for me was strategic, so I appreciate the opportunity to do so.
I also voted as a form of closure for not being able to vote for Bill Bradley in 2000. At that time, the two parties in Washington were squabbling about the primary process (some things never change, it seems), and the only option to support Sen. Bradley was via caucus, which was not an acceptable option for me.
Jun 6 Sir Vic commented on 79 Percent Increase in Link's Boardings.
Much like what has happened in other cities that built subways, the localized concept of what constitutes "the city" expands and therefore changes. Often this is manifest in the loss of neighborhood distinctions, as the freer flow of humanity across a larger area blurs arcane boundaries. New York City in the 20th century is the large scale example of this, with the individual boroughs and neighborhoods that were previously separate communities beginning to blend into the Big Apple. Now, there is a bit of a rebound against the blend, with hipsters trying to inject distinct personalities back into those smaller segments.
Jun 3 Sir Vic commented on High-Speed Police Chase on Aurora Predictably Ends With Crash.
@18 Guys don't take baths. You might as well cite the gender difference in ovarian cancer.