May 26 Sir Vic commented on Regarding Hillary's Private Email Server: So What?.
I'm with @1 & @7 on this. As a tech grunt who would get his ass shredded for a major security breech, having our top diplomat thumb her nose at the Foggy Bottom IT staff is personally offensive. That said, I understand perfectly why she made the choice, and it completely underscores my problem with a Hillary Administration. Her enemies have been after her for 40 fucking years! The House GOP will do absolutely nothing other than Obamacare repeals and Hillary impeachment bills for 4 years. The obstructionism of the past 8 years will seem like pure harmony in comparison.
This election will be a choice between jumping off a cliff or jumping into quicksand.
May 24 Sir Vic commented on John Oliver on the Meaninglessness of Our Presidential Primary Votes.
I voted for Trump, because this is a meaningless vanity poll, and he is meaningless and vain.

Also, as @12 mentioned, the two party system is a convenience that is no longer convenient. The House & Senate could simply amend their rules to deal with 3 or more parties, and the Speaker would become more like a prime minister. The VP could become more of the "President of the Senate", like the Constitution says, and build coalitions with the Executive to actually get things accomplished.
None of this happens without a 3rd party, and Trump splitting the GOP is the start. Giving him a popular mandate, however nebulous or bogus it may be, helps that fissure happen. I'd never vote GOP otherwise, but since this primary vote is the result of the Ellen Craswell fiasco in 1996, I figure a poisoned ballot is appropriate.
May 12 Sir Vic commented on Seattle University Anti-Racist Coalition Occupies Dean's Office, Demands Her Resignation.
@8 The Jesuits are the Pope's SS. Responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents around the world, all in the name of "civilizing the savages". Scum of the earth, and anyone who chooses to associate with them should be aware of their bloody origins.
May 6 Sir Vic commented on Donald Trump Is Campaigning in Washington State This Saturday.
If only there was an active student movement at a nearby state university to organize a large scale protest.
Hasn't SLOG been covering the shitstorm at WWU the past few months?
May 4 Sir Vic commented on The Morning News: Trump to Be the Nominee, Bar Complaint Filed Against Lawyer after Threatening Email to City Council.
@2 The civil lawsuits against the Ducks will put them out of business. They won't be able to get insurance, as their current insurer will be paying out millions and will cancel the Duck policy. No state licensed insurance company will be able to offer them affordable premiums. Tracey and the other owners may even find themselves on the hook for a lot of the liability, if they can't hire lawyers better than their insurer hires.
When you factor in that t-boning that bus was probably the best* possible outcome of the Duck breaking down, it's unlikely there will even be a trial. Huge, business-ending settlement.

*If the Duck didn't hit the bus, it goes right over the side of the bridge, killing many in the Duck and on the ground 40 feet below.
May 4 Sir Vic commented on It's All Over Except the Shouting, Hating, Punching, Protesting, Race-Baiting, Tweeting, Debating, and (Come November) Voting.
Chris Christie locked up the VP nom when he was the first "mainstream" pol to endorse Trump.
Apr 27 Sir Vic commented on Why Are People Still Claiming That Pot Is a Gateway Drug?.
@20 I'd take that as a Sign o' the Times.
Apr 27 Sir Vic commented on Why Are People Still Claiming That Pot Is a Gateway Drug?.
Profit driven doctors who have sold their souls to peddle opiates to anyone with "pain" are the cause of the heroin epidemic. Take the profit motive out of perpetuating pain & suffering, and you won't have nearly as many addicts.
Apr 27 Sir Vic commented on Black Rapper Lil' Kim Has Become White.
Perhaps she's trying to finally get the benefit of the doubt in her legal troubles.
Apr 27 Sir Vic commented on Cruz, Kasich, and Trump Are Headed For Washington.
It would seem that Cruz has the best chance with the WA GOP. He's cornered the market on the Jesus lovers, which tend to drive the base in this state. Kasich is wasting his time, as Trump's truck hatted fans make up the rest of the GOPer's here. If the campaigns really knew the state, Cruz would stick to the west and Trump to the east, where their bases are strongest.