Aug 18 Sir Vic commented on Why Is There a Surveillance Tower Outside CenturyLink Stadium?.
Even though there is a door on this thing, it really doesn't look like it's designed for someone to sit inside with a rifle. That would be pretty silly. It's just a giant sensor array, kind of like a ground level AWACS. They are most likely using it for facial recognition in large crowds and other monitoring. Given the large crowds expected in the area, this seems rather practical and should give people a greater sense of security.
Aug 17 Sir Vic commented on EOD: Oh Man. We Really Feel For You, Olympic Pole Vaulter Hiroki Ogita.
I guess we are all going to ignore his left hand smacking the bar with far more force than his dong. He wasn't clearing that bar, dick or no dick.
Aug 11 Sir Vic commented on DEA Says Cannabis Isn't Medicine, Denies Rescheduling.
Perhaps the next press release from the DEA will be about how opiates are totally the best way to deal with pain and completely safe, followed by an update on the "heroin" epidemic tearing apart the "heartland"?
Aug 1 Sir Vic commented on Primary Ballots Are Due Tomorrow and Turnout Is Depressing as Hell so Far.
@10 Going to assume that you meant county councils instead of county legislatures, because one is a thing and the other sounds like a nightmare.
I will also add to the "voter fatigue" argument. When you have ballots every 3 months, they become much easier to ignore, especially if it's only for a school levy and you don't have kids. I vote in each one mostly to be sure the GOP doesn't try to challenge my registration.
Aug 1 Sir Vic commented on Uber Reportedly Hired an Intelligence Firm to Investigate Union Politics in Seattle.
Joke's on Uber. If they are using a firm staffed with former Cash In Advance clowns, they are just lighting money on fire. Wonder if their invoices had items like flying an informant half way around the world in a charter jet only to find out they had the wrong person.
Jul 28 Sir Vic commented on Washington State Fines Volkswagen $176 Million Over False Emissions Reporting.
This is Phase 4 of the VW pain in America. They've worked out Phase 1, buying off the Feds. They are also having to buy off their dealers (Phase 2) and the individual owners (Phase 3). The states have their own regulations, which is going to make Phase 4 really painful when California comes after them.
Then they get to deal with Phase 5, the holdouts. The environmental lawyers from Santa Monica who bought these cars specifically to bolster their green credentials and in turn had their reputations tainted. They are going to want their grandstanding day in court, and VW has already admitted guilt.
Too bad Congress is so dysfunctional right now, or VW could have spent about $1billion on immunity legislation instead. Odd the Germans didn't think of the NRA solution.
Jul 28 Sir Vic commented on City Hiring Private Investigator in Search for Stranger Police Story Source.
Do Holmes & Murray think the most important fact about Watergate was the identity of Deep Throat?
Jul 27 Sir Vic commented on Guest Editorial: We Need Brady Walkinshaw to Tackle Opioid Addiction in Congress.
A good solution to the opioid epidemic would be to charge Purdue Pharma as a drug kingpin, confiscate all of their assets, and use those assets to fund addiction treatments. You'll be taking one of the biggest sources of the drugs out of commission, and using their ill gotten gains to help clean up their mess. Or we could still pretend that mass marketed prescription opiates aren't the source of the problem.
Jul 25 Sir Vic commented on Why are Democrats not Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Wolves?.
@15 Debbie Wasserman Schultz should be familiar to people in the "real" Washington. She's a middling party hack that found herself in over her head. Washington has had a string of governors for decades that fit this description. There's little surprise that she stunk at the job.
Jul 21 Sir Vic commented on The Green Party Responds to Dan Savage, Says He's "Dead Wrong".
While Dan was far too harsh on the Greens, I'd like to call a little bullshit on the response of "We are running people for offices!". Looking through my Voter's Pamphlet at statewide offices up for the current primary, I don't see any Green Party candidates. This is Washington, the EverGREEN State, with the supposedly greenest Governor in the nation.

Cadidates for Governor: 11; no Greens but a Socialist Worker, 5th Republic (?), Holistic Party candidate.
Lt. Gov: 11; no Greens, but the Citizens Party and a Libertarian got on the ballot
US Senator: 17!; no Greens, but Human Rights Party, Standupamerica, Lincoln Caucus, and System Reboot Party candidates are up for the vote with Dems, GOP, LIbertarian and Indy types.
There are 7 candidates for Commission or Public Lands (of the EverGREEN state!), but none of them are Green Party folks.

It apparently isn't very hard to get on the primary ballot here, and many of those candidates are loons (talking about you, Alex Tsimerman), so how the fuck can the Green Party not run a single candidate for these offices and still claim to be relevant?