Sep 30, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Maybe Gary Johnson Just Needs Some Easier Questions?.
To be fair, there are a LOT of shitty world leaders right now. If you're not a liberal/progressive type, Justin Trudeau is probably not your cup of tea. Merkel has pissed off a lot of people with her handling of the Syrian refugee crisis and EU debt relief. Great Britain just got a new PM, so no record to speak of. Netanyahu is a warmonger, Latin American "democracies" lurch from one kleptocrat to another, and African nations are largely run by despots & idiots. Former Soviet republics are mostly run by autocrats, as are Arab nations. Shinzo Abe is a nationalist that appears to be trying to revive Japanese militarism.
I think a lot of Americans would have trouble naming a world leader they "admire".
Sep 14, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Former Stranger Writer Dominic Holden Wins National Journalism Award.
Well deserved. Congratulations Dom!
Aug 30, 2016 Sir Vic commented on The Clinton Campaign Is Courting the Christian Left, Which Hasn't Really Existed Since Reagan.
The cynical back-stabbing of Jimmy Carter by Falwell, Graham and Robertson at the behest of Reagan's cronies is one of the more disgusting episodes of US electoral politics. Carter is by almost any measure the most Christian man to be POTUS in the 20th century. Reagan only visited a church for photo ops, and his "denomination" doesn't really exist in America. (Where is the Dutch Reformed church in your town?)
The Fundamentalist movement was co-opted by such quixotic dreams of ending abortion and restoring mandatory school prayer, goals that are by their nature oppressive. When bible-humpers talk about "religious freedom", they really mean "freedom to oppress". Of course, you really couldn't expect that crowd to act honestly, as their entire worldview is based on a childish belief in magic. There is always a magic explanation that makes them right every time.
Aug 24, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Americans May Not Be As Open To Mixed-Race Couples As They Think, UW Study Says.
This culturally based resistance to togetherness is just another reason to leave the Old World behind. We left the Old World for a reason, and it probably wasn't good!
Aug 18, 2016 Sir Vic commented on There's a Horrifying Statue of Donald Trump in Capitol Hill.
The hands are a little too big, but everything else seems accurate. Hurrah for art!
Aug 18, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Why Is There a Surveillance Tower Outside CenturyLink Stadium?.
Even though there is a door on this thing, it really doesn't look like it's designed for someone to sit inside with a rifle. That would be pretty silly. It's just a giant sensor array, kind of like a ground level AWACS. They are most likely using it for facial recognition in large crowds and other monitoring. Given the large crowds expected in the area, this seems rather practical and should give people a greater sense of security.
Aug 17, 2016 Sir Vic commented on EOD: Oh Man. We Really Feel For You, Olympic Pole Vaulter Hiroki Ogita.
I guess we are all going to ignore his left hand smacking the bar with far more force than his dong. He wasn't clearing that bar, dick or no dick.
Aug 11, 2016 Sir Vic commented on DEA Says Cannabis Isn't Medicine, Denies Rescheduling.
Perhaps the next press release from the DEA will be about how opiates are totally the best way to deal with pain and completely safe, followed by an update on the "heroin" epidemic tearing apart the "heartland"?
Aug 1, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Primary Ballots Are Due Tomorrow and Turnout Is Depressing as Hell so Far.
@10 Going to assume that you meant county councils instead of county legislatures, because one is a thing and the other sounds like a nightmare.
I will also add to the "voter fatigue" argument. When you have ballots every 3 months, they become much easier to ignore, especially if it's only for a school levy and you don't have kids. I vote in each one mostly to be sure the GOP doesn't try to challenge my registration.
Aug 1, 2016 Sir Vic commented on Uber Reportedly Hired an Intelligence Firm to Investigate Union Politics in Seattle.
Joke's on Uber. If they are using a firm staffed with former Cash In Advance clowns, they are just lighting money on fire. Wonder if their invoices had items like flying an informant half way around the world in a charter jet only to find out they had the wrong person.