Dec 30, 2015 K commented on We Regret These Errors.
Oddly, The Man In The High Castle doesn't seem to have any trouble filming in readily identifiable locations in Seattle (and passing them off as both New York City *and* San Francisco).
Dec 18, 2015 K commented on The Morning News: Governor Says Teachers Need a Raise, Mayor Opposes the Return of Ride the Ducks, and More.
"We don’t have a choice if we want The Seattle Times to continue"

Well, they could try not sucking.
Dec 11, 2015 K commented on Donald Trump’s Lawyers and Jeb Bush’s Lawyers Might Eat Each Other.
Unfortunately the rocket will be denied entry after Gingrich bans Floridians and Jerseyans from his Mars base.
Nov 25, 2015 K commented on New Column!.
If only we'd elected Pamela Banks, she could have fixed this all with a $200-plate community prayer breakfast.
Nov 3, 2015 K commented on We Do Not Want the Old Seattle, We Want the New and Future Seattle.
Go pick up Wheedle's Groove and you'll see that Seattle's Soul already slipped into the darkness!
Oct 26, 2015 K commented on Why Does Equal Rights Washington Want Seattle's LGBT Community to Vote for Pamela Banks?.
Well now the question of "how the hell did anti-gay Republican State Rep Linda Kochmar get a hold of the email address I only ever gave to ERW?" has an answer: they went belly up and sold their entire email address book to anyone who was buying. (Which is exactly the reason behind why I give nearly every website a different email address.)
Aug 28, 2015 K commented on There's Going to Be A Poem in the Sky and Art All Over the Streets in Seattle This Weekend.
take my love
take my land
take me where I cannot stand
I don't care
I'm still free
you can't take the sky from me
Jul 8, 2015 K commented on County Official Denies Kentucky Gay Couple a Marriage License, Staffers Heap Abuse on the Couple, the Cops Are Called.
Why aren't they suing the police? Sue the fucking police. You can't even trust cops not to fuck up something simple as this. They can't be trusted with traffic stops, they can't be trusted with jaywalkers, they can't be trusted with a fucking pool party, now they can't even be trusted with fucking county clerks' offices. When will they stop? When we fucking make them stop.
Jun 21, 2015 K commented on Prince in Space.
While I completely agree that, if nothing else, The Fifth Element took Tucker well out of his typical zone (and I disagree that the movie is completely garbage -- it introduced us to the lovely Milla Jovovich, gave us yet another amazingly rich villain played by Gary Oldman, and even had room for a small role played by elder Bilbo Baggins himself), I don't see where Tucker's character Ruby Rhod blurred any sexual lines. Sure, maybe his costuming isn't a three piece suit, and next to Willis' burly, hairy-chest, Action Man maleness, it shows up as very distinct, but Rhod's character is 100% straight, baby; he exudes girl-friendly sexiness, particularly in his seduction of the stewardess. This is an unidentified future, and fashions change. Take the 1970s, when it was fashionable for straight men to look like gay men; take the 1770s, when men wore powdered wigs and makeup and foppishness and dandyism were the order of the day, and it's pretty clear (to me, anyway) that this arbitrary line of masculinity and femininity that Charles seems to be unable to let go of after all these years is just that -- arbitrary, and nowhere written in stone for eternity. Not just for the future, but even for the past.
Jun 20, 2015 K commented on A Man Wore a Bright Red Nazi Swastika Armband at the Seattle Ferry Terminal Last Night.
Honestly, I think perhaps the other people decided it was far too ridiculous to be serious, and that therefore he must be going to a costume party or part of a stage play or something, because he couldn't possibly really be a Nazi.