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Sep 28 Jude Fawley commented on The Morning News: Amazon Launching Employee Bus Service, SPD Illegally Purchased Online Tracking Tool.
@15, yes, I remember that dude. Good point. Shows how quickly "normal" can change.
Sep 23 Jude Fawley commented on The Debates Look Like a Contest Between the Student Council President and the School Bully.
@4, I guess I didn't refresh the 538 page to see that little blip. Well, I'll believe in the tide turning when it's more than a blip.
Sep 23 Jude Fawley commented on The Debates Look Like a Contest Between the Student Council President and the School Bully.
Since the trend (or perceived trend) is that the race is getting tighter and moving in the direction of Trump, I think a tie in the debate will mean, or will be spun as meaning, a win for Trump, because it doesn't change the "momentum" (whatever that is). Trump seeming reasonable is enough for him to "win".
Sep 21 Jude Fawley commented on I, Anonymous.
I don't agree with @1's overall attitude, but it does seem like there's a new editor to I, Anonymous. They've been more positive, and less fake-sounding.
Sep 21 Jude Fawley commented on Mr Robot Season Two Ends Tonight: Perhaps the Post-Revolution Should Not Be Televised.
To me, this season has been in some ways better than the first. Things I didn't like: the trippy 80s sitcom bit; the prison ruse that went on too long; the prolonged absence of the Swedish guy; the lazy cliffhangers (e.g., more knocks on doors). But I actually thought the plot was more interesting - specifically, what do you do after the big revolution, when you come face to face with the complexities of the world. The first season, despite it's creativity and idiosyncrasies, was somewhat Hollywood in it's plot structure. This season went into more creative territory. It will be interesting to see how they wrap it up (or don't).
Sep 14 Jude Fawley commented on Snowden Reveals the Boring Side of Whistle-Blowing.
Biopics are nearly always boring.
Sep 6 Jude Fawley commented on Today in Stupid: Video Shows Assholes Destroying Instagram's Favorite Oregon Rock.
If there were justice in the world, then for the rest of their lives any Oregonian should be granted free reign to tip these guys over.
Aug 31 Jude Fawley commented on Los Sures: A Magical Glimpse of Pre-Gentrified Williamsburg.
This is not a disagreement with the point of this post, but I just like to point out that Brooklyn is not all gentrified. It is huge and contains multitudes, you just have to take a few more stops on the subway, or go somewhere where only buses take you. Pretty much anywhere past Nostrand, or down on a bus into Flatbush and Sheepshead Bay, and you'll be a world away from Prospect Park and Manhattan (for now at least).
Aug 31 Jude Fawley commented on NPR Believes in Miracles.
RCC miracles(tm) can still be "real" if we define them as either of three things: An event, associated with a certified Church figure, that is a) a divine coincidence; b) a divine misunderstanding; or c) a divine ruse. God wouldn't have made the coincidence happen; wouldn't have made the circumstances so muddled; or wouldn't have made the ruse so credible/dopes so dupable; if the Church figure were not a saint. It is all God's will.