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Jul 26 Jude Fawley commented on Melania Trump Calls Up Ted Cruz.
The voting system is rigged, and there's no substantive difference between funniness and death.
Jul 26 Jude Fawley commented on A Conversation With a #BernieOrBuster About Dinner.
Most Bernie supporters will vote for Clinton. The remainder won't make much of a difference. The polls support this, and it will become more certain the closer we get to the election, and the further we get from the convention.

Meanwhile, Hillary has more important things to worry about, like getting out the vote and convincing any possible conservatives that Trump will be a disaster for the country. The "Bernie or Buster" faction is a giant, stinky red herring (reference to socialism not intentional) that Clinton fans can't seem to let go of.
Jul 26 Jude Fawley commented on The First Night of the DNC: Crying Bernie Fans and Michelle Obama is Queen.
Oops, meant 1 and 3. @2 is taking the bait, but it's not ironic.
Jul 26 Jude Fawley commented on The First Night of the DNC: Crying Bernie Fans and Michelle Obama is Queen.
"After last night, perhaps the Democrats will rise above the fray instead of taking the bait."

@1 and 2, you do realize the irony that in your knee jerk reactions, you are going low and taking the bait yourselves... don't you?
Jul 25 Jude Fawley commented on You Booed Michelle? Yeah, We're Not Friends.
I missed Michelle's speech, but I heard Warren's on the radio, and I kept hearing what I will call "ghost boos" - an auditory illusion that I just discovered, in which the listener, primed to expect boos from the audience, hears them when they are not there.
Jul 25 Jude Fawley commented on Nate Silver Predicts If the Election Were Held Today, Donald Trump Would Win 57 Percent to 42 Percent.
Yes, there's always a bump, but this is a bump that brings things really close. This wasn't supposed to be that close of an election, because Trump is so terrible. But it is now close, and that is genuinely scary.
Jul 20 Jude Fawley commented on Ted Cruz Just Spoke at the RNC without Endorsing Donald Trump.
Weird, I feel somehow proud of Ted Cruz. Maybe I missed my meds this morning.
Jul 20 Jude Fawley commented on Watch: Man Bun with "Socialism Sucks" Sign Explains Economics to Us at the RNC.
Can someone at The Stranger overnight FedEx Sydney a microphone? Maybe the one Kello O used to use for something or other (I vaguely recall that)? I had trouble hearing the interview.
Jul 14 Jude Fawley commented on How Did Cara Joy Clausen Get Jonathan Richman to Play Her Benefit? She Asked Him..
Everyone should see Jonathan live. He's an amazing dude.
Jul 13 Jude Fawley commented on Mr. Robot Is Chilling, Dystopian Science Fiction. Just Like Real Life..
This was a show that I didn't like at first, but by the end of the season it was my favorite show, for many of the reasons Charles points out here.

I am, however, skeptical about the idea that we can look at a typical office and judge whether there has been change or development. Since people are working on computers now, doesn't it make sense that the physical setting would be the same? All that matters is whether there has been software development. We don't need any 3-D hologram technology to demonstrate that there has been fundamental change.

(Of course, one thing people are doing differently from 1999 is surfing the internet at work, which isn't too promising for economic productivity)