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Oct 27 Jude Fawley commented on Today in Third-Party Candidates.
I agree with some of the others here - to call Stein a hypocrite is one thing (and I agree, this does not paint her in a good light); but to call her a hypocrite and then advocate overlooking Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy and voting for her is, well, hypocritical if you ask me.
Oct 26 Jude Fawley commented on Newt Gingrich to Megyn Kelly: "You Are Fascinated With Sex".
He accuses her of being fascinated by sex even while he has fever dreams and preoccupations about what Bill will do if he's let loose in the East Wing.
Oct 25 Jude Fawley commented on Rich Guy Insistent on Bringing Back the Sonics Finds a Way to Do It Without Public Money.
I am a small business owner in Seattle. I generate business, and taxes, that "would not exist otherwise" (um, duh); do I demand a tax break because my business would not exist and I would not pay taxes, if I did not have a business? No, that would be absurd.
Oct 20 Jude Fawley commented on Putin Is Not Outsmarting Clinton, But Clinton Is Outsmarting Trump.
One of Obama's rhetorical gifts is his ability to make you feel like he's really giving you a straight, no nonsense answer, and pivoting to one of his strong topics without going into any dangerous territory.
Oct 14 Jude Fawley commented on How Writing for The Stranger Made Me Blacker.
Glad you stayed in Seattle, Charles. You might enjoy this video I came across a while back -

"Rules of a Black Birdwatcher" - https://youtu.be/4thb2zGuOnU
Oct 11 Jude Fawley commented on Get Ready to Hate-Watch MTV's Real World Seattle Tomorrow.
This belongs on "The Lame List" (old school reference, you wouldn't understand)
Oct 11 Jude Fawley commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stop Humping The Bed.
Wouldn't just not masturbating daily also be a good idea, mattress/towel or no? What would happen if he held out for a week? Has he ever tried?
Oct 6 Jude Fawley commented on More People Are Riding Sound Transit Trains and Buses than Ever.
I swear traffic on I5 has gotten noticeably worse, just since last year. And we still have 7 more years to wait for light rail going up that stretch...
Oct 6 Jude Fawley commented on Elections Are Being Rigged, but Not to Supress Trump's White Flock.
@10 that random jab actually undercuts the point of the post; Using the Sanders analogy, this isn't much to worry about. If it plays out the same, some Trump supporters will be annoyed, but then they'll just get over it. After all, when was the last time we heard about the primary rigging?