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May 21, 2014 six shooter commented on UW Students To Vote On Divestment from Companies Involved in Israeli Occupation.
Israel is a good divestment target because it is easy to imagine their citizens swaying under the pressure of the boycott. South Africa was a good divestment / propaganda target for the same reason.

No one on divests from Syria because no one believes the Syrian population is anywhere close to coming up with a political solution to their social woes.

By divesting from Israeli enterprise, the UW students aren't being anti-Jewish racists. Divestment says, "we have faith in you, Democratic Israel."

This strategy is far more egalitarian than the Rachel Corrie / Tibetan monk approach, which basically says "our enemies are so monstrous, they make us martyr ourselves.
May 17, 2014 six shooter commented on On the Internet, Everybody Knows You're an Asshole.
I love watching the guys at the National Review learn their readers are assholes.

I love even more watching the rest of the world realize the writers at the National Review are fostering colonies of assholes.
May 8, 2014 six shooter commented on Mayor Ed Murray Confirms He Asked State Legislator to Drop Endorsement of Metro-Saving "Plan C".
Maybe Murray is more interested in finding a compromise we can all live with instead of immediately abdicating the cities responsibilities to the rest of King County, the region, and the State.
Apr 26, 2014 six shooter commented on Kshama Sawant to Ed Murray: Just WTF Is Up with the Advisory Committee Now?.
@8 -- I'm supposed to worry because Murray told a gadfly to f*ck off? Murray made the mistake of treating Schiendelman like an honest critic.

"Mr. Mayor, you've been in office for almost a couple months now, and there are still problems with the city. Shouldn't you have fixed everything already? I swear I heard you say during your campaign that you promised all our troubles would go away the day after you were elected."
Apr 25, 2014 six shooter commented on The Majority-Backed Minimum Wage Plan Obtained by The Stranger.
I imagine 500 was high enough that no one at the committee meeting would argue over it. It should remain this high. As many people have already said, no one is the 501st employee fired so a company can manage the phase-in.

Otherwise, a whole lot of 21st employees hired or 101st employees hired are likely to lose their jobs.

Also, its high enough to compromise down in exchange for a shorter phase-in.

Thank goodness grownups are finally back in charge.
Apr 17, 2014 six shooter commented on Reform in Reverse.
@48 -- until you're willing to put on a uniform and represent yourself and your opinions publicly, you're just another loud-mouth security guard who couldn't pass the cop entrance exam.

I'm pretty sure you and I both know how pathetic someone must be to fail the cop entrance exam. I've seen some pretty piss-poor cops. I can't imagine how bad you gotta be if those fat fucks could pass.
Apr 16, 2014 six shooter commented on Reform in Reverse.
Christopher Monfort had the only workable plan for SPD reform the city has seen yet.

Monfort, in case you've forgotten, assassinated a patrol officer in cold blood Halloween 2009. He attempted to fire-bomb the police garage without regard for the innocent maintenance and mechanic crews who work there. While evading capture, he attempted to murder at least two other officers.

When searched after his arrest, officers found his apartment contained enough explosives to kill everyone who lived in his apartment building.

To this day, he denies responsibility for any of his actions.
Apr 16, 2014 six shooter commented on Reform in Reverse.
@21 -- I agree there are serious problems with the SPD. I disagree that most of the problems are the fault of the police union. I also disagree that the police union isn't interested in fixing problems.

I have long advocated for investigations into the managing officers and department policy-makers. SPD brass screws line officers instead of taking responsibility for their lack of leadership. SPD brass refuses to send clear messages to those in their command.

SPD leadership always cries the same tears. "Blame the Union," the commanders say. "Evil cops won't let us reform!"

Meanwhile, SPD leadership rewards bad behavior and punishes anyone who dares to challenge their ideas on policing. Once again, they abandon their Operations staff when responsibility knocks.

The only new detail to this same old story is the willing reporter eager to blur the distinction between the bosses and the people who work for a living.

The Union sure is a convenient target for lazy complainers.
Apr 16, 2014 six shooter commented on Reform in Reverse.
Am I the only reader whose noticed the Slog's new love affair with ineffective government?

They can't help themselves when it comes to loving McGinn, who was certainly the least effective executive in most of Slog writers' lifetimes.

They believe the route to reform the SPD is more Seattle-style public process, including endless complaints when someone finally makes a decision they don't like.

They refuse to report on Sawant's complete abandonment of her duties on the Council. (you know, the job we pay her to do...)

If not for the sex and drugs, I'd start mistaking this blog for some-kind of Tea Party plan to make the government so ineffective it can't actually govern.
Apr 16, 2014 six shooter commented on Reform in Reverse.
Don't retroactively make up for raises following delays during contract negotiations.

Management would never abuse this new change and allow unions to work without a contract for years.

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