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Jul 14, 2014 six shooter commented on The Monday Morning News.
I may be confused about anatomy or I may be the first person to point this out. Those molds are of vulvas. A vaginal mold (ewwww) would require a much deeper dish.…
Jul 13, 2014 six shooter commented on City Attorney Says He Violated Policy When He Brought Pot into City Hall.
Actually, city policy is that you can have booze on city property as long as it is not open. An example would be if you bought a bottle of something at lunch and were taking it home, or if a department were raffling gift baskets that contained a bottle of wine.

Maybe that's how they do things over at City Light, CVdR. I would think twice before browsing the wine section of a grocery store while at work. If my co-workers store bottles in their desks, they're brave / dumb / unaware of how much trouble they could get into.

Imagine pot isn't wine in your analogy, but instead it is a loaded gun.

More seriously: Holmes is fully aware of the looming Federal Drug Free Workplace nightmare. His department will have to defend any city employee caught between our new weed tolerance and the Feds' stupid DARE-era policy. If Holmes doesn't wake up sweating over the standard practice he just established, he isn't very far-sighted.
Jul 1, 2014 six shooter commented on The Kind of Paper Grocery Bag Safeway Offers Black People Is Not the Same as the Kind it Offers White People?.
Black and poor people suffer the most in the name of progress. Consider yourself lucky you're not forced to buy your vegetables from a convenience store.
Jun 12, 2014 six shooter commented on Complaint Shows SPD Union Leader Was Banking On Mayor Murray to Capitulate to Union's Conservative Agenda.
@7 -- a quick read of your posting history shows you're pretty much unafraid to post whatever you want on SLOG.

Are you saying your employers' standards are also lower than Arby's, or are you saying police officers and fast food employees should have their social media postings censured but people as clever as you should be allowed to post whatever they want?
Jun 10, 2014 six shooter commented on Complaint Shows SPD Union Leader Was Banking On Mayor Murray to Capitulate to Union's Conservative Agenda.
Five hours and five comments. If anyone ever wonders who killed the Stranger's news department, I suppose the silence speaks volumes.
May 31, 2014 six shooter commented on Why We Need Cycletracks: Truck Blocks Entire Bike Lane On Capitol Hill.
Seems like you're getting used to sharing the road. You know, 13th Avenue, the residential avenue one block to the East, has much less traffic, much less trucking, and a lot more shade.

Cars re-route to avoid garbage trucks, Buses re-route to avoid crime scenes, motorcycles re-route to avoid "use extreme caution" construction areas.

If you're arguing you deserve completely unobstructed routes on completely flat routes, I will counter there are plenty of ghost town streets in the Southwest just begging for someone to build a cycle track so they can feel world-class like us.

I would like to take your arguments seriously, Mr. Herz. Over-reactions and half-baked posts with incorrect details about the city you're too new to name correctly make this goal difficult to reach.
May 21, 2014 six shooter commented on UW Students To Vote On Divestment from Companies Involved in Israeli Occupation.
Israel is a good divestment target because it is easy to imagine their citizens swaying under the pressure of the boycott. South Africa was a good divestment / propaganda target for the same reason.

No one on divests from Syria because no one believes the Syrian population is anywhere close to coming up with a political solution to their social woes.

By divesting from Israeli enterprise, the UW students aren't being anti-Jewish racists. Divestment says, "we have faith in you, Democratic Israel."

This strategy is far more egalitarian than the Rachel Corrie / Tibetan monk approach, which basically says "our enemies are so monstrous, they make us martyr ourselves.
May 17, 2014 six shooter commented on On the Internet, Everybody Knows You're an Asshole.
I love watching the guys at the National Review learn their readers are assholes.

I love even more watching the rest of the world realize the writers at the National Review are fostering colonies of assholes.
May 8, 2014 six shooter commented on Mayor Ed Murray Confirms He Asked State Legislator to Drop Endorsement of Metro-Saving "Plan C".
Maybe Murray is more interested in finding a compromise we can all live with instead of immediately abdicating the cities responsibilities to the rest of King County, the region, and the State.