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May 13, 2015 jezbian commented on Drunk of the Week.
@6 -… - "nature's pocket"!!
Apr 24, 2015 jezbian commented on The Morning News: State Legislature to Start Special Session, Hundreds Pack City Council Chambers for Rent Control Forum.
i thought "baghdad jim" was Jim McDermott, a Congressman who represents the 7th district of WA in DC....and i don't see him anywhere in the picture nor mentioned in the morning news at all...
Apr 10, 2015 jezbian commented on Drunk of the Week.
@11: my favourite trivia team name i have come up with in the past was "the vagina dialogues"!

i think this "move"/pose should be named "pinking shears" - it's scissoring-esque, but with more angles (insert dumbass pink-as-representative-of-female-genitalia-joke here)
Mar 27, 2015 jezbian commented on An Encomium (E-N-C-O-M-I-U-M) to Spelling Bees.
i always wanted to go to the seattle spelling bee, but chickened out - and i got your emails about the ones you were trying to do at unicorn but i tend to avoid the pike/pine areas at night these days.
any chance of trying it somewhere else?
Mar 19, 2015 jezbian commented on Neil DeGrasse Tyson's New Show StarTalk Looks AH-MAY-ZING.
if anyone (or business) who gets the NatGeo channel wants to DVR this and show it a day (or more) later at an earlier hour i would be interested in attending...but no NatGeo channel in our household...basicest of basic cable here...
Mar 5, 2015 jezbian commented on Today in Unhelpful Ideas: Vice Starts a Vertical for Ladies.
OK am i the only one reading this who hasn't the foggiest clue WTF "vertical" means in this context? i doublechecked the definitions at some online dictionary sites which provided nothing...and even found myself surfing over to the crap-filled which provided the options below:

"Vertical implies when you're moving in a vertical fashion to clear an obstical"

"To be Vertical is to be in a higher state of being, often induced through mind altering chemicals. Most common of these chemicals, for those who often get Vertical is Marijuana"

"The act of taking a handle, specifically of McCormicks, Apple flavor, and tilting it until it is perfectly 180 degrees "vertical" and drinking as long as you can"

"a descriptive for easily surpassing your competitors Created by Nicki Minaj in the "Nictionary""

"Jumping ability, traditionally understood within the context of basketball and generally not associated with the skill set of white people"

"vertical is a 5 peice metal band that will take the world by storm with their KICKASS music. they are the breed under verical (followers of the 1 and only high God) and spread his message to ears all through the world. Gods word has never sounded so good WAHOO!"
Mar 5, 2015 jezbian commented on How Much Will It Cost to Dispose of Your Remains?.
i have been a member of people's memorial for over a couple decades - my grandparents were members, my dad is a member, and we used PMC last august when my mom passed to fulfill her wishes of being cremated - and the cost was around $700. i cannot recommend them enough - they have a lot of great resources that help with the stuff that the gal who made the getyourshittogether site mentions - stuff about living wills, powers of attorney, etc. (check the "putting my house in order" page on their site) it's only $35 for a lifetime (insert dark humour comment here) membership, and their staff are INCREDIBLE to work with - they are supportive, friendly without being cloying, and made the whole horrible process as easy as it could have been.
Feb 20, 2015 jezbian commented on Seattle's Three Biggest Earthquake Hazards, Reviewed.
i for one am just thrilled to see JG's name back on the SLOG/In the stranger!!! hope this isn't a one-off!