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Jan 12 Orv commented on Would Bertha's Failure Doom Transit Tunnels in Downtown Seattle?.
@14: The Bay Area also has earthquakes and liquefaction issues, and their tunnels have been fine.

It's above ground structures that liquefaction causes problems for, because they fail as their foundations sink and as shaking causes them to act like upside-down pendulums. Tunnels move with the ground, and are usually built well below the kind of fill that causes liquefaction. (Bertha is not in fill, it's in glacially-deposited soil; the pit does have to go through fill, though, which is part of why digging it is so hard.)
Dec 4, 2014 Orv commented on Advice from a Convicted Criminal on How to Keep Your Car Safe in Seattle.
1992 to 1994 Honda Civics have door locks that are ridiculously easy to open without a key. I won't give specifics here but let's just say that if you've ever taken a door apart on one of those cars, you've seen how absurdly easy it is. A $0.10 sheet metal shield would have solved most of the problem.

I own a 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol. Carfax says it was stolen from a previous owner and then recovered months later. Out of three Del Sols I looked at, two had been stolen and recovered in the past. Not a big sample, but it gives you an idea of the problem.
Feb 14, 2014 Orv commented on Blocking Microsoft Vans Won't Make Seattle More Affordable.
@105: Pretty much. The counter-argument is that the people moving into these new developments will be moving out of older ones that will then become available -- but that assumes they're moving out of other developments in the city. I think what's actually happening is the new low-cost options are mostly in the suburbs.
Jan 14, 2014 Orv commented on These Guys Deliver Weed to Your Door.
@9: 2,600 applications, but there are only 21 store licenses allocated to Seattle. Many people want in, few will actually get to play.
Oct 11, 2013 Orv commented on A Recipe for Geothermally Baked Bread.
(Note that that might be a little short on liquid, but that's easy to adjust just by observing the dough consistency...
Oct 11, 2013 Orv commented on A Recipe for Geothermally Baked Bread.
Re #15: Yeah, yeast and salt don't scale directly in recipes.

I think as a first cut I'd use 2 tsp yeast, 1 tsp salt, and divide all the other amounts by 10 for a single loaf. That gives 400g of flour, which is around 3 cups. It'll probably need further adjustment but that seems like a good starting point...
Oct 11, 2013 Orv commented on A Recipe for Geothermally Baked Bread.
Gonna try cutting it down and making it in my crock pot. I bet it'll be a wonderful moist bread.
Aug 21, 2013 Orv commented on Life After Economics: David Graeber on Bullshit Jobs.
The problem, I think, is that in a capitalist system you can't really get to a post-scarcity situation. The reason is once something becomes so cheap to produce that it's essentially valueless, it becomes unprofitable and producers will leave the market until it becomes scarce again. Of course...this means fewer workers are needed...

So what we have is a situation where the only thing that's post-scarcity is *labor*. As a result, fewer and fewer of us have employment, but we still need money to pay for the necessities of life. As times goes on the work force will shrink even more, and even fewer people will have the wealth to survive. This will continue until either a radical economic adjustment happens, or a revolution occurs; a small oligarchy ruling a large, desperately-poor peasant class is not a stable situation.
Aug 14, 2013 Orv commented on I, Anonymous.
@45: I had similar problems at a place where I had an unusually long street address. Even abbreviated it was 32 characters. I once didn't get my credit card bill for a few months because they switched database systems and the new one truncated the address field, chopping off my apartment number.
Aug 14, 2013 Orv commented on Texas Is the Nightmare Stupidity of the Human World.
@35: It's not that Texans are dumb, it's more that Texas is our national testing lab for bad ideas in right-wing legislation. California serves the same purpose on the left.

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