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Dec 29, 2015 lark commented on African Moves to the US and Gets Killed by a Car in SeaTac.
Good Afternoon Charles,
That is a most sad account. I read about this accident in the morning Seattle Times. My condolences to his family & friends. To be sure, drunk drivers kill all right in this country and elsewhere. But it is the same kind of tragedy no matter where.

Clearly, people shouldn't drink excessively & drive. However, I do believe the number of drunk driving accidents is diminishing with tougher penalties and greater awareness. On more than one occasion, I have volunteered to drive people home from a party or bar and to NOT drink at all. I've noticed others doing it too. I am seeing more responsibility. Simply put that was very rare 30+ years ago. Yes, the number of drunk driving incidents (lethal or otherwise) is way too high in the USA. Yes, car culture is part of the problem but I contend many Americans that drive don't know how to drink as well.
Dec 24, 2015 lark commented on All I Want For Christmas Is To See Jimi Hendrix’s Memory Further Defiled By People Attempting to Venerate Him.
Yeah, that's pretty silly. But, what I think ridiculous is the shrine now built at Renton's Greenwood Cemetery at Jimi's grave site. Jimi's simple grave & gravestone is now essentially an elaborate mausoleum. I have a photo of the former (I'm in it) from the 90s. I really liked it. It featured a right-handed guitar (that was funny as Jimi played left-handed) engraved on it. I thought it charming.

Now it is a garish tomb like Napoleon's. Seriously, it's foolish. Look up the pictures of it. At least the statue can be cleaned up.
Dec 22, 2015 lark commented on Why Americans Should Stop Buying Apple's Products.
@3 seandr,
Agree. America is preparing HS students largely for college not for vocations/trades. I believe not all HS students want to attend college. I think it not constructive to tell a young man or lady that they have the stuff for university when in fact they don't. This country needs more vocational training at the HS level.
Dec 21, 2015 lark commented on Is "Mission: Impossible Theme/Norwegian Wood" the First Mashup?.
I dig Rubber Soul. It's my favorite Beatles' album. I have a pristine vinyl copy. Along with 'Norwegian Wood' it contains, 'In My Life', 'Run For Your Life', 'I've Just Seen a Face', 'I'm Looking Through You' and 'You Won't See Me'. All dandies. It is an absolute delight.
Dec 18, 2015 lark commented on Artist-Teacher Brent McDonald Leaves Behind a Community Shaped by His Work.
Good Morning,
I just read about his shooting death in this morning's Seattle Times. Most unfortunate. May he RIP. I hope the killer is brought to justice as soon as possible. A senseless killing of an apparently good man. Very sad. I only know about him from this bit of news in the paper.
Dec 17, 2015 lark commented on Seattle Is the Detroit of the 21st Century.
@15 MrSteve007,
Excellent analysis of the differences between Detroit & Seattle. I concur.
Dec 16, 2015 lark commented on Seattle Is the Detroit of the 21st Century.
Good Evening Charles,
Your posting title 'Seattle is the Detroit of the 21st Century' baffled me at first. I read the entire post and was still slightly puzzled but at least had some idea of what was being said. I'm not sure I agree with the premise of Pacific Standard's 'four technological ages' in America.

It is debatable but when I hear of Detroit now alas, I think of civic failure. Detroit is a great city in decline and has yet to recover if it ever will. From my understanding, Detroit has lost an enormous amount of people over the last 60+ years (from 1.86 million to 700,000). Much of the city is a 'ghost town'. It went from the Motor City to Murder City (most unfortunate). The term 'poverty porn' as I understand it emanated from Detroit. So, one can appreciate my bafflement.

Look, I understand the caveat that some great cities have relied on one large industry. Once technology changes an industry and an area may be changed forever. It's probably recurrent in some cities. But, I'm not sure what can be done. It IS most unfortunate and greatly problematic.
Dec 10, 2015 lark commented on The NRA and Mass Shootings Have Made the US a Lot Like the Movie Brazil.
Good Evening Charles,
I too, really like 'Brazil'. It's Gilliam's masterpiece. I find it more a spoof of bureaucracy than anything else. I've seen it few times and it still hasn't lost its luster.

You might have a point but it's fairly weak from my view. First of all, the NRA hasn't made the US a lot like the movie Brazil'. No, it hasn't. The country is ill at ease and I don't believe Pres. Obama has done a good job soothing the nation's anxieties especially regarding Terrorism. Yes, I concur America is heavily armed. I think it always has been even prior to the founding of the NRA (1879?). Americans just 'grew up' with an affinity to firearms. Recently, film & TV have also exacerbated that affinity (Seriously does a gun, usually a hand gun have to be featured in film advertisements?).

Yes, I get the scenario played out in the wake of mass shootings. Tragic and alas, recurrent. I'm not so sure why so many appear to be occurring in the past 5-10 years. It's baffling.
Dec 10, 2015 lark commented on When a Mass Killer Is a White Christian, He's a Lone Lunatic, but When He's Muslim, He Represents All Muslims.
I read the piece last night and I disagree with Savage. Dear, Farook & Malik are ALL terrorists. In fact, John Brown was a terrorist:…

Sure some terrorists are 'lone wolves' but all deliver terror. Anyone can be a terrorist (note that Malik was a woman) for virtually any cause. The simple fact is 'terrorists' for criminal investigations purposes are more dangerous because they are organized. True, 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'. But, that doesn't enable me for example, to conduct terror on behalf of even a moral cause. This distinction is small comfort to the victims of Dear, Farook & Malik among many others but it is important nonetheless. I don't use Savage's 'logic'. All of them are vicious, murderous monsters. And sometimes the use of a politically incorrect 'profile' is necessary to capture them.
Dec 10, 2015 lark commented on Family Members of a Dead 16-Year-Old Student at SCCC Rallied Outside the College Yesterday, Calling for #Justice4Hamza.
As unfortunate as it was that this young man died, I don't believe the police should be held accountable. The 'Fuck the police' signs are unnecessary. I don't think even the protestors know what they want. The police ARE investigating the matter. This demonstration is most foolish.