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Feb 12, 2014 MinnySota commented on Frank Bruni on Straight Guys, NFL Officials, Anonymous Players, and Others Freaking Out About Michael Sam Because—OMFG—Gay Dude In the Locker Room!.
I hope he does play for Green Bay. They have a significant defensive need, and it would be likely the only thing to change the minds of some Packer fans. Though we do need to give credit where it's due.... they did send Tammy Baldwin to the Senate. And distraction? You had a player change his name to his JERSEY NUMBER! NFL LOVES distractions because it IS a distraction! Tim Tebow isn't on a team on account of his "distraction" factor. He's not on a team because he can't play quarterback at a professional level. Jeez, even Michael Vick got another shot, because he was worth the risk. How many times did Brett Favre unretire? Distraction my ass.
Feb 5, 2014 MinnySota commented on In Ireland Only Straight People Are the Victims of Homophobia.
The right's diatribes work best when they can assume the role of victim and bully at the very same time.
Jan 31, 2014 MinnySota commented on Wait—I Thought Obama Was the Anti-Christ?.
Also, this whole antichrist thing is getting tired. Way back when, Clinton himself was the Antichrist. I think probably Al Gore was the Anti Christ for awhile. Probably Wendy Davis is also the Anti Christ. If there is an Anti Christ, don't you think s/he'd be damned well smart enough to fool a whole hell of a lot of people smarter than the GOP base? I do.
Jan 31, 2014 MinnySota commented on Wait—I Thought Obama Was the Anti-Christ?.
These days, Christians are the Anti-Christ.
Jan 31, 2014 MinnySota commented on "When a trans woman gets called a man, that is an act of violence.".
Peter La Barbera hasn't the nuts to face Laverne Cox.
Jan 29, 2014 MinnySota commented on Cathy McMorris Rogers Thinks You Should Free To Make Your Own Health-Care Choices....
I don't think that healthcare reform has gone far enough... we're still at the whims of the insurers, who have proven time and time again they will find a way for douchetastical law skirting. However, one thing you CAN say for this law is you DO have a choice of insurers. You can choose to use your work plan, or if that blows goats, as many do, you can find a plan in the marketplace that you DO like. And odds are pretty good that you're gonna get some kind of a subsidy. Obamacare ain't perfect, but it would have saved my everloving ass in my college days when I waited out a kidney infection all weekend because I would be damned if I was gonna go to the ER without insurance and the free clinic was closed til Monday. Or my husband, who probably would have gotten his diabetes caught much sooner if he hadn't been on a bullshit plan offered by Securitas that basically was "you submit a claim, and we'll make it so fucking hard that you'll eventually be like 'fuck it' and pay the bill yourself."
Jan 20, 2014 MinnySota commented on Sarah Palin Opens Her Mouth.
As sad as it is, she's made a flippin' gold mine saying asinine stupid shit. Why would she stop? She's got a small but loyal fan base that will buy anything she gets someone else to write for her, who will send her money for no goddamned reason, and who will never ever question the obvious hypocrisies in her life and words. She's just another traveling preacher.
Jan 10, 2014 MinnySota commented on SLLOTD: Err on the Side of Blowjobs.
What he's doing, regardless of intent, regardless of whether or not she's said it needs to stop, needs to stop RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Otherwise, one of these times, he's gonna slip that shit all the way in, and she's gonna be all "what the fuck just happened?" In other words, she'll have lost her vaginal virginity (because she is not a sexual virgin) without her explicit consent. And that's fucked up, and maybe the boy is just a horned up teen, and maybe he's thinking with his dick, but if she doesn't lay this shit out for him, he's going to continue thinking with his dick in situations like this.

And Jesus holy god, I remember agonizing over my "vaginal virginity." And then one day it was over, and I was pretty much like "thank fucking Christ."
Jan 4, 2014 MinnySota commented on Bill Nye the Science Guy to Debate Creation Museum Founder About Evolution.
What the eff ever. My father in law is both a scientist and a Catholic. My husband attended Catholic schools before the days of intelligent design. They were taught about evolution in science class and creationism in religion classes. I have a Lutheran minister friend who says that it's within reason to consider that evolutionary accounts of creation and creationist accounts are not mutuall exclusive. But neither of them is a real big fan of Caribou Barbie or her cast of idiots either. And they're BOTH Republican.
Dec 17, 2013 MinnySota commented on SLLOTD: The Stranger Beside Me.
As a card carrying member of the "shitty childhood" club, I can categorically say that shit didn't get one ounce better after leaving home, not one solitary, blessed ounce until I realized a variation of what Dan said. My parent's didn't love me in the way I needed to be loved (not that they didn't love me... that is a different matter). It sucked, and it was hard, and it caused a lot of unnecessary drama and bullshit in my life. But, as an adult, I NEVER HAD TO SEE THEM AGAIN IF I DIDN'T WANT TO. Furthermore, I had finally realized that shitty childhood does not equal "everyone bend over backwards to help me/give me what I want/give me do-overs when I fuck up." You didn't have a support system, and that usually means when you fuck up, you EPICALLY fuck up, and there isn't someone there to be all like "hey dipshit, you should do it this way next time." So, in short, I no longer had to put up with their bullshit if I chose not to, and conversely, NO ONE HAD TO PUT UP WITH MINE. Therefore, if I wanted my life to get better, everything from that point on was MY FUCKING PROBLEM. Sure, my dad beat me, but he didn't make me oversleep for class, or be irresponsible about work, or any number of other things. *I* did those things. And if I wanted to continue to have a shitty life where I could play the victim, I would continue to do those things and blame others. Because I found my life at the time of this realization to be wholly unsatisfactory, I got the fuck over it. Man up, go to counseling, and tell this boy you've just realized that you've been VERY unfair to him, punishing him for shit that was not in his control. That you are going to work on yourself. That if he wants to stick around, he's welcome to, but not at all obligated to, and maybe shouldn't because frankly, you haven't been able to be good to him. No one is obligated to sit around and wait for you to figure your shit out.

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