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Dec 17, 2013 MinnySota commented on SLLOTD: The Stranger Beside Me.
As a card carrying member of the "shitty childhood" club, I can categorically say that shit didn't get one ounce better after leaving home, not one solitary, blessed ounce until I realized a variation of what Dan said. My parent's didn't love me in the way I needed to be loved (not that they didn't love me... that is a different matter). It sucked, and it was hard, and it caused a lot of unnecessary drama and bullshit in my life. But, as an adult, I NEVER HAD TO SEE THEM AGAIN IF I DIDN'T WANT TO. Furthermore, I had finally realized that shitty childhood does not equal "everyone bend over backwards to help me/give me what I want/give me do-overs when I fuck up." You didn't have a support system, and that usually means when you fuck up, you EPICALLY fuck up, and there isn't someone there to be all like "hey dipshit, you should do it this way next time." So, in short, I no longer had to put up with their bullshit if I chose not to, and conversely, NO ONE HAD TO PUT UP WITH MINE. Therefore, if I wanted my life to get better, everything from that point on was MY FUCKING PROBLEM. Sure, my dad beat me, but he didn't make me oversleep for class, or be irresponsible about work, or any number of other things. *I* did those things. And if I wanted to continue to have a shitty life where I could play the victim, I would continue to do those things and blame others. Because I found my life at the time of this realization to be wholly unsatisfactory, I got the fuck over it. Man up, go to counseling, and tell this boy you've just realized that you've been VERY unfair to him, punishing him for shit that was not in his control. That you are going to work on yourself. That if he wants to stick around, he's welcome to, but not at all obligated to, and maybe shouldn't because frankly, you haven't been able to be good to him. No one is obligated to sit around and wait for you to figure your shit out.
Dec 13, 2013 MinnySota commented on Jon Stewart on Megyn Kelly's White Christmas.
It's ironic that the people who think that other people being confronted with religious practices other than their own (Christianity) is totally acceptable, but let them see one festivus pole and they lose their shit.
Dec 13, 2013 MinnySota commented on Jon Stewart on Megyn Kelly's White Christmas.
I think a government building in Florida is as good a place as any to air one's grievances. And geez.... they see one festivus pole and their search for mangers is all for naught? As Jon said, you couldn't take them to the LIVE demonstration in front of your workplace? You couldn't find the hundreds of churches who have every level of manger scene realness?
Nov 16, 2013 MinnySota commented on SL Letter of the Day: Over & Out.
@2, i credit *MY* fucked upedness to my parents STAYING married. But I'm also grown up enough to realize that any fucked uppedness sustained after the age of 18, regardless of who "started" it, is my own fucking problem. I also realized that I no longer had to put up with fuckers who would fuck me up or contribute to fucking me up. It's made a world of difference. It's so easy to blame our parents, and sure, they did shit that sucked, but we're all goddamned adults now, and it's time to own it and deal with it and move on. How do you know your parents staying together would have been super awesome rainbow pony love?
Oct 22, 2013 MinnySota commented on Savage Love.
I work in psych. That girl needs to call the local PD to do a wellness check on him. Being taken in by the police and being put on a 72 hour hold might convince him that it's not appropriate to make threats like that. You've hedged your bets this way. You did the responsible thing (making sure he's not at risk, taking suicide seriously) without getting sucked back into his drama.
Sep 23, 2013 MinnySota commented on Ted Cruz, Smarmy Dick, Handed His Ass on Fox News Sunday.
His unwillingness to answer the question and responding in fluent Tea Party bullshit reasoning is staggering. Maybe that talk down nicey-nicey shit works with your supporters, but the rest of us don't believe you just because of your tone of voice and the earnest smile on your weasely face? Truth is you're scared shitless that when Obamacare comes online, it's NOT going to be a catastrophe, and your political career is over.
Sep 23, 2013 MinnySota commented on Academic Trouble.
You aren't boned if you have one or two bad semesters, or even bad years when it comes into getting into a good grad program/med school, ect. Lots of programs recognize that people change, and yes, you probably won't get in as a 22 year old, but that's hardly the end of the world. In this economy, it's common to have people go back for various career changes, for a variety of reasons. I know someone who didn't figure out what she wanted to do until late in her undergraduate career. She graduated with a 2.5 GPA and realized she wanted to go to med school. She had to get a master's degree on her way to doing so, and she had to make sure everything else was in great shape for her application. She got in. I would say to the students that "needed" the 4.0, that they clearly didn't need it that badly or they would have worked for it. If you enrolled into a prestigious program and couldn't get around to going to class, then you must not really want to do whatever it is you think you need to be doing with your life.
Aug 30, 2013 MinnySota commented on Starbucks Responds to Sandwichgate.
I know it seems like this is a reason to doubt the kid's story, but it more or less illustrates that an employer can get rid of you at any time for any reason. Unless you're super anal, you might have been late once or twice. In shift work, especially shift work with a varying schedule, it's VERY easy to no call/no show to a shift. I did it in the first week of one of my jobs and guess what? They trained me for management. Getting reprimanded for a personality difference with a coworker sounds like the boss liked the coworker better or they were a personal friend. Colton has learned a hard lesson, but a needed one. When you notice that your boss is coming down on you for stuff that they never come down on anyone else for, you have two choices: wait it out, if you can get severance, because they will likely use "layoff" instead of firing, or quit. I've been there, I chose quit at the time, because it was time to get on with my life, and knowing those jerks I'd have been strung along for an extra several years of emotional douchebaggery.
Aug 27, 2013 MinnySota commented on Coming Out a Crime. Mobs Beating Queers In the Streets. People Being Arrested for Holding Up Rainbow Flags. LGBT People Losing Their Jobs. Gay Teens Being Assaulted, Outed and Driven to Suicide by Thugs. Same-Sex Parents Fleeing the Country..
And that's why we can't allow them to be in charge of ANYTHING. Make no mistake, once you start marking one group as 'evil' and subhuman, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to mark others as such. Brian Fischer wants to protect children from the gays? I would drop my kid off at a drag show and worry less than if I put them around these dangerous ideas. Plus, the thought of Jinkx Monsoon or Latrice Royale imparting wisdom to my spawn would be awesome.
Aug 22, 2013 MinnySota commented on SL Letter of the Day: That Kid Is No Kleptomaniac.
@5, being a LICSW, as opposed to an MSW, requires significantly more experience in most states. Generally not for entry level folks. You have to have been in the field and had significant experience to even apply, and THEN you have to yet more CEs, and THEN you have to take ANOTHER test. So, probably not some "freshly minted" social worker.

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