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Apr 24 loganlorelai commented on Another Ampersand.
Clearly you haven't tried their otherworldly pea dish and kick-ass Texas toast (and to watch the Chef yank it out of the oven with a geyser of melted butter falling to the floor is something to behold). Their micro brew taps are legit too.
Apr 8 loganlorelai commented on Yet Another Alleged Hate Crime On Capitol Hill Last Night.
Like any classic bully, they'll keep committing these crimes and harassing random strangers unless we start standing up to them, for real. At minimum, everyone should be carrying mace. Like it or not, there are bad people out there that need a taste of their own medicine. Take your hood back people!
Feb 4 loganlorelai commented on Historic Riders: Iron Maiden June 28th, 1983.
Thanks for posting these - everyone drank Heineken back then, apparently.
Jan 21 loganlorelai commented on Italian Electronic-Music Legend Alexander Robotnick to Make Seattle Debut April 10 at Barboza.
Holy hell - never thought I'd get to see him live. Thanks for the heads-up!
Dec 16, 2013 loganlorelai commented on Ma Savage's Christmas Snowballs.
Can't wait - thank you!
Dec 2, 2013 loganlorelai commented on Cave Singers' Haunted Folk-Rock.
Too bad they have no problem cancelling high-profile gigs within 1-2 days of a festival (see Doe Bay '12 - they were a headliner) to "finish" their record. They seem pretty self-involved/selfish. I'll pass.
Nov 20, 2013 loganlorelai commented on "Soundgarden Looking For New (Temporary) Drummer".
There is no substitute to Matt in my humble opinion - his unique style and ability to improvise on the fly especially will be missed, I'm sure.
Sep 24, 2013 loganlorelai commented on Sammy Hagar: WTF.
Most of the Standing Hampton record stands up too, as far as early-to-mid-80s-era power pop records go, in my humble opinion...

Sep 24, 2013 loganlorelai commented on Sammy Hagar: WTF.
He can pull out gems when he applies himself - remember, he penned this after all...

Sep 3, 2013 loganlorelai commented on Three Sides of Bob Mould.
@9 - unless this was some peyote-fuled reaction to the set, I would delete/hide

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