Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jun 18, 2014 cgd commented on The Morning News: Washington Redskins' Trademark Is Canceled Because That Name Is "Disparaging to Native Americans".
No air strikes in Iraq.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California, a senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, balked at the benefit of a U.S. air attack, predicting that it might do more harm than good.

“The president should be wary of calls to intervene militarily through an air campaign that will not affect the strategic balance on the battlefield, and is as likely to alienate the local population as it is to accomplish any tactical objective,” Schiff said.

“Our limited intelligence and the civilian nature of the battle space make the use of our air power even more problematic,” he said. “We do not want to be perceived as siding with Shia over Sunnis in another increasingly sectarian conflict, which would inevitably be the case if we should unintentionally cause Sunni civilian casualties.”
Jun 12, 2014 cgd commented on Why Can't Hillary Answer the Question?.
@21 I agree with everything you say except one thing. Public opinion has not been changing dramatically over the last X years. Support has been building by 1-2% per year for decades.
Jun 12, 2014 cgd commented on Why Can't Hillary Answer the Question?.
What @1 said.

For someone who didn't believe in DOMA, Obama's Justice Department sure did defend the hell out of it at the start. And I guess if nobody believed Obama opposed marriage equality it wasn't a very shrewd political calculation on his part to oppose it in 2008.

Why would you be so fascinated about the political considerations that politicians make when they are so clearly aligned with the polls?
I'd rather hear about how much politics was going on in the minds of the Iowa Supreme Court justices when they ruled for marriage equality. You know, the justices who later lost their jobs because of it.

And Clinton is right. Gross is factually wrong that a lot of people supported marriage equality in the 90s.
Jun 5, 2014 cgd commented on The Need for Screed.
Frank Bruni is one of the worst offenders when it comes to trivializing and freakifying facts. This is what he wrote about the presidential debate in 2000:

And as Mr. Gore loped effortlessly through the Balkans, barely able to suppress his self-satisfied grin, it became ever clearer that the point of all the thickets of consonants and proper nouns was not a geopolitical lesson.

It was more like oratorical intimidation, an unwavering effort to upstage and unnerve an opponent whose mind and mouth have never behaved in a similarly encyclopedic fashion.

The conventional wisdom held that in tonight's presidential debate, the first, and perhaps most important, of three encounters between Mr. Gore and Gov. George W. Bush, Mr. Gore should show voters a warm and fuzzy side while Mr. Bush should seize a tough, commanding tone.


Despite Mr. Gore's efforts at laughter and all his references to the middle-class people who had become his chums, he was above all a reference book of foreign names and domestic facts and figures.

At the time, the New York Times was paying him to be a reporter.
May 21, 2014 cgd commented on Gallup: Support for Gay Marriage Hits New High.
In the long view it's been a slow and steady trend all these years, being driven from the bottom up, and what seems like rapid change now is just the tippping point.
May 15, 2014 cgd commented on UCLA Study: Horny People Hornier Than Less Horny People.
@3 @8 Your application sounds a lot more practical than the one floated in the press release:

Understanding how the brain responds to sexual images could help scientists create a brain stimulation intervention to reduce sensitivity to sexual reward and thus reduce some people's proclivity to engage in risky sexual activities.
Apr 18, 2014 cgd commented on Southern Schools Are Resegregating.
Thank you for posting this, Ansel. That is a great bit of reporting.
Apr 17, 2014 cgd commented on Lawyer Who Argued Against Gay Marriage Before the Supreme Court Says His Position Is "Evolving," Now That His Daughter Is Marrying a Woman.
More details from Jo Becker's book reported in the Washington Post:

Becker wrote that Cooper and his daughter spent hours discussing the case while it was ongoing and disagreed about Cooper’s view that states had reason to enshrine the traditional definition of marriage in their constitutions and withhold the right from same-sex couples.

“I think the most upset I got was being called an ‘experiment’ that people deserved to see the outcome of before accepting,” Becker quoted Lininger as saying. “It just made me feel — alien, I guess.”
Apr 17, 2014 cgd commented on Lawyer Who Argued Against Gay Marriage Before the Supreme Court Says His Position Is "Evolving," Now That His Daughter Is Marrying a Woman.
@6 Sure, because liberals have always been for marriage equality.
Apr 17, 2014 cgd commented on Bullshitwashing the Marriage Equality Movement.
Here's the New York Times article based on part of the book:

I'll reserve my opinion of the book until I read it. It doesn't come out until Tuesday. Where are Andrew Sullivan's quotes from the book that he's shredding, by the way? Have you read it, Dan?

The NYT article seemed to confirm that Biden's statement lending support to marriage equality was not the White House's idea.

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