Jul 6 cgd commented on Savage Love.
@19 Even if she were to agree to new rules, why should he believe her? She's already re-promised to be faithful.
Jun 7 cgd commented on Seattle Activist Sarra Tekola Runs Into Bill Clinton in Los Angeles, Curses Him Over Crime Bill.
Tekola speaks for a generation of young people ... She plans to vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein

This recent poll shows Clinton is ahead among those age 18-24, followed closely by Trump:
May 31 - June 5, registered voters, age 18-24 (N=69)

Clinton vs Trump:
41% Clinton
39% Trump
15% Other

Clinton vs Trump vs Johnson:
29% Clinton
28% Trump
24% Johnson
10% Other

Quinnipiac poll, May 24 -30, age 18-34

Clinton vs Trump vs Johnson vs Stein
40% Clinton
28% Trump
8% Johnson
8% Stein
Jun 2 cgd commented on Let's Watch Hillary Clinton's Speech On National Security, AKA Her Speech Ripping Donald Trump Several Dozen New Assholes.
Dan Savage:

—but I believe my initial support of the Iraq invasion forever disqualifies me from holding forth on issues of national security.

Is this the end of that policy?
May 20 cgd commented on Guest Editorial: Washington's $11.5 Million Election Boondoggle.
In future, keep your primary and get rid of your undemocratic caucus.
May 9 cgd commented on If You Like Frank Bruni's Column (and You're Terrified of the U.S.'s Political Future), Listen to This.
At around time 15:18-15:40 in the podcast, Bruni calls George W. Bush "intellectually nimble" and "sharp", but basically tongue-tied in public. I'd say his opinion is unbelievable, except I remember Bruni's awful reporting on W's campaign for the New York Times.
May 6 cgd commented on Bernie or Bust? Kshama Sawant Debates Former Mayor Mike McGinn.
@16 Also don't forget that Clinton can leave a progressive legacy without a fully Democratic Congress by appointing Supreme Court justices. One seat is open now and 2 or 3 more seats could open up. The chances of a Democratic Senate next year to approve her appointments are good.
May 4 cgd commented on Hillary vs. Donald.
Trump lies a lot more than many other politicians. Compare:
May 4 cgd commented on All of These Pundits Were Wrong About Trump.
@7, @9
Right now, Clinton flips AZ, MO, NC, & UT and Trump flips none.