May 9 cgd commented on If You Like Frank Bruni's Column (and You're Terrified of the U.S.'s Political Future), Listen to This.
At around time 15:18-15:40 in the podcast, Bruni calls George W. Bush "intellectually nimble" and "sharp", but basically tongue-tied in public. I'd say his opinion is unbelievable, except I remember Bruni's awful reporting on W's campaign for the New York Times.
May 6 cgd commented on Bernie or Bust? Kshama Sawant Debates Former Mayor Mike McGinn.
@16 Also don't forget that Clinton can leave a progressive legacy without a fully Democratic Congress by appointing Supreme Court justices. One seat is open now and 2 or 3 more seats could open up. The chances of a Democratic Senate next year to approve her appointments are good.
May 4 cgd commented on Hillary vs. Donald.
Trump lies a lot more than many other politicians. Compare:……
May 4 cgd commented on All of These Pundits Were Wrong About Trump.
@7, @9
Right now, Clinton flips AZ, MO, NC, & UT and Trump flips none.
May 2 cgd commented on A Note on the Indigestion Caused By Eating Class Struggle.
What is the evidence that tomatoes make people sick? Ethylene-ripened tomatoes are probably one of the healthiest things on a pizza or hamburger.

Eating out has traditionally been for rich people. Poor people cooked beans and vegetables in a pot with water and were a lot healthier than the rich. Use a slow cooker.
Apr 27 cgd commented on The SECB Convenes to Discuss Last Night's Primary Results.
As Ansel suggests, supporting down-ballot progressive Democrats is a great idea.

At 45%, self-identified liberals now make up the largest group of Democrats, and their numbers have been growing since 2000.

See graph "Ideology by party" here:
Apr 21 cgd commented on Bernie Sanders Campaign Discovers They Actually Like Superdelegates After All.
@28 Of course overturn Citizens United. So do you agree that the caucuses should be replaced with primaries?
Apr 21 cgd commented on Bernie Sanders Campaign Discovers They Actually Like Superdelegates After All.
@23, @24
And yet the superdelegates as a group have never tilted the election against the popular vote winner.

What puzzles me is why people tolerate the *caucuses*. 66% more people voted in Alabama's Democratic primary than in Washington's Democratic caucus (382,000 vs 230,000), and yet Washington has 46% more people than Alabama (7 vs. 4.8 million).

WA turnout:
AL turnout:
Apr 10 cgd commented on Bernie Sanders Asks to Speak at Homophobic Group's Conference.
@28 Sort of like Sanders in Vermont.