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Oct 13 Gordon Werner commented on The Morning News: Suspect Running Away from Police Decided to Jump Into Lake Union.
the damage he and his crews did to the local populations not withstanding ...

1. Columbus was not Italian ... he was from the Republic of Genoa as there was no Italy in the 1400s.

2. Even his own people told him to fuck off ... which is why he was sailing for the Queen of Spain

3. He discovered the Caribbean ... not what today is the Continental United States.
Oct 12 Gordon Werner commented on Antonio Banderas Almost Fucks a Robot in Automata.
This movie was very white. And I'm not talking about the white sand desert. Odd that Mr. Mudede didn't mention that aspect.

I did think that the movie did a good job of depicting a run-down future society that was slowly dying.
Oct 7 Gordon Werner commented on Court Finds Nevada, Idaho Gay Marriage Bans Unconstitutional.
What about Oregon? Doesn't Oregon fall under the same circuit?
Oct 7 Gordon Werner commented on The Morning News: Most Hate Crimes in Seattle Committed Against Gays and Lesbians.
I really wish we could come up with some state-wide law that required town-destroyers like Walmart to provide full health benefits, livable wages ($15/hr here), etc in the state of Washington.
Oct 6 Gordon Werner commented on David Lynch Will Take Us Back to Twin Peaks.
We need to DEMAND that it be filmed/produced here in Washington and not up north in Vancouver like every other TV show these days
Sep 30 Gordon Werner commented on Malay Satay Hut Is Closed! But Here Are Six New Seattle Spots.
Well that sucks (Malay Satay Hut closing)
Sep 18 Gordon Werner commented on Seattle Tunnel Tops "Highway Boondoggles" List.
@2 since it is a double-decker tunnel, one of the levels could conceivably be turned into bus/rail. However, it wouldn't be of much value to transit since it bypasses downtown without any accommodation for stops and there will never be enough demand for transit to simply bypass downtown to warrant the cost of conversion.

Had we gone with the cut and cover tunnel that included the seawall rebuilding then transit could easily have been incorporated from the outset
Sep 17 Gordon Werner commented on In an "Atrocious" Decision, Seattle Times Deletes Socialist Jess Spear From Its McCleary Coverage.
I personally like "the Stranger," "Seattlish," "PubliCola," "Horsesass," and of course the awesome "Capitol Hill Seattle blog"
Sep 15 Gordon Werner commented on Mayor Murray and Council Member Licata Announce New City Office of Labor Standards.
so will this dept handle wage theft issues?
Sep 15 Gordon Werner commented on LAPD Arrests Black Woman For Kissing White Boyfriend.
this is so fucking awful.


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