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Feb 3 apres_moi commented on Cheat Sheet.
I'm voting NO to Seattle Schools and YES to Seattle School Repairs. The state needs to get it's act together and get state funding approved at the state level instead of passing the costs to the tax payer at the local level through property tax hikes like this one.

Now let's do the math. The current property tax assessment in Seattle is $9.27 per every $1,000. If the value of your home is $450K, you're currently playing $4,171.50 per year in property taxes. If you add on the additional taxes if they can get past the voters, then the property tax assessment rate will increase to $11.13 per every $1,000. The same homeowner is now paying $5,008.50 a year on property taxes. That's an increase of $837 compared to the previous year.
Jan 26 apres_moi commented on The Joys and Challenges of Translating One of Brazil's Most Brilliant and Beguiling Fiction Writers.
Foi muito bom!!!! Eu preciso ler esse romance em português e inglês. Muito obrigado pelo artigo.
Jan 26 apres_moi commented on Light Rail to Capitol Hill and the U-District Opens March 19.
Three min from Cap Hill to U District??? Great now folks on the hill as well as the scruff/grindr hook ups no longer have a reason to not come up north. ;)
Jan 19 apres_moi commented on When It Comes to Housing, San Francisco Is Doing It Wrong, Seattle Is Doing It Right, Cont..
So what's the deal with constructing apartments with no cement between each floor? Over time those become a Godsend b/c you don't have to deal with noisy neighbors or neighbors who are heavy footed.
Jan 11 apres_moi commented on David Bowie Is Dead at 69.
I feel sorry for Iman and their 15 year old daughter. No teenager should have to deal with the death of their parent, especially at the age of 15.
Dec 2, 2015 apres_moi commented on Mass Shooting Reported in San Bernardino.
@39 - The Vikings didn't stay to kill the Natives and bring slaves. Plus the Natives did kill of some Vikings.
Dec 2, 2015 apres_moi commented on Mass Shooting Reported in San Bernardino.
It's obvious white terrorists with guns have been this continent's problem since 1492.
Nov 30, 2015 apres_moi commented on Why Do Canadian Bartenders Pour So Poorly?.
I just came back from Vancouver. When the bartender poured me a weak amount, I said to him "Oh I'm from the States. I forgot that alcohol is heavily taxed here and every pour is basically taxed. To which, he smiled and said "you're exactly right". I'm surprised Charles hasn't been in the liquor stores in BC to see what they have, as well as the prices. The selection of things such as rum is different than here and Polar Ice vodka's worth grabbing for drinks or for making vodka sauce.
Sep 10, 2015 apres_moi commented on Rallying to Help a Homeschooled Christian Kid Who Got Thrown Out After He Came Out.
I'm not surprised. This almost happened to me at 17/18 before I graduated HS and came to Seattle for UW. My late dad found my porn that I accidentally left on the screen in 1997 and over the course of 7 months tried to make my life hell only to get put in his place by my mom who threatened to kick him out b/c he cheated on her two years prior. So she had the upper hand and made sure that I didn't get kicked out before heading to college. My dad eventually came around a couple of years later and surprised me later by supporting marriage equality thanks to Six Feet Under.