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Sep 4 apres_moi commented on Seattle Cop Defends Killer of Michael Brown, Accuses Obama of Racism.
When it comes to freedom of speech, law enforcement need to be a bit more careful due to the fact that a defense lawyer for someone they arrested could use whatever they publicly say against them in order to sway the jury that officers arrested the person based on a prejudice rather than whether or not an actual crime was committed.
Jul 29 apres_moi commented on Newly Exhumed Documents Reveal Mark Driscoll's Vision of Our "Pussified Nation".
He's either caught in a hotel with a prostitute (pick the sex) or found unconscious because he "David Carradine"-ed himself
Jul 23 apres_moi commented on Twenty Palestinians Killed for Every One Israeli.
two things to note:
1. Hamas is not Palestine. Hamas is in fact Lebanon-borne. In fact I think they basically used force and terrorism to beat the PLO in getting control of Palestine. I could be wrong of course.
2. A saying an Arab Israeli colleague from years ago said to me privately was that "Israelis will stop you when you kick a dog, but will join you when you kick a Palestinian" This has always proven true.
Jul 23 apres_moi commented on Twenty Palestinians Killed for Every One Israeli.
I hate discussing this b/c if I appear at the least any sympathetic to Palestinians to any Zionist, I'm labeled as anti-semitic. So I've given up.
Apr 30 apres_moi commented on In Culture News: Mudede's Favorite Film, Kid Musicians Need Your Vote, and What to Expect When You're SIFFing.
It never occurred to me until now that the acronym for Vancouver Art Gallery is VAG. Yes my mind is in the gutter
Apr 30 apres_moi commented on Rob Ford to Enter Rehab.
I'm sure his wife was planning on leaving him if he said "no no no"
Apr 16 apres_moi commented on Christianity Is About Decent Family Values and Protecting the Innocence of Children.
that kid's going to grow up being into s&m and bondage and probably move to Berlin or Amsterdam.
Apr 14 apres_moi commented on Ohio Republican's Advertisement Accuses John Boehner of "Electile Dysfunction".
I hope this guy wins the primary with this ad but loses the general b/c he's a tea party
Apr 14 apres_moi commented on Obamacare Cheaper Than Expected.
@1 what you're proposing is that the Republicans actually start giving a damn about the common working-class people?
Apr 12 apres_moi commented on The Saturday Morning News.
I'm not surprised the Seattle Times has turned into a shitty conservative newspaper. I knew this would happen after the PI stop printing.

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