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Mar 20 pat L commented on Danielle Henderson Is The Stranger's New Arts & Culture Editor!.
Old stuff in the fridge -Eeww! Danielle Editor - Yay!
Mar 14 pat L commented on Gun-Crazy Country: A 17-Year-Old Boy In Your 16-Year-Old Daughter's Room?.
I feel sorry for the next teen who tries to date the daughter!
Mar 13 pat L commented on The City Council Is Trying to Kill Pedestrians.
Yes, this does poss me off, as I am on foot frequently. Pedestrians also pay sales and property taxes, and shoudn't have to eat it around every construction project! (Auto spell also posses me off. But that's another post)
Mar 13 pat L commented on Dominic Holden Is Being Promoted to Associate Editor of The Stranger.
Is Dominic really that handsome? Way to go!
Mar 12 pat L commented on Sixth Woman in Recent Months to Leave Seattle Times Newsroom.
Yes to @16. Where else do we go for real local news that isn't crap? And for @15, it's only a matter of time before all of the Times building by Denny & Fairview becomes a gigantic overpriced condo! Along with every other freaking plot of land in Seattle!
Mar 11 pat L commented on Five Ways to Make the City Better for People of Color.
BTW sloggers, where's that beautiful mural of Dr Martin L King Jr? By the tone of these posts, too bad we can't take a collective bong hit and chill out. Or hug our neighbor. Or something else that's genuinely productive. Which was the whole point of this article.
Mar 10 pat L commented on Tear Down the Damn Viaduct Already!.
4 to 5 minute earthquake! Bye bye folks!
Mar 9 pat L commented on Five Ways to Make the City Better for People of Color.
Yes, racism IS depressing. Very depressing. It's painful to hear friends and co-workers of color quietly mention the bad experiences they have had. From what I can tell, lots of interactions aren't openly racist, but are more subtle and passive-aggressive.
Mar 6 pat L commented on Domestic Violence Gun Bill Passes Washington State Senate.
If it prevents even one shooting a year - Yay!
Mar 6 pat L commented on Cutting Bus Service Would Hit Poor People Hardest.
$150,000 condos? More like $450,000 condos! It's criminal that a city as prosperous as Seattle (and King County)should have to resort to this band-aid funding. If I were Dow Constantine, I'd be hopping mad.

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