Feb 10, 2016 butterw commented on Chris Christie Is Returning to New Jersey; No Bridge Is Safe.
Can understand his marijuana stance. Can you _imagine_ what he'd look like if he got the munchies?
Feb 6, 2016 butterw commented on Ted Cruz's Secret Longings.
Thanks, Dan! This is the sort in incisive journalism that keeps me coming back to The Stranger.
Jan 6, 2016 butterw commented on Childlike Emperor Donald Trump Decides Ted Cruz Shall Be His Next Plaything.
Mitt wasn't born in Mexico, that was his father George, who also ran for president.
Dec 30, 2015 butterw commented on Squirrels Eating Avocados Are So Yesterday—Here's a Squirrel Eating a Persimmon.
Avocados, persimmons, meh! Let me know when a squirrel eats a child.
Dec 24, 2015 butterw commented on Christmas Eve Morning News! Avoid I-90, Avoid Southeast 60th Street in Bellevue, and It's Snowing in Some Places!.
> News you probably can't use, but is vaguely interesting:

The Stranger is my go-to blog for vaguely interesting stuff.
Nov 12, 2015 butterw commented on Fact-Checking Last Night's Fox Debate: Who Lied Best?.
I disagree with the contention that Huckabee was consigned to the "Little Kids debate". Say what you will about newcomers Huckabee and Christie, they ain't "little".
Nov 3, 2015 butterw commented on Jeb Bush Still Trying to Figure Out How to Get His Shit Together.
Worried about fair elections in Florida?

Jeb can fix it.
Oct 27, 2015 butterw commented on The One Guy Who Can Fix Politics Is the One Guy Democrats Won't Let You Hear About.
"The One Guy?" Is his plan somehow dependent upon him personally? On him being president?
Oct 23, 2015 butterw commented on Lincoln Chafee Ends His Bid For the Democratic Nominazzzzz.
I'm no longer Feelin' the Chafe.
Sep 1, 2015 butterw commented on I Suppose I Should Say Something About Kim Davis.
I'm glad Kim Davis is the public face of Christianity in the same way ISIS is the public face of Islam.