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Mar 27, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on Sent to the Sidelines.
Co-rec is like McDonald's: tasty, if you've never eaten anywhere else. In the meantime, they're busy model is built on manipulating public policy, short-changing customers (the above 90 minute rule), content with burning through employees. Every ref I see has all the characteristics of a snarly teenager making minimum wage. DO YOU REF FOR CO-REC? SIGN UP WITH USSF AND MAKE NEARLY 20% MORE! And be part of a supportive network of professional referees. I feel sorry for the guys who've been reffing for +10 years with Co-rec, had they gone the USSF route, in 10 year they could be a Grade 5, making a couple hundred per game working college games.
Mar 27, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on Sent to the Sidelines.
DO YOU HAVE A TEAM WITH CO-REC SOCCER? HOW MUCH DO YOU PAY? Because they charge some teams more than others! 10 years ago, when turf fields were rare, Co-rec tried a policy of charging teams more for turf fields (instead of crappy fields). Now there are hardly any dirt fields left, so Co-rec can't charge teams more... but they still do! Double check your bill!

That's just one of the many, many shady elements of Co-rec. This article is far too kind to them,
a money-grubbing outfit that not only take advantage of city policy, but lobbies for publicly funded policies that benefit them, a private, for-profit company.

Their refs are horribly trained, receive next to no support, and are paid 1/4 less than other leagues!

Their staff turnover is also evidence: one guy working for 20 years, and 20 other people working one year each.

They are paranoid control freaks. Unfortunately, their operation is smooth enough, and the blights -though numerous- are small enough that most teams don't notice.
Mar 11, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on Where We Live Now.
I too, have been regularly passing this truck for years. I think I admire his ability to park such a monstrosity more than I judge him driving such a monstrosity in the first place.
Mar 8, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on Who Should a Socialist Challenge on the City Council?.
If you ain't going to run, Dom, the someone should. It'd suck for Conlin to get two progressive challengers and the others none. Then again, Bagshaw needs to be voted off too.
Mar 6, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on Hugo Chavez, R.I.P..
I'd like to see a comparison between people's opinions of Chavez, their country of residence and primary sources of information. It's no secret the US hated Chavez (and vice-versa) but one thing I've noted how much:
1) US media follows the US narrative that Chavez was a "horrible despot", etc etc.
2) the US population (including non-citizen residents) believe the US media and think Chavez was a horrible despot, etc etc.

(Obviously the pattern can be seen with Castro, too: the US gov hates him + the US media follows in line = the opinion of the US population that Castro is a horrible dictator, etc etc).

Conversely, the opinion of the rest of the world? Europeans? Latin America?

I mean, I'm not going toe-to-toe with Fnarf; I recognize that Chavez was polarizing, but to say that Venezuela's poor are worse off now and that Chavez did NOTHING good, well, that's just a non-starter. Go have fun with that. And yeah, New Yorker, great news source. Nothing biased there.
Feb 28, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on SL Letter of the Day: Plan Ahead and Plan B.
Great story! I gotta excuse myself. BUT FIRST, this is one of those "show your partner the letter so he knows you're honest" letters cause, yknow, you really deserve another hot session of fucking with him.
Feb 27, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on Now Closed.
Was Paratii ever open? I repeatedly walked past that place on Friday and Saturday nights. Every other joint in Ballard was packed, and that place completely, eerily empty. Part of me wants to say the location is jinxed ever since they booted Mr. Spots, another part questions the owner, whom I haven't had the best experience with in other situations.
Feb 24, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on Should Washington State Legalize Prostitution?.
Here’s a proposal on how to legalize prostitution:

1- All sex workers register with the state/city. They pay a small fee annually or monthly. Their actual personal information is kept in confidentiality. Every sex worker -prostitute, escort, stripper- is given an ID card with her working name, unique ID number, and date of birth, and confirms that she is working on her own volition. The ID card may also include STD check-ups.

2- The sex worker lists her ID number on her ads and promotional matierals in the current locations (craigslist, web forums, backpages, etc). Any advertisement that does not include an ID# is subject to investigation for possible unauthorized (ie: underage, unconsentual sex worker).

3- She is allowed to work wherever she wants, the exception being streetwalking (unless local codes permit otherwise). In calls, out calls, clubs, brothels (again, if local codes allow; the Nevada model is not recommended). Her ID must be present and available for potential customers and authorities to see.

4- The city/state offer a $X,000 reward to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of human traffickers and pimps of unlicensed sex slaves and underage workers. This promotes self-policing within the sex worker and john community.

5- The focus of law enforcement agencies is on underages and trafficked sex slaves and the people forcing them to work. (These are also treated differently than unlicensed sex workers). Police, preferably female, make spot-checks at clubs and working locations of sex workers to verify that they have current ID and are who they say they are: that they are working on their own volition, have not been trafficked, working under pressure of a pimp, or are underage. Police also use checks to maintain safety of prostitutes, that they have not been assaulted or threatened by johns.

This is just a draft, obviously. Now, what about getting it adopted?
Feb 24, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on SL Letter of the Day: Boys 2 Men.
How about this: why rush it? One consequence of being a teacher is that it never stops. She's a new teacher, this is a problem that many new teachers have; most of them deal with it, some of them follow the law to the letter (ie, date after graduation), but she's in no rush.

Yes, the potential for dramatic, negative consequences are huge IF she pursues these men immediately after they graduate from high school. But she will be there for a while, they will be there for a while, or at least coming back home occasionally. As time passes, these former students connections to their school wanes; in a short amount of time (a year) it won't be an issue.

So, chill out for now. The bigger issue is how she deals with her current students. Flirty is not a good teacher quality, neither is "ask me when you're 18".
Feb 22, 2013 Lose-Lose commented on Should Washington State Legalize Prostitution?.
PS- most of the comments here have been pretty cliched, trite, unoriginal and lacking much thought into the subject aside from gut-reaction. I suggest people read "Paying for It" about one man's experience in prostitution (as a john) in Canada.

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