May 25 gnossos commented on After Criticism, Mayor Backpedals on Timeline for Clearing the Jungle.
@10: then you don't know shit about either the folks living in the Jungle or UGM. Believe it or not, as bad as the Jungle may be: it more closely replicates "housing" than what the shelters offer.

Have a partner? Want to have sex once in a while? The Jungle.

Have a pet? The Jungle.

Have more possessions than you want to/can cart around? The Jungle.

Want to be guaranteed a place to stay each night? The Jungle.

Like to drink, smoke tobacco, consume cannabis (all legal)? The Jungle.

Use illicit drugs? The Jungle.

Don't want to hear about sky fairies? The Jungle.

Until the options we offer are actually better than living there, it is an entirely rational decision for folks to remain there.
May 17 gnossos commented on Report: At Safe Consumption Sites the World Over, Not One Person Has Died of an Overdose.
@11: Your cost/benefit argument is for the birds. The threshold of success for syringe programs or drug consumption rooms is ridiculously low. I ran a syringe program for many, many yrs. I could exchange 1.5 million syringes/yr for 229K. At that time the lifetime cost of care for HIV was 195K (now much, much higher). So if our program prevented 2 infections per yr, we saved you money. If we prevented infection in 10% of our area's injection drug users per yr the net savings was over 29 million. The benefits for DCRs is, if anything, much greater. Even if Seattle spent several million dollars on DCRs, the savings in health care costs would pay for them easily.
May 17 gnossos commented on Report: At Safe Consumption Sites the World Over, Not One Person Has Died of an Overdose.
@1 & 4: Sigh...except that none of the countries you list actually have drug consumption rooms. Small detail of pesky fact I know.

Also, just to amplify Ansel's point, the number of injections without fatality numbers in the millions. And it's not just overdose, it's the virtual elimination of HIV and hepatitis C transmission. And contra fucking Mehlman: even if you don't give a rats ass about their lives, you do care about your tax dollars right? DCRs save significant amounts of money.
May 9 gnossos commented on Attorney General Loretta Lynch's Full Remarks On North Carolina's Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill HB2.
Precisely. Actually in NC this evening having beers with a bunch of HIV/AIDS, hep C, harm reduction, and drug policy activists...feels like being behind enemy lines. But they are grateful for all the eyes that are on their state.
May 3 gnossos commented on It's Official: You'll Vote this August on Doubling the Housing Levy.
mistral @3: "Reinstate the vagrancy laws, loitering and panhandling laws."

All of which have been declared (to one degree or another) unconstitutional, so unless you're planning to amend the Constitution that idea is DOA.
Apr 25 gnossos commented on Why Seattle Needs Safe Consumption—Not Just Injection—Sites for Drug Users.
@6: We can't stop people from using drugs INSIDE jails or prisons. Hell, even the threat of a death penalty doesn't prevent drug use. We've tried zero-tolerance and mass incarceration, with the end result that the US incarcerates both more people and a higher percentage of its population than any other country. And, yet, we consume more drugs than any other country. I think legalization and regulation is really the answer, but until then, yes, let's get use off of the streets.
Apr 18 gnossos commented on Seattle Police Save 21-Year-Old From Overdose Death with Narcan.
@7: Absolutely. Cardiac arrest calls for CPR...although some of the newer guidelines suggest compressions only are OK. The SAMHSA link you provided is an excellent guide to follow. And if it were me and I was in doubt about whether it was an OD or something else, I'd probably go with CPR. But if I was sure it was OD, I'd do the breathing only as the compressions can cause a lot of damage (broken ribs, sternum).
Apr 18 gnossos commented on Seattle Police Save 21-Year-Old From Overdose Death with Narcan.
This is great news.

Just a point of information for those who may encounter someone ODing on heroin (or other opiates). You do NOT need to do CPR. It's a waste of time and effort. You DO need to do rescue breathing. Their cardio is just fine as long as their pulmonary is taken care of. Of course, the best bet is to have naloxone/narcan handy.
Apr 15 gnossos commented on A Neighborhood Group Was Mapping Where Homeless People Live—Until I Asked Them About It.
@5: I love the idea of Sane Seattle. We need a group catering to the YIMBY faction (Yes In My Backyard). The problem right now is that the mouth-breathing paranoids are the ones who are showing up at neighborhood meetings and dominating the conversation.