A place for Canadians.

Sep 8 gnossos commented on In Legal Battle Over Grand-Jury Secrecy, Ninth Circuit Court Sides with The Stranger.
@12: except you're the one that is mistaken. It was the old courthouse that was vandalized. Here's a quote from a May 2, 2012 article from the Seatimes (since you don't seem to believe the Stranger): protestors "broke windows at a federal building, the William Kenzo Nakamura U.S. Courthouse."

p.s. it's Brendan. Might want to get that correct as well.
Sep 4 gnossos commented on Seattle Cop Defends Killer of Michael Brown, Accuses Obama of Racism.
He also posted this on the SPOG Facebook page on August 7 in response to a slog post about City Atty Pete Holmes' comment that he hopes people issued tickets for smoking pot in public don't pay them:

"So i guess i can drink a beer in public too, discrimination works both ways - you can't cite me because i do have a home. I think we should have happy hour on the City Hall plaza and call it Hops with Holmes"

He's also a member of the Facebook group "Support Ian Birk, Former Seattle Police Officer"
Sep 3 gnossos commented on SNL Already Answered the Pumpkin Spice Question, Megan.
@2: Excellent!

Surprised there aren't a boatload of posts raking Dan over the coals for mansplaining pumpkin spice to Megan a la the rants against Charles for his Anna/Lauren Bacall post.
Sep 3 gnossos commented on The Morning News: Five Anti-Oil Train Demonstrators Arrested in Everett, Journalist Beheading Video Verified, Occupy Hong Kong Threatens to Blockade Central Business District.
@25: I believe you're thinking of Iranians/Persians.

Most Iraqis would identify as Arab and speak Arabic as first language.
Sep 3 gnossos commented on US Attorney Jenny Durkan Stepping Down—to Work for Hillary?.
Oh dear, where does Steve Miletich of the Seattle Times go to now for his great inside scoops? Or will his wife remain as press info for the new attorney?
Sep 3 gnossos commented on Photo of the Week: Bumbershoot (or Beatlemania!).
Phantom Demon proclaims ameliamaris is funny!
Sep 3 gnossos commented on Storyville Coffee's Connection to Mars Hill Is Now a Direct One.
@14 & 15: Pridge, I know, right? Where in mars hill did all these first time posters suddenly bubble up?
Aug 28 gnossos commented on Hillary Clinton Issues Statement on Ferguson.
@16: great thought.
Aug 28 gnossos commented on Ivar's Versus Ethan Stowell.
@27 oh I agree. My issue is with a couple of places around town where they layer the batter on really thick and don't cook it properly. If they properly fry it, I'm a damn happy camper.

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