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Music and film writer. Coffee drinker. Cat owner.

Kathy Fennessy is working on DVD reviews.
Jan 31 Kathy Fennessy commented on Is Anyone Else Excited NOT to Watch the Super Bowl Tomorrow?.
@14 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries airs Thursdays at 10:30pm on KCTS 9 (my employer). I like it, too. Essie Davis is great, and I agree about the outfits.
Jan 25 Kathy Fennessy commented on Song One: A Contemplative, Heart-on-Its-Sleeve Affair.
@3 You are correct (the director is a fan). The music is fine, but some of the lyrics grated on my nerves. @1 Do you like Jenny Lewis--with or without Rilo Kiley--or Johnathan Rice? That will help, and Flynn has a perfectly pleasant voice. Some reviewers have criticized his acting, but his performance worked for me. Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers auditioned for, and by his own admission, did not get the role.
Jan 15 Kathy Fennessy commented on She's Beautiful When She's Angry: A Look at the Women's Liberation Movement.
@1 It's pretty comprehensive for a 92-minute film, but I don't recall much discussion about the ERA--almost makes me wish for an Eyes on the Prize-type series.
Jan 15 Kathy Fennessy commented on Race, the Oscars 2015, and the Cinematographer Bradford Young.
@7 As usual, I'm with Josh. And there's a sad irony that Life Itself wasn't nominated: no one championed Ava DuVernay like Roger Ebert (and no one championed Steve James's Hoop Dreams like the late film critic).
Jan 14 Kathy Fennessy commented on Capitol Hill's Kingfish Cafe Is Closing.
On the plus side, I'm really enjoying the quality of the writing in posts like this from Angela Garbes.


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