Kathy Fennessy
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Music and film writer. Coffee drinker. Cat owner.

Kathy Fennessy is working on DVD reviews.
Mar 22 Kathy Fennessy commented on Hillary Clinton's Comments on Israel, Versus Donald Trump's Comments on Israel.
Clinton's disregard for Palestine is nothing to celebrate.
Mar 19 Kathy Fennessy commented on Hello, My Name Is Doris Is Harold and Maude for Millennials.
@1 I hope you like it. Some reviews have been a little condescending, like finding as many cute synonyms for the word "old" as possible. @2 It isn't better than Harold and Maude; it just starts off with a similar premise. Ultimately, it's about Doris's empowerment through meeting John (as Manohla Dargis puts it, "he sees her" when no one else does). In Hal Ashby's film, it's about Harold's empowerment through his relationship with Maude, but the context and tone here are different, i.e. it's less romantic and more pragmatic.