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Joe Glibmoron is drinking cheap vodka mixed with canned grapefruit juice.
Feb 20 Joe Glibmoron commented on Homophobia Kills Homophobes.
@9: I haven't read the study re:redstate gays, but the articles I've read say that it controlled for factors like income, education, and race. As for why a gay person might choose to stay in Jesusland, I can offer a few ideas based on my own experience, since I moved from Eastern Washington to Seattle for college in the '90s. I never looked back, but I can understand why someone might stay behind. I experienced culture shock, and i lost the network of extended family and lifelong friends which had provided both emotional and economic support. I had to deal with school, finding work, and making new friends, all in an environment that was unfamiliar and that felt more threatening than liberating. I also had a lot of internalized homophobia. The only gay people I had known were of the small town, "discreet" sort, so the idea of living openly didn't seem particularly liberating, just odd and rather tasteless. Ultimately, moving to a big, gay-friendly city was worth it, but it was a lot of effort and one hell of an adjustment, and I can understand why many people choose not to.
Feb 17 Joe Glibmoron commented on A Florida Artist Charged for Deliberately Dropping a Vase Made by the Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei.
I wonder if he'll be as famous as the guy who defaced the Guernica.
Feb 13 Joe Glibmoron commented on Jazz and Modernism.
@5: Are you seriously equating the harm caused by ugly and inhumane architecture with that caused by two genocidal tyrants?
Feb 9 Joe Glibmoron commented on The Sunday Morning News: SNOWWWW!!!.
Just read Danny Westneat's column about homeless kids, and as always, my heart is warmed by the compassion and decency exhibited by the commenters at seattletimes.com. They are a down-to-earth bunch, filled with charity and without an ounce of cynicism in their worldview.
Feb 7 Joe Glibmoron commented on UW School of Law Drops Plan For Controversial Prosecution Clinic, For Now.
Anonymous comment #11 is worth reading. The others not so much, unless you enjoy trollery.
Jan 31 Joe Glibmoron commented on I Played with Dolls (For an Entire Day), and Almost All Music Was Wrong.
The ergonomics of that bathroom could stand improvement.
Jan 20 Joe Glibmoron commented on Chatterbox: Today, the Internet Is Talking About Jaywalking, Windows 7, and Charles Mudede.
From the linked article:

“Back by popular demand,” HP’s U.S. website reads, offering customers the chance to get $150 off a new computer loaded with Windows 7. While other manufacturers—including Dell and Lenovo—also sell a limited number of Windows 7 PCs to consumers, only HP is advocating the aging OS with such gusto.

If I were in the market for a new computer, a $150 credit would make me lean towards buying an HP.
Jan 20 Joe Glibmoron commented on Chatterbox: Today, the Internet Is Talking About Jaywalking, Windows 7, and Charles Mudede.
When you order a PC through Dell's website, you can choose Windows 7.
Jan 10 Joe Glibmoron commented on I Almost Died While Listening to Coldplay.
Michael Bolton's Can I Touch You... There? The creepiness of that song is indescribable. Whenever I hear it (usually while stuck in a waiting room full of people with so-called easy listening music playing) I feel like a kid watching a movie with his parents when a sex scene comes on.

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