Not enough like Twitter.

Jan 30 James6 commented on If You're Going to Take Paul Literally on Homosexuality....
NALTs: there's a myth. They ARE all like that.

Anyway, the people who scream loudest about how others aren't obeying the rules of their religion are inevitably the ones are aren't obeying the rules themselves, just like the ones who scream loudest about the gays are the ones who are trying to hide their own homosexuality. But in the end, who gives a crap what a mythical character in a book of fiction says or doesn't say ?
Jan 25 James6 commented on SL Letter of the Day: What You Got, Slog?.
I'm with #1. The wife isn't ill or disabled, so why not be honest with her?
Jan 25 James6 commented on Who Knew Swedish Marines Were a Thing?.
That's not the only hidden sex either. There's more fucking, and a blow job too.
Jan 22 James6 commented on The Daily Show on the Homophobic Olympics.
6/10: Yes, these places have a history as colonial subjects. But they're all grown up now, and we can hold them responsible for their vicious homophobia.
Jan 22 James6 commented on The Daily Show on the Homophobic Olympics.
Demonstrating once again that the biggest shitholes are also the most homophobic places on earth.
Jan 17 James6 commented on NYT Reports On New York City's Underpaid Airport Workers.
It seems to be the same thing with airport and airline industry jobs everywhere. I recently saw a job advertised for a "terminal ambassador"--sounds simple right? Actually the job required pretty much all the typical work of a person employed by an airline at the airport. Fair enough. But they also required applicants to be fluent in three languages, and to be willing to do the job for an unbelievable $11 per hour. What a fucking insult.
Jan 17 James6 commented on Nothing To See Here.
Also, "it's really not anything more than" a "tragic incident"? Only in America would that be the response.
Dec 8, 2013 James6 commented on Elton John Denounces Russian Anti-LGBT Laws During Performance in Moscow.
Count me out of the love fest. Elton played Sun City back in the day too; you'd think he'd have learned from that experience. It would have been far more effective to refuse to play in Russia and to make a an official statement about exactly why. This piece of shit country needs to be shunned by the international community, just like South Africa was during Apartheid.
Dec 7, 2013 James6 commented on Fox News: The Pope Doesn't Know Anything About Economics.
Italy should just revoke the Vatican's nation status and reabsorb it. What would the Vatican or any other country do? And selling off all those priceless treasures would be a great boost to Italy's economy.
Dec 7, 2013 James6 commented on SL Letter of the Day: LGBT&P?.
Not every non-straight person identifies as queer, and some queer theorists have argued that straight people can be queer too.

But in the end who the fuck cares? PPP already fits somewhere on the spectrum: chances are extremely high that she's either straight or bisexual. So why doesn't she just call herself what she is, and come out about her "additional life partners" if she really feels the pressing need to?

I dunno, maybe non-traditional relationship arrangements are the next battleground, but there are limits on amount of information I want to know about other people's sex lives.

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