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1. A conservative who has just been arrested.


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Apr 24 Eric Arrr commented on William Wingate Sues Officer Cynthia Whitlatch and the Seattle Police Department Alleging Racial Discrimination.
@4, SPD consumes roughly a quarter of the city's ~$1Bn general fund every year, and spends the lion's share of it on staffing.

Compared to what we pay our cops every year, a couple hundred grand would be a rounding error.
Mar 31 Eric Arrr commented on US Department of the Interior Approves Shell's Arctic Drilling Rights.
Hate to say it, but this horse got out the barn when the feds leased the fields to Shell in 2008. For the feds to go back on the deal 7 years later would only have put the gov't on the losing side of a very expensive lawsuit.

And I'd love to pretend the gov't could've told Shell to pound sand back in 2008, except this.
Mar 11 Eric Arrr commented on Chief Kathleen O'Toole Brings "New Blood" to the Seattle Police Command.

Gleason? Seriously? There's a guy, who in the time he spent as OPA captain, exonerated one blatant act of misconduct after another. His role in SPD, along with that of Kathryn Olson, of formally defending shabby policing, was literally the reason that intervention by DOJ became necessary.

Now let's talk about all those uninvestigated property crimes SPD couldn't be bothered with. That's the 911 center (Reed), patrol operations (Metz), and investigations (Clark.)

And the constant bad behavior of patrol officers illegally arresting innocent people, of whom William Wingate is the most notable recent example? Metz again.

The routine public records violations that were once an SPD hallmark? Dick Reed again.

The inability to integrate or effectively manage SPD's unwieldy and mutually-incompatible technology systems, resulting in endless records management and disclosure headaches? Reed yet again.

That crew had years to meet these challenges. They didn't.

So, about that scalpel? I think the message here is pretty clear: use it, or you're gone.
Mar 11 Eric Arrr commented on Chief Kathleen O'Toole Brings "New Blood" to the Seattle Police Command.
For those who wanted to see change at the top, this is what it looks like. Every single command-level position at SPD has now changed hands. The transfer of responsibilities wasn't entirely 1:1 transfers but basically it looks like:

Chief of Police: Diaz out, O'Toole in
OPA Director: Kathryn Olson out, Pierce Murphy in
Assistant Chief (Deputy Chief of Staff): Mike Washburn out, Carmen Best in
Assistant Chief (Patrol operations): Nick Metz out, Steve Wilske in
Assistant Chief (IT operations): Dick Reed out, Mike Wagers and Greg Russell in (as COO & CIO respectively)
Assistant Chief (Criminal investigations): Robin Clark out, Bob Merner in
Assistant Chief (Compliance & standards): Tag Gleason out*, Lesley Cordnor in
Assistant Chief (Field support?) : Paul McDonagh out, Perry Tarrant in

* Hey Gleason, remember when you sent me that dishonest, dismissive letter defending your decision to exonerate the officer who illegally arrested me? I sure do.
Mar 10 Eric Arrr commented on The Morning News: Democrats Call on State Senator Honeyford to Resign, But Now We Have the Apple Watch.
One of the demoted chiefs, Tag Gleason, was captain of OPA for years, and signed off on many blatant acts of misconduct on that post. Here's to one foot of his in the grave, may the other be not far behind.
Feb 27 Eric Arrr commented on The "Woo Girls" Street Artist Is Not Hiding from Anyone.
"Why did they choose to live here? How was it pitched to them? Was it the nightlife? Was it that it was queer-friendly? Because if you can afford a $2,300 apartment, you could easily afford to live anywhere in Seattle."

I'll take that one as being addressed to me, since I'm a straight white guy who works in tech. Here's your answer, dude: I moved here because my friends lived here. And I think that remains as good a reason for someone to move here today as it was for me in 2003.

I mean, you almost had it figured out when you were like, "Who moves anywhere to be near a Panera bread?" -- Exactly. Just take the thought experiment one step further and you'll realize that your new neighbors might actually have legit reasons for wanting to join the neighborhood.

None of which is to say that I welcome the people who come here just to get unpleasantly shit-housed on weekends and occasionally spread hate. I'm not happy about my jacked-up rents, either, but I don't think it's my place to decide who is and isn't cool enough to be my neighbor.
Feb 26 Eric Arrr commented on Auditor: Reforming the Seattle Police Department Remains an "Aspirational Goal".
I'm fairly sure Levinson was auditor prior to 2013; I very distinctly remember speaking to her about OPA business at this event in 2011. (But she was reconfirmed in 2013.)
Feb 22 Eric Arrr commented on Oscar Watch 2015: A Live Slog of the 87th Academy Awards (a.k.a. Nerd Super Bowl).

Man, who didn't know that Citizenfour had it in the bag?

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