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1. A conservative who has just been arrested.

Sep 23 Eric Arrr commented on Walking Through Downtown Seattle's Temporary Security Zone Is Really Weird.

It's only because the Secret Service went to the trouble, a long time ago, of doing a full workup / threat assessment of the hotel. Blueprints, floor plans, sight lines to/from the windows of certain areas, etc. Getting to know a place the way they do is a lot of work.

Guarantee you that there is American or Chinese security occupying literally every hotel room with a line of sight to Xi's suite at the Westin this week. Any rich joker with a similarly situated condo in Escala or wherever has probably been interviewed and checked out as well.

Sep 16 Eric Arrr commented on How the Firing of Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Happened: A Timeline.

Who you are: behold my utter poverty of giveable fucks

What you do: deploy phrases like "reasonable threat" without apparent irony

What you think about the subject: that some fool posting Whitlatch's address somehow invalidates others' criticism of her bad behavior
Sep 16 Eric Arrr commented on How the Firing of Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Happened: A Timeline.

Yanno what, I agree with you completely that posting her address was every kind of tacky, disturbing and wrong. (Whether it was also illegal, I don't know. The true threat doctrine has a lot of elements, and I don't have a screen capture of the post in question.)

But my point is, so fucking what if some asshole behaved badly on Slog. The fact that you think that mitigates the shabby, substandard, unprofessional, downright piss-poor conduct of Whitlatch, Davis, and Metz in any way at all just goes to show how confused and out of touch you lot are about what your job is and what the community you serve expects from you.
Sep 15 Eric Arrr commented on The Seattle Police Department Fires Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.

The thinking is, if Whitlatch really did see Wingate glaring and waving his club at her car, then she had what's called reasonable suspicion to stop him and see what was up with him. (I don't think Whitlatch actually saw that, because if she had, she probably would have stopped Wingate on the spot, rather than slowly cruising around the block for a minute.) And if the stop was legal, the thinking goes, then her going hands-on was legal too.

My amateur legal analysis is that O'Toole gave Whitlatch too much benefit of doubt. This is because even if Whitlatch did have reasonable suspicion to initiate the stop, the basis for her suspicion to continue the stop evaporated almost immediately. The moment it became clear that Wingate was lucid and not threatening, there was no more basis to suspect that he might be up to anything illegal, and continuing to detain him was no longer lawful after that point.

Sep 15 Eric Arrr commented on The Seattle Police Department Fires Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.
SPOG is definitely going to challenge this one. Their argument is going to be that since the chief overturned the sustained findings regarding the legality of the stop and the use of force, that the discipline imposed should fall short of termination.

Short of termination, the maximum discipline allowed is 30 days' suspension without pay (-- which, by the way, officers can satisfy by giving up accrued vacation days, per the SPOG contract, so they never actually see the loss of pay.)

Shandy "Mexican Piss" Cobane got 30 days' unpaid suspension for his outburst back in 2010. If SPOG can sell the argument that Whitlatch's misconduct was somehow less egregious than Cobane's, then the DRB might find termination to be inappropriate.
Sep 8 Eric Arrr commented on City Council Candidate Jonathan Grant Calls for Firing Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.

The 1999 city council created the OPA system, it's the limitations of the OPA system that make it so difficult to fire officers, and it's the 2015 city council that has the power to reform OPA.

No, the council doesn't fire officers individually. It fires them or protects them as a group.
Sep 1 Eric Arrr commented on Kim Davis Is Defending the Sacred Sanctity of Marriage From the Gays—But Who Will Defend the Sacred Sanctity of Marriage from Kim Davis?.
Do county clerks handle divorces in Kentucky?

Because I'd sure love to know what Kim Davis would do if a gay couple petitioned her for a divorce. Would that comport with her religious beliefs, or offend them?
Aug 31 Eric Arrr commented on Seattle Police Officers Accused of Lying About Racial Bias Complaints in the Arrest of William Wingate.
Dear Colorado,

Bend over, here comes your next command-level law enforcement transplant from Seattle!
Jul 29 Eric Arrr commented on Why Does the Police Report About Sam Dubose Not Match the Video of the Shooting?.

To a certain type of cop, a running engine is a hunting license.

I don't know how many police reports I've read where the officer, claiming that he was about to be run over, fired into the vehicle.

Problem is, either a vehicle is coming right at you, or it's not. If it's not, then for God's sake, don't shoot. And if it is, you're sure as hell not going to bring 2 tons of rolling metal to a stop with a few rounds of 9mm.