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Shut up hippie.

May 9 snacktruck commented on Seattle Musician Wayne Horvitz Wins Prestigious Doris Duke Performing Artist Award.
This is great news and totally Seattle proud - love the guy!! And the Royal Room continues to book some of the greatest stuff in the city...we are so lucky. THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS Wayne.
May 9 snacktruck commented on Pat McCrory's Youth Pastor Watch.
I missed the YPW round-up of scumbags, thanks for bringing it back, Ted, Pat and the rest of you shitheads.
May 6 snacktruck commented on Sound Transit Should Consider Fining Those Who Place Bags in Seating Area for People With Disabilities.
Divine said it best..."KILL EVERYONE NOW"!!!!

poor design is really the problem here.
Apr 26 snacktruck commented on Seattle Is Pretty Much Game Over: We Will Become Another San Francisco and Vancouver.
@6 and 10...moved to OREGON - it was not clear that #6 moved to Portland which will be next...duh, if you want to buy a house there's Cleveland, OH, Lincoln, NE or maybe Portland, ME...which are not exactly on the same caliber of Seattle or Portland in terms of livability nor have the economy. So, yes, move to Oregon and wherever you may - one of the main reasons Seattle is so fucked (as is SF and Vancouver) is because it is so incredible and beautiful.

Charles are you moving or fighting?
Apr 26 snacktruck commented on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Death Cab for Cutie Will Head Bumbershoot's Music Lineup After All.
@2 and 3...well, 3, you are right. Mr. Washington will best be seen in Portland or Vancouver as his 45 minute Bumbershoot set will just be a 'taste' of what he can blast out like he did at Neumo's last year. I am happy for Nickelbacklemore fans which my 14 year old nephew has given up being to dig Run the Jewels instead - do the math.
Apr 18 snacktruck commented on Hey, Look, the Abyss!.
So damn good - thank you Sherman! I love so much of what you write and I still get the chills from a reading you did at Hugo House about make me proud to live in our great city.
Apr 13 snacktruck commented on's Stephen Erlewine on the Pluses and Minuses of Record Store Day.
Oh my fucking god...I am 8.5 minutes into this and they have yet to say RSD sucks! Reseller dweebs get in line super early (as in 4 AM) to snag some "rarities" to put up on Ebay or Discogs. Exclusive releases do get people into the stores but once they leave on RSD - do they return? I think so but this is the minority in my opinion.
Apr 6 snacktruck commented on Merle Haggard Died Today on His 79th Birthday.
I've seen Merle a bunch and the last time I did when he was opening for Bob Dylan at the Paramount, he was talking trash about the Bush administration and the wars those assholes got us in. I will miss Hag - a true legend!!
Mar 24 snacktruck commented on Hear New Sub Pop Act the Gotobeds' Brainy Punk Burner "Real Maths/Too Much".
Uh, "post punk"? Are we not at the point where this term needs a redefinition or just done away with? The traditional definition seems mostly applicable to bands from 77-82, the latter being 34 years ago. Post-post-post punk?
Mar 23 snacktruck commented on .
First Bowie and now this...RIP Funky Diabetic - Dynamutt - we love you.