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slade Wasting time trying to find something that was there but now is gone along with my time.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Japan's New Normal.
I was wondering were it was said that Japan was going to replace its power needs with Coal and Gas? Japan gave us the first Hybrid and the first mass production electric car thats actually a car not a golf cart and its a technology driven power house with out the lack of brain power in its government that America suffers from? To ask when America will act like Japan tends to make me want to place The Republican Circus in front of you and ask you the question.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on The Essence of American Politics: White Males against the Rest.
McCain and Palin were the big women white man "pole" of yesterday? Romney is a "great white hope" now? like McCain and Palin were in 2008 I am supposed to Guess? and to think Obama carried Biden and Clinton on his shoulders and still won?
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Amazon and Microsoft Attacked by Greenpeace Activists.
Kewl! I though I was surrounded by useless crap? Thank you Green peace for having brains. I love you! You rock!
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on The 99% Spring: What Do You Think?.
Congress voted down the Buffet Law? did anyone in america understand or reflect or "Judge" or use it for the lets play tea discussion.

I guess that's why we are dragging this up now? as its has nothing to do with Congress?
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on SL Letter of the Day: Where's My Gold Star?.
Attractions are on display at the theater on 4th Ave.

You will have many or none or many and none as you grow and age?

You get married and are happy (you think) and "POW" Mr.Wonedfullfrickingspeacial steps in front of you?

We dont control much about ourselves and if we could we would all be perfect? Violence is special and sacred in many places and times of the earth and its all about dealing with our inability to be perfect. The Cripple has been the president? the transsexual has been the beauty queen? The priest has been the child rapist and the child rapist has saved the life of a child when no one else would? Its a big cruel stupid world and you need to put it in park and get out of your fossil fuel Media wagon and deal with your self and others?

we all have problems and we all need to realize that others have problems and we all need to work together to deal with all of these problems?

we gain testosterone and we lose testosterone or we gain estrogen or we lose estrogen? your sex drive can lead you to confrontations or lead you to sexual gratification? or a long long time in prison run by a pathetic nation that will make things worse for you and then make you a problem for the entire nation. years ago you could get married to a child or get married as a child and it was not so taboo as sex was not the main factor in relations and finding a good person for your daughter or son was more important than their "legal age". that main factor is ("your problem") your looking at sexual attractions as your motivation and there are many prostitutes who can teach you about marriage and sexual attraction. our mind plays many a cruel trick on us. we think and feel we want something only to find it puts us in shock when we get it? your at war with your self and your feelings and we all are for most part until we reach the understanding that we can overcome our self and others and discover or rediscover something else.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Take Your Petitions and Shove 'Em.
"his anti-gay advocacy was expected to be echoed and supported by US Catholic leaders—including those in Seattle—who collectively represent the largest Christian denomination in the country"

Dude! your a Repuklickin or a new citizen?

you "expect" crap in America? your such a prejudiced stereotyping turd its up there with the Republican party or the Pope himself?

and they wonder about "Inslee" in the Media? I guess you over looked the giant rainbow banner that hangs off the church on East Broadway and East Republican that says "ALL are welcome here, Come as you are"

Welcome to America Welcome to Seattle and welcome to the Church.
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on More Teeth.
@17 if you didn't get before you can stop acting like you get it now? this law allows a woman to whip out a tit anywhere and feed a baby.

Nothing against breast feeding but much against the over all intelligence of Americans who come from every nation, religion, and background?

Women have breast fed all the time about anywhere and its really not obvious as you cant really see a tit or a baby feeding unless you flop a tit out and don't bother to cover anything?

As you may need a "law" to do anything you may need a "law" to take a shit or sneeze or cough or ejaculate?

Its "legal" now to breast feed your baby?

I guess its the lack of contrast thinking deeply embedded in the Microsoft bionary code brains of the Seattle crowd that only understands 01010101 that impedes anyone from asking the questions of "why" we need law's that lets women feed baby's in public and/or in privately owned establishments? 010101?010101?
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Sources Say.
Dick shooting a hate crime?
did the dick shoot itself?
is that a defense?
Friday the 13th?
I know what He will be Saying "Yea but I been shot in the dick at least 12 times and its been stabbed at least 22? its a tough mean old gangsta dick"
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Bodega Bonanza.
Its Seattle? After they make the zones they want to make new zones or no zones and don't have the brains to know why or why not the zones were made in the first place.

Duh? I dont understand Commercial and residential zones and need a Lawyer to figure out the zoneing laws for me? let me pay my "RICH" lawyer to waste more taxpayer money? Zoneing Laws? oh? those are laws? legal stuff? let me call my "RICH" polittypiggy so we can pay our lawyers more taxpayer money to figure it out why we have this icky ucky stuff called laws on the books?
Apr 19, 2012 slade commented on Last-Call Killjoys.
Seattle Police and its City circus of clowns always need to be in the interrogation spot lite of the nation and the feds? Some of Seattle's Media have their nose so far up the butt of the City and its agency that they cant smell anything but what the City is smelling?

There they are! our wonderful leaders who have not explained in any frikking detail "how" this "IDEA" will be deployed fairly and to any benefit?

Again its "other" Law enforcement that contradicts Seattle's law Enforcement and again its a fact based heap of crap that just don't apply to today in Seattle?

It another drug induced dream of some rich morons and once more they expose the connections to SPD?

For the record? how in the hell are you going to determine what clubs will stay open later and how will this be adjusted to work fair for all of Seattle's night life?

Do I need to put on a Apache head bonnet and follow the mayor and city council around shouting "HOW" "UG" "PAILFACE" "UG" "HOW"